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Living a Lie…

Encasing darkness, stifling breath, beating sweat, and all I can remember was being in such a minor conscious state, not even the raking pain in my side could shove the darkness aside. My senses were struggling to return to me, and now is where the slight remembrance of all my bleached memories come to tinker with my disoriented mind once more. Crippled visions were all I had; I barely remember the pain, the stress, the fatigue, and then the hysterics- I swooned. The first I recall is the slight sense of mind come back to me, the train of thought inside me began to turn again. Then came the physical-the touches of cold-telling me I was once more matter, telling me I still am. But this was nothing, it was simple teasing, playing, it was just a game.

I was scared that if, if I dared to outstretch my stagnant arm I would once again feel nothing but the continuous streak of darkness. I was scared, and the small shakes and shiver of every fiber of my being told me this as well.


I had to go slow; I had to move with such exaggerated caution-as if a string were sown to me. A string; that with any movement to rash, any flick to harsh, could snap and fly away, fervently taking my life with it. Was this the great world beyond? The everlasting life people, scholars and books told about? If so, why did a vicious rotting feeling seem to sink deep into my stomach and lie there, as if a predator waiting for its prey, waiting to trample it down and devour everything that it was composed of.

Strength. Something inside me was pushing, silently urging me on to move, to breathe, and so once more I gave in. I let my fingers brush gingerly against the soft surface they were being held to, and in one lithe movement I scrunched my eyes closed tighter, but then opened them up.

The light stung. These tinged-black eyes were sustaining heavy pain from the sudden bright light that shone onto them. The black seemed to fade away from them though, and soon it was replaced with elegant emerald orbs. Soon my being began to feel alive again, and now my senses had taken full refuge in the places, the caves, they craved to hide in.

Once more my world was flipped, my vision adjusting and changing from blinding white to crimson red. Brilliant ruby hair decorating a soft, angel-like structured face. My memories, my real thoughts began to re-enter my solemn mind. I knew this being. I knew exactly who they were, and I know knew exactly where I was as well.


The syllables of his name slipped inaudibly out of my mouth, brushing lightly against my lips, like a falling feather brushed against a small child's face as they reach to capture it, as they wish to save the moment. Finally the darkness seemed to fade and the light returned-in my mind-telling me that my suspicions were in fact false. I was still alive; I was not dead, because if I was I would not be able to rest my body against his sitting figure. With the same hesitance as before, as if the same string was attached to me, I reached my hands around his lean figure, pulling myself tighter to him-to the point of suffocation.

My head buried itself on his chest, its new home was decided, and here it would remain. I felt foreign muscles tense, mine mimicking the process like a mirror. Why was there such deadly tension? Why was this so difficult to do?


My mind was lying to me. We were never indeed this close, it was just an illusion my mind set up to satisfy my subconscious thirst for acceptance.

Thump…thump…thumpthe steady beat of his angelic heart rang through my ears, reminding me of what I lived for, what I fought for. My body and mind seemed to be disconnected though, because at this moment, my body was going to do something that my mind was screaming at it not to do.

"I'm sorry," too late. Once more the words I wished to guard and keep secret, locked inside my mouth, escaped. The prison of my thoughts and mouth was a weak one, the prisoners constantly slipping through the small cracks and crevices and deceiving me one after another.

I guess it was my body's way of telling me I was wrong. They say, when your heart and body do not agree, one will over power the other in order to keep you in a sane mental state.

I felt anything but sane right now. I would most likely use words like; insane, and delusional, crazy, wack-o, stuff like that to describe me. If anything was true, it was that I was not sane at this moment, and my body was definitely over powering my mind by now. I mean, if I was sane, let's say, would I really have said something like that in the first place?

"Why?" His words cut into my train of thought sharply, taking that exact train on a very large detour indeed. Why was I sorry anyway? It's not like I thought about the reply before saying it, so deep down, what was I trying to get out?

I guess it's because I was too weak, I couldn't protect the people who I really cared about. Or, maybe, it was because I had a relapse and caught the most extreme case of home sick? I doubt that, so I'm going to go with the weak one, and plus, it sounds more intelligent.

Involuntarily, before I began to speak, my fingers latched onto the fabric of his shirt, and there was no doubt in my mind that said he didn't feel it.

"I guess because I was weak…I couldn't protect, everyone, like I promised…"

I was only aware of the salt staining liquid dripping from my eyes when I saw the small black marks they created on his shirt. Crying, again. Was this all I did? Cry all day about my life? Was this all I had amounted to after all?

"Why do you think you are weak?" Once more, he must vary me off the path I was on, and quickly I made a sudden left turn in my thought process.

"I couldn't save you." Damn. It. Not again! When will this nonsense stop? This constant blurting out things that mean nothing …or did they?

Once again I found myself questioning my life, questioning the decisions I have made. Was I too stupid, and too reckless to realize what I truly desired in life?

Then again, what was it that I truly wanted? What was it that my brain, and heart, were trying so desperately to steer me away from? Or was it just my brain? Was my heart the one who wanted something, but was just too afraid to overtake the brain and go after it? My life was unraveling before me, and I had no idea what to do at this point.

My mind was stopped once again, but this time it was not with words, it was with action. I heard a large explosion that echoed through my ears, until I realized where it was coming from.


I quickly landed on my feet, simultaneously wiping the tears away, before walking towards the direction I heard the blast from. I looked outside a small, delicate window that was placed on the wall, and I saw…him…

It was the snake man, apparently called 'Orochimaru' from before. He had another person next to him though, and…wait…I knew this person.

