Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter

Pairings: Harry/ Iris (OC) and Lily/James.

Warnings: Completely AU.

Summary: They thought he wasn't the boy-who-lived so for the greater good they left him with the Dursley's. Too bad they died the same night. When Lily discovers him adopted she is relieved but not for long. He, along with his parents, have gone missing.

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the books in the first place.

War Cry

Chapter 1

The Sacrifice

The house was quiet as the twin boys slept peacefully. Their babysitter, Sebastian-Lily's older brother, sat in front of the fire reading a thick tome while waiting for his sister and her husband to get home. He knew that Lily loved Harry and Alexander very much but it seemed that for some reason they favored little Alexander over his older twin, Harry. Sebastian was about to send a patronus asking how long they would be when he felt the wards go down. Sebastian hissed as he grabbed his wand and stood to faceā€¦Voldemort who gave him a smile that he would never forget.

"You will die tonight," He hissed at that man so similar to a snake. The man cackled.

"That is where you are wrong Evans," Voldemort said smugly. With that, Voldemort sent off several spells in quick succession but Sebastian avoided them until one hit, the killing curse. It was at that moment he fell to the ground. Voldemort headed down the hall into the nursery where he found Harry sitting up starring up at him while his brother, Alexander, hid behind Harry whimpering.

"My, my, my it looks like both of you shall die today." He turned his wand on Harry first. "Advada Kedevra!" Harry glared at the man willing the green light to go away and to the bad man instead. A shield formed around Harry and deflected the spell back to Voldemort. With a horrified look, he fell to the ground, presumed dead. Only after a moment, Harry felt tired and lay back down, as he was beginning to feel the effect of the shield he had used.

Never did he notice the disaster in the room or the piece of wood that had broken off from the crib that had carved a 'v' on the back of his brother's hand. Never did he know that his parents and the headmaster would soon mistake his brother as the boy-who-lived because of that scar; because all he wanted at that moment was to sleep.

When Lily, James, and Sirius arrived on the scene they immediately knew something was wrong; the wards were down. Lily rushed into the house to discover her brother lying dead on the floor, wand in hand. Lily let out a small cry and ran into the nursery with James and Sirius close behind. She discovered Harry asleep and Alexander whimpering as he looked up at his mother.

A smoldering pile of robes that smelt of flesh and bones believed to be Voldemort was ignored as she rushed towards her children. Lily was examining Alexander's hand when Albus arrived on the scene with a weary Remus. He drew his wand upon seeing Sirius; James stopped him.

"He wasn't our secret keeper," James said as he stepped in between his friends. "It was Peter."

"We traded last minute because we thought no one would suspect him," Sirius piped up. "We didn't tell you because of your furry little problem." Remus lowered his wand and hugged his two friends.

"Albus what happened?" Lily asked as she fussed over Alexander.

"It seems young Alexander, in an effort to protect his brother, blocked the spell, and sent it back to Voldemort," Albus said absentmindedly. "It seems that Harry was asleep during the entire thing." Lily breathed a sigh of relief and examined Harry. He had a strange lighting bolt scar on his forehead but Lily brushed off as damage done when the crib took some damage to it. "We are going to have to bring Harry to his aunt." James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus looked at the old man as though he was crazy.

"Why?" Lily asked.

"Harry will get jealous of his brother as he trains for war and Alexander will, no doubt, ask why Harry doesn't have to train," Albus said flatly. "Your brother died to protect your children so it would only be sensible for him to be left with them." Lily blinked a couple times. She and James had a hushed conversation and then looked at Albus.

"It is for the best," Lily finally said sadly.

As the Potters left Harry on the doorstep of the Dursleys' another thing was occurring. The Dursleys were coming home. Vernon pulled through the green light as he talked to his wife about how well Dudley was growing up when an 18 wheeler skidded right into them killing the three instantly.

The Potters never thought to check on Harry so they never noticed when child services came by and took Harry to an orphanage. When he was 5 years old, the Thomas family adopted him. The father was a Marine as was the wife. Harry, in a sense, grew up as a soldier. That fact was passed by until the day Harry's letter was to be delivered.

Lily was nervous. She would finally get to see her oldest son after being apart from him for so long. Lily rang the doorbell and waited. An older man answered the door.

"I am here to see the Dursleys," Lily said promptly at his questioning look. The man gave her a sad look.

"They died nearly 10 years ago on Halloween night," he told her and Lily's face fell. "Died in a car accident with an 18 wheeler."

"W-W-What about their nephew, Harry Potter?" Lily asked. The man blinked a few times before he answered.

"Was found on the door step the next day when the milkman came by," he answered. "Went to an orphanage I believe. Last I heard he was adopted. That was 6 years ago though."

"What was the orphanages name?" Lily asked fearing the worst.

"St. Mary's," he answered. Lily gave him a small smile.

"Thank you," Lily said relieved she was getting somewhere.

"No problem," He said giving her a toothy grin before he shut the door to the house. Lily headed to the end of the street and apparated to St. Mary's. She knocked on the door to the orphanage. It took a moment for the door to open. During that time Lily mentally prepared herself. Then the door opened. A tall pale nun starred at her.

"Yes, ma'am," she asked. "Do you need something?"

"I wish to see Harry Potter," Lily answered. The nun blinked in surprise.

"Then you'll have to wait until next week," the nun said matter of factly.

"W-W-Why?" Lily stammered in shock.

"Mr. Potter visits monthly with his adopted parents," the nun said. "His parents are Marines and young Harry is as much one." She then smiled more brightly. "He's very important to many countries actually. His biological parents left him at his aunt and uncles." She sighed. "They ended up dying in a car accident though. Harry visits their graves after he comes here. His parents call it his 'monthly ritual'."

"Why is he so important to many countries?" Lily asked. The nun blinked.

"Because he is bloody brilliant, excuse my language, he's already in college," the nun answered. "Noticed it in him when he was a child. Although it helps that he has siblings that are older then him. Two brothers and a sister I believe. The sister is the youngest but she is still 15 years older then Harry."

"D-D-Do you have a way to contact him?" Lily asked.

"Sorry no," the nun said shaking her head. "He and his parents move around to much for him to keep up with sending me new addresses."

"So how's he doing?" James asked the second she walked in. Lily stared at him blankly.

"I won't know until next week," Lily answered sadly. James eyes widened as he studied his wife. What was going on?

"Why not?" James asked shocked.

"He travels all of the world with his parents but once a month he comes to visit the orphanage to visit the kids," Lily answered. "Apparently afterwords he goes to visit the graves of Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley." Lily then broke down sobbing. James rushed over to her. "What kind of sister am I to not even know my sister is dead? What kind of mother am I to not visit my son?" James wrapped his arms around her. This was the way the headmaster found them.

"I have some news," Albus said. "It seems that young Harry has disappeared along with his parents. No one knows where they are." Lily sobbed even more and James just starred into space.