I hope you all enjoy my new story, 'Amoretta'! Here's a summary:

Amoretta has always grown up believing in true love and princes. But what happens when her father, the King, forces her to marry a prince of another nation? Will she follow her duty for the sake of her country? Will she learn to love Prince Edelmar?

Some things you guys will have to know:

Amoretta: Love

Ceyda: Caring

Permelia: Sweetness

Saphronia: Wise

Celesta: Beautiful

Deyanira: Destruction

Edelmar: Noble

All of these are characters in my story and the meaning of their names are important!

I hope you guys enjoy!



Thunder rolled around the valley and bounced off the surrounding mountains. Lightning lit up the night sky as if it were broad daylight.

"Amoretta, please get away from the window," a woman sighed. The woman had shining brown hair and electric gold eyes. She rubbed her hands on her bulging stomach, for the baby was growing larger and larger inside her.

"Aww, but Mama, you know how much I love a good storm!" A little 7 year old girl cried. She had shining onyx hair and clean caramel colored skin which she had inherited from her father. She had a heart-shaped face and pink rosebud lips, which were pouting at the moment. But the most beautiful attraction of the little girl was her almond-shaped, golden eyes.

Ceyda smiled at her daughter and held her arms open for her.

"Come, let me tell you the story of the little princess." Amoretta's eyes lit up with excitement as she ran into her mother's arms. When she collided with her mother's chest, Ceyda exclaimed, "Careful! You don't want to hurt your little brother do you?"

Amoretta replied innocently, "Oh no, not at all! I really do want a little brother. He would be a wonderful playmate."

"But you have your half-sisters!" Ceyda said.

"Yes, I have brilliant half-sisters, but Saphronia is older than me and is a lot smarter and mature. Also Permelia is sweet and kind, but she's too young. And Celesta is also older than me, but she doesn't like me very much." Ceyda laughed at her daughter's ramblings.

"You have amazing sisters, and you should be very grateful. Family is going to be one of the most important things in your life. Do you remember what the very most important thing is?" She asked.

"To love!" Amoretta exclaimed. Ceyda laughed again and this time, her daughter's giggles mixed in.

Ceyda cleared her throat, "Now, for that story. Once upon a timeā€¦"