It was Kabuto. So, Kabuto has been working with him this whole time. Figures, he never was a good ally.
I quickly turned to Gaara and met his sea foam eyes as he stood up; telling him,

"We have a problem, let's go," and then I began to walk past him until I was ceased.

His wrist latched onto mine like a vice-grip, and I turned my head to look at him. He was closer than I anticipated, and his face was a mere inches from mine. I steadied my emotions and my body before he spoke.

"I don't need to be protected." He spoke in a low tone, and I could not ignore the slight shivers it sent down my spine. It was low, but it was…

Adorning. I could tell by the tone of his voice, it made me want more…to listen more.

Alas, I could not, and so I only gave a brief, practiced smile before speaking.

"Sure you don't," and with that I disappeared into a flurry of blue petals.

The same flurry was seen outside before I appeared behind the man and his apprentice.

"Looking for someone?" I said in a sweet, almost deadly tone, and so they both turned and smiled in unison.

How practiced, it was slightly pathetic as well.

"Now Sakura, come quietly so we don't have to do anything rash," His grin grew into something wide and disgusting, and I quickly turned my expression into something hard.

"Good luck." I told them, before suddenly my senses picked up on something behind me.

It was Kabuto. He was flying towards me, his hand giving off a blue aura, but then something disrupted his movement and sent him backwards.

It was Gaara. He was now standing behind me, facing Kabuto, as I now focused my full attention on the snake like man.

"Thanks," I said before water violently ripped out from the ground beneath the man, sending him back even further than before.

"I'm not going easy on you!" I shouted before disappearing again, only to appear in front of him. My leg flew up swiftly, only to be blocked by his hand, and then I was gone again, replacing myself with more petals. My strategy was simple really; disperse more and more petals until he could no longer track my movements, than finish it right there.

Unfortunately it would not be that easy, for he had some tricks up his sleeve as well. His tongue acted as a separate weapon, or an extension of his body as it flailed itself at me. The catch?

Anything it touched dissolved. This would be troublesome.

"You are very annoying," I said jumping back from another swing of his tongue, and I saw him smile.

"No, I just make it more fun," the man said as he lunged towards me, and that's when I saw it. A large sword was held in his right hand as it flew forward towards me. Since when did he have that? I would have seen it if he summoned it, so does that mean he had it all the time? No, impossible, I would definitely saw it one time or another.

Water quickly dashed in front of me, as it froze and crystalized on contact with the sword. I swung my foot down as it broke in two, and the man's eyes widened in shock I presumed.

"I'm not a little girl anymore," I said before moving back and doing multiple hand seals before calling out.

"Secret Jutsus! Crystal Ice Mirrors!" As the mirrors began to form all around me and my opponent, I heard him give off a chuckle.

"You don't think I haven't seen your families' signature Jutsu? You must be dumber than you look." I smiled; he had underestimated me once more. He saw my smile, and his turned into a frown as he mocked me.

"Oh but I have a little twist to add to it," my smile grew as now pink and blue flowers began to swirl all around the mirrors, creating a dome surrounded by a tornado of colors. He mocked my expression again, saying,

"You think some silly flowers are going to stop me?" and then he was gone. I closed my eyes, focusing everything onto where his next attack would come from, and then…

"There!" I called out as his hand suddenly flew out from the north east direction, my hand in return locked onto his wrist as I crouched down, shoving my foot up as it hit into his jaw, propelling him into the tornado as the dome of mirrors now decorated every inch of flower, no longer a dome anymore.

"Secret Jutsu, Demonic Ice Tornado!" I saw the crystal strings shoot out from the mirrors, grabbing onto every inch of my opponent and embedding themselves deep into his skin. He called out in pain, as the flowers seeped through some small openings, cutting and lacerating his pale structure, my mirrors becoming stained with violet tears as well.

I launched out of the tornado as water surrounded my right arm, soon becoming an extremely large, violently ripping drill. I took this Jutsu from the second Hokage, I had copied and learned it along with his Water Wall defense. I shot myself into the air, calling down to the man in my trap.

"It's over! Destructive Water Drill…..CRASH!" And with that, my water drill pounded down onto his chest, crashing through any and every bone in his body, due to the icicle spear head located directly on the peak of the drill. I sawed through him like butter, and then I landed on the ground as the mirrors all broke and shattered, the pieces and the flowers all flying directly at him, sealing his death.

I have never used this Jutsu before, so you can imagine that it took a lot out of me. I now felt dizzy as I grabbed onto a nearby tree for support, looking over I saw Gaara had as well crushed his enemy. This was made for tough enemies, it was supposed to be a quick one-hit-kill type of thing, but I took my time with this guy because he had pissed me off enough for one day. Or was it two days? I can't really tell anymore, at this point, all my days and hours had blurred into one continuous memory of time.

I collapsed onto the ground, completely drained and once more exhausted, but this time I refused to fall into an unconscious state, and so, using all my strength I moved to my feet again and limped over to where the lifeless body lay face down on the crimson scarred grass.

"My name is Sakura Haruno Tosuki, 74th princess of the Tosuki Clan, and heir to the throne of Mizukagi." I stopped speaking for a second as the wind blew my hair in my face, and for a brief moment I saw a flicker of blue decorate my pink locks.

"Your death was sealed the moment you approached me."

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