Waluigi and Toon Link were still trapped as the donuts filled in the underground lair, with Waluigi finally managing to squeeze out of the tight ropes bounding him as Toon Link continued crying. Waluigi slapped Toon Link to his senses, freeing the young boy Smasher from the ropes as he carried him on his back. Toon Link shook his head, having cried all of his cutesy heart out, as he noticed the donuts caving on them, gasping in horror.

"Waluigi! We gotta get out of here!" Toon Link exclaimed as he held tightly to Waluigi, trembling with fright as the donuts growled.

Waluigi looked around, spotting an exit that he climbed as he kicked the incoming donuts out of the way. Upon reaching the top, Waluigi placed Toon Link on the ground as he pushed a large boulder over the hole. Toon Link slashed at the donuts to keep them from lashing out, until Waluigi finally was successful at completely sealing the hole, having saved the world from a sugary dominance. Sighing, Waluigi turned to Toon Link and grinned, while Toon Link giggled.

"How about I get you some donuts to cap off the moment?" Waluigi joked as he ribbed Toon Link.

Toon Link only laughed with glee as he followed Waluigi towards the western direction, the sun having turned red as it was setting down, forming a beautiful sunset that completed the victory Waluigi and Toon Link have received over the evil legions of donuts.