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Severus Snape gazed dolefully into the bottom of his glass, wishing that it would magically refill itself and save him a trip to the shelf on the other side of the room.

He paused briefly to consider this thought within the context of his existence.

Hiccupping slightly he pulled out his wand, causing the bottle to soar across the room and to his hand with a resounding smack. He looked at his glass again, blinking slowly. He carefully placed the cup on the faded end table beside his couch and briefly consulted the bottle personally.

He sighed.

Scattered pictured littered the floor around him, each depicting a red headed girl accompanied by a rather bedraggled looking boy with a hooked nose. Though Snape had always held special meaning in the pantomimes of the past, recent revelations caused her face to gain an entirely new depth of character to him.

His sudden need to go through these old albums opened a range of fresh wounds to lie among the old scars. It hurt now more than it ever had in the past, as unrequented centueries old pains rushed to the forefront of his mind to mingle with the smoldering embers of a school time hate.

"Damn him," he hissed darkly, the liquor in his fist shattering in a shower of green.

He glanced impassively at his hand, noticing tiny droplets of blood start to well up among jagged shards of glass. Calmly he rose and swept to the bathroom in search of a first aid kit.


Events had progressed in much the same way as Fred remembered.

The only real difference was that his twin kept shooting him odd glances whenever he said something in such a way as to divulge his forewarned knowledge.

It made him feel sad, knowing that even if he tried to share this critical piece of information with his brother, there was a high chance he wouldn't be believed.

It was the first time in his memory that anything had ever been kept a secret between the two… well there was that one time with Katie Bell after the Yule Ball, but even that secret hadn't outlived the night.

It made him uneasy, to keep so much from his other half , but he couldn't think of a way to broach the subject without seeming completely mad, even in light of their recent identity mishaps.

So Fred decided that the best course of action was to keep his mouth shut, It was a brilliant idea and even nearly worked too.

He kept silent through searching for the portkey on the hill, he kept silent as Percy kissed up to Mr. Crouch, he even kept silent as Ludo Bagman tried to coerce them into gambling, doing nothing but calmly cast a look at George to communicate his displeasure at the interaction (saving all their money in the process).

However, no matter how he tried to stop himself, he couldn't keep silent after the game's celebrations when everyone in the tent got ready to sleep.

He remembered the screaming muggles and the Deatheater raid.

It wasn't like a bet, it was real people with real lives at stake. At heart Fred knew he wasn't a hero: he had never been a hero.

Ichigo had been the bleeding heart, not him. That damn king had never cared about his own well being, and in the end it had gotten them all killed. Granted going out in a blaze of battle and glory defeating Aizen was a great way to go, you know up until their reitsu had burnt out and they died.

Anyway, Ichigo was the hero. He was not.

Fred shook his head violently. No, he was not a hero, but George was not Ichigo.

George was the one who had always been there for him since they were born; the one who laughed when they turned Ron's teddy into a spider, the one who planned the best pranks to pull at school-

His twin snored loudly beside him, growling something about not wanting any more chocolate coins thank you. Fred smiled to himself.

No, George wasn't Ichigo. He blinked as a thought occurred to him.

'I guess that means I'm not him either, even if I once was…' With this thought his eyes unnoticeably darkened back to brown.

Sitting up Fred laid a hand on his brother's shoulder. "George wake up, there's something I need to tell you!"


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