Ch4 Storms Bring People Together

That night neither of them could sleep well knowing the other was just across the hall. Haruhi climbed out of bed and looked out the large window to see the stars one more time. But to her dismay there were none. All the bright clear starts that were there just over an hour ago;, where all gone and hidden by cloud; the young high school girl took a stroll around the house, trying to adjust to it's massive size.

Soon Haruhi found her way to the piano room and watched as the moonlight faded in and out of the curtains. The wind picked up and Haruhi grew nervous. She started retracing her steps to find her way back to the main hall so she could find the stair case.

A loud boom of thunder sounded outside and Haruhi felt panic. She felt she really needed to fins her room the wind picked up and the house seemed still and quiet for a moment.

A loud crash thundered the earth with strong vibrations Haruhi felt in hr feet and chest. She shrieked in terror, and hid in a closet.

The loud thunder woke Tamaki and he looked at his alarm clock.

"One O'clock in the morning?" he mumbled rolling over, "stupid storm, it's too early to get up." He laid hid head under the pillow before the memory of Haruhi in the next room crossed his mind. He shot up out of bed and pulled on some pajamas.

"Haruhi's scared to death of thunder and lightning I need to see if she's okay," he stumbled across the hall and knocked on her door.

"Haruhi, I'm coming in," he warned while peaking into the room and turning on the light.

"Haru-?" he looked about, "she's not here?"

Haruhi hugged herself close as she tried to avoid the sounds from outside the closet. Tamaki went down the stairs in search of his guest.

"Haruhi?" he whispered as he went, "are you here? And you hiding? Please answer me Haruhi,"

Tamaki turned on the light to the main hall and when she saw the light come on, Haruhi opened the closet door afraid and embarrassed.

Tamaki caught a glimpse of hr and walked over to the opened closet door. He sternly put his arms around hr shivering body.

"Haruhi what are you doing down here?"

Haruhi was dressed in a white night dress her father re-packed for her and Tamaki was in a long light blue shirt and matching loose pants.

"I couldn't sleep," she whimpered snuggling her face into his chest when the lightning flashed again.

"I'll walk you to your room," she nodded shyly and walked with Tamaki holding her hand in his. The night grew quiet again, all except for the rain.

Tamaki walked her to her room still groggy and she smiled up at his drowsy face.

"I'm sorry for worrying you Tamaki."

"It's not your fault. You can't always control your fears."

"Okay I'm gong to bed now. I think it's calming down."

"Sure," he nodded and turned to his room.

A big crash of thunder shook the whole house with it's high pitch sound Tamaki turned and Haruhi ran to him, knocking him down and into his room. She fell on tip of him face to face, frightened and embarrassed.

"I hope you don't think I'm being too forward," started the blond, red in the face, "But do you want to sleep in here tonight?"

"What?" she shivered, leaping off of him in an instant.

"It's just, there's going to be scattered thunderstorms threw out the night since we had a dry spring."

Haruhi thought about it for a moment blushing.

"Okay but just because of the storms."

A chill went threw Tamaki all up his body and threw his hair when he realized he just asked his crush to sleep with him … and she said yes!

"Right I'll remember that," he replied nervously.

Tamaki got to his feet and climbed into his side of the bed, leaving plenty of space for his guest. Haruhi quickly climbed in after him. (I've never slept wit ha boy before, I'm getting butterflies in my stomach already. I hope this doesn't mean I won't sleep tonight. I wanted to look at the gardens tomorrow.)

Tamaki watched the back of Haruhi's head just knowing her won't get to sleep until either she left or he could hold her and he didn't see either happening soon.

Haruhi turned and faced Tamaki on the other side of his queen sized bed. Both were blushing as they looked at each other with sleepy eyes and rosy cheeks.

"It's really humid in here," complained the brunet.

"At least you have a gown; I'm frying in my pajamas. He took the covers off to show his point.

"Yah, I guess that would be hot."

"Would you mind if I took my shirt off Haruhi?"

"I guess I don't mind," blushed the other.

Tamaki took off his shirt and rolled up his pant legs.

"That's better," he smiled.

Another bolt of lightning fallowed by a crash of thunder sounding close to the house and Haruhi darted over to Tamaki, hugging him close. Tamaki's whole body grew warm as he blushed intensely trying to hid his bashful feelings.

Haruhi's fingers touched the soft curves of Tamaki's muscular body. His skin is soft like a woman's but at the same time his body was hard like a sand bag. Realizing this, Haruhi didn't want to pull away but her bashful girlish feelings made her do so after a short pause.

"You're hot," she mentioned.

"T-thank you?" he became as red as the time he had realized she was a girl. She laughed at him.

"I mean your skin, it's so warm."

Tamaki felt like the idiot everyone called him. Then he decided he'd rap his arm around her, making her blush match his.