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Almost 13 years ago…

"She's the only one strong enough" a large man said booming

"No one else can bare its power!" a smaller man countered aggressively

"We can't keep it locked up forever, the seal is already breaking"

"She will be the only survivor. She is our only choice" a timid man whispered

"You don't know that, more can survive!"

"With the assault they're planning? She will be the ONLY survivor for sure" the large man repeated

The men argued incredulously, back and forth, deciding over what should happen. A baby sat in the center of the table, and a large cage bigger than all the men combined sat next to the baby. The cage had scrolls and seals all around it, as if keeping something locked inside.

"She will be the target of future attacks, why should her destiny be decided now?"
"Because if we don't do this her destiny will end today, with the rest of us" the man continually spoke

"This will keep her safe, alive, and she will grow and prosper as a ninja. She will be protected always, and when she reaches the right age, the seal will break accordingly and our clan's secret Jutsu's will be revealed. Right now she is the only one with any hope to survive; therefore we must perform the ritual. All hands to the cage and the sealing will begin soon" the man said as he took down the dark hood he was wearing, revealing a bald head and weary facial expressions, he looked exhausted. A woman walked up to him and quickly placed a kiss on his lips

"I'll ensure she is safe darling…" she said before grabbing the baby as the man walked over to the cage with the others. Some of them began chanting as others performed multiple hand seals and removed the seals from the cage. The door crashed open as a load roar was heard, sending some flying, effectively killing them.

"Keep going, this is our only hope!" The man yelled out as his palm turned to face the cage, his right hand holding it in place. His palm began to glow a multitude of colors as other began to do the same

"Pool all chakra to me! We must ensure this works!" Everyone focused on this man as they sent him all chakra possessed by the owner. The woman from before walked over to the man and stood next to him, with a baby in hand. She held up the baby as it cried due to the loud noises. Soon a wave of sharp blue lightning flew out of the cage and into the baby as the ground trembled and shook underneath. Soon the baby ceased to cry and the ground relaxed. The woman removed her cloak as well, revealing a head of long, silky, beautiful, pink hair. The woman looked down at the baby

"You will survive, Sakura, I promise you" she said before leaning down, giving the baby a kiss. The woman looked up and smiled at the man, who now looked as if he was going to collapse. Suddenly, out of nowhere kunai and weapons came pouring down from the sky. The woman closed her eyes and guarded the baby with her back, preparing for impact, but felt nothing. She turned and saw a fluorescent crystal mirror guarding her with the man inside it

"Go now…before it is too late" he said with a smile, before the mirror disappeared and shattered into many pieces. The woman had tears running down her cheeks as she fled from the gory scene, baby in hands.

Present day…

"I hate this place…"

I know, it's pretentious

"This is so stupid…why am I even here?"

Because we must graduate to become ninja

"I don't want to be a ninja"

You have to, in order to survive

"Fine…I hate you, you know that?"

No you don't, you just like to pick on me

"Sure whatever"

Sakura walked to the bridge where her team met every day. She was always the earliest as she looked down at the water. About 20 minutes passed and she began to get mad, why was no one here? The water she was glaring at was now turning to crystal ice, and someone spoke up

"Quite a gift huh?" Her teacher kakashi asked

"More like a curse…" She said as the crystal chattered and floated away

"You should learn how to control that…it could come in handy"

"I will when I want to" The water began to swerve from side to side, according to whatever rhythm sakura set

"So you can defend yourself?" Her teacher asked

"Yes. Why?" Sakura countered turning, but as she did she saw a kunai rushing towards her face. As soon as the kunai was there, it had disappeared, leaving behind a soft watery mist.

"Try that again, I dare you" sakura glared at him, but as if on cue Sasuke had transported himself onto the bridge.

"hn" He told them bother, which sufficed as a good morning

"Whatever…" Sakura said turning back towards the water, on the opposite side of Sasuke. Naruto was next to show up, smiling large as ever, but when no one returned it or looked at him he asked

"What did I miss?"

"Just shut up" Sasuke said, and so Naruto obliged and shut up

"Oh by the way, I signed you all up for the chunin exams" Kakashi said with a smile as Naruto looked at him as if he had 3 heads on, Sasuke sighed and sakura simply ignored him. As Naruto and Kakashi were arguing Sakura got lost in her thoughts

I don't want to do the chunin exams…

You have to, it will help us grow as a team

Ugh I just want to go back home…

We can never do that, and you should know that by now

I know…

Sakura frowned intensely at the water as it began to shape and form, creating the closest thing to home as she could, creating a crystal replica of the Hidden Mist Village.

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