Tamaki gave Haruhi a personal tore of his home and showed her to her room, "Dinner will be served in twenty-mutinies my dear."

"Hey Tamaki Sempi?" asked the brunet sweetly.

"W-what is it Haruhi?"

"I've realized you stopped calling me your little girl."

His eyes widened and his cheeks grew pink when he looked to her.

"Have you decided you don't want me to be your little girl anymore?" she asked with confusion.

"No it's not that," Tamaki looked away while Haruhi sat on the edge of her bed watching him unravel why he's been so different.

"Haruhi, things feel so different and I feel like … t'embrasser?"

"tem-ressy?" she asked repeating the sound of the word.

"It's French umm," he hesitated, "I don't think I'm ready to tell you," his face grew redder as he turned from her gaze, "Thanks to Kyoya I think I finally understand something so blindingly obvious to others."

"So why don't you just say it Sempi?"

"Please don't call me Sempi while you stay here?"

"Oh," she blinked, "I'll try to remember that."

Tamaki stood and smiled, "Well I'll see you at dinner my little lamb."

Haruhi watched Tamaki threw different eyes

(Haruhi's thoughts)

(He's acting so different toward me now. Did I do something to upset him? I always do things to upset him but it never has had this effect on him.)

Haruhi picked up her cell phone after Tamaki was no longer in view and called Kyoya.


"Sempi?" asked the girl.

"What is it Haruhi, Tamaki giving you a hard time already?"

"No, it's just the opposite. He's totally mellow. What did you say to him anyway?"

There was a pause on the other line.

"Sempi?" she questioned again.

"I think you two are made for each other, you're just as oblivious as he is."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked irritated, "there's no way I'm clueless like him!"

"Try talking to him. Do you know any French?"


"I'm not very fluent on the language myself; has he written anything in his diary yet?"

"I didn't know he had a diary."

"Then I guess it's still too early to know how to handle his OOC issue."

"So I guess I'll just wing it. Ah," she exclaimed.

"What's wrong?"

"Time to eat, talk later Sempi!" she closed her cell phone and rushed from her room.

Kyoya smiled at his phone a moment, "Tamaki, so you're taking my advice after all."

The long table was decorated with a frilly, white cloth and tall, lit candles. All the dinning wear is silver and white gold, or glass. Roast beef, and smoked ham where the main dishes while corn on the cob, vegetable soup, chowder, salads and apricots where the side dishes.

"What would you like to drink?" asked a gentleman in black.

"Iced Tea?" replied the girl unsure.

"Coming right up," the man bowed and walked away.

Tamaki's violet eyes sparkled watching how nervous his love was, "You're so cute!" he busted out unable to control his excitement anymore. Tamaki fell into a day dream of dancing with Haruhi on the roof top under the stars. She realized his air-headed space case expression and laughed.

"Tamaki you're back to normal. Good I was worried."

Tamaki snapped back to reality and looked at his beloved princess.

(Tamaki's thoughts)

(I still can't believe she's going to be living with me all three months of summer! She's so cute! *Flowers dancing in the back ground*)

"You were worried about moi?"

"Well, yah. You've been acting a bit different lately and I was wondering what's up?"

Tamaki began to blush, "Nothing, it's nothing."

"Why won't you tell me?" she slouched and pouted.

"In due time princess," smiled the other.

"I'm not one of your customers so don't call me princess."

Tamaki began sulking in the corner.

"You don't want to be my princess?" he whined.

"Thanks for the food I'm going to my room," Tama Chan came back to reality.

"Hold on please?" he asked catching her off guard.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to treat you disrespectfully."

"Disrespectfully?" she started, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I guess. You're much more special to me than those girls and …" he trailed off while covering his blushing red face with his long piano fingers.

"Tamaki?" Haruhi blushed.

"Haruhi would you like to watch the sunset tonight?"

Haruhi tried to read Tamaki's blushing red face. His eyes cast to the side unable to meet her gaze.

(Haruhi's mind)

(He's so embarrassed, but why? I'm more important to him … than the other girls?)

The more Haruhi thought about it the more she began to blush, "I'm sorry Tamaki. I didn't mean to yell like that."

Tamaki's violet eyes shyly looked up at her.

"Sure I'll watch the sun set with you," she said smiling sweetly.

Tamaki's eyes widened as he fell into a colorful pool of hearts and swirls, his face lit up with a golden smile and gleaming eyes, "Really you want to see the sun set with, me?" he cheered.

"Well if we're going to see it we need to get out there now Sempi."

"Okay," he cheered forgetting to remind her not to call him Sempi while she lived there.

Tamaki grabbed Haruhi's hand and while running, led her up the flight of stairs, passed her room, past his room, down the hall and around the corner to a walk out balcony.

The sun had already started to set and the sky shone a brilliant orange yellow.

"Wow you can really see a lot of sky from up here Sempi!" Haruhi looked out with eyes wide open and a smile on her face.

"I'm glad you like it Haruhi, oh and don't forget, you don't have to call me Sempi as long as you're here."

"Right I'll try to remember, Tamaki," she paused, "Is Tamaki too formal?"

"I don't think so. I call you Haruhi all the time."

"True," she rolled her eyes, "I guess I don't mind it."

Tamaki leaned his arms on the rail of the balcony that looked over his family gardens below. The balcony was large and white with tables and violet vases each filled with red and white roses. Haruhi watched the sunbeams play on Tamaki's skin and shine in his golden flowing heir. That thought "Do I love him" kept crossing her mind. She had never been in love before but if this was love, why Tamaki?

Haruhi stepped closer to the balcony rail to stand next to her friend. After the sky turned a dark blue with fading shades of violet she looked to the bright stars, her hand sliding on the rail just slightly until she felt the warmth of Tamaki's hand. Tamaki looked down at their carefully touching hands.

Haruhi pulled hers back and blushed brightly. (What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so different when we're alone like this?)

"It's getting late," started the blond smiling down at her.

"Yah it is," she stood facing him blushing.

(I've never seen him in the moon light before.)

" Dormez bien mon cher.," whispered Tamaki with a full French accent. Haruhi blushed at the dreamy look in his eyes.

"I don't know what you just said," she paused, "I normally don't hear you speak French."

"It means sleep well my dear. Something my mother used to say to me before when I was still small," Tamaki's smile broadened, "but It is a romantic language Haruhi you can't really know it unless you ask," he took a step closer to her blushing and longingly gazing at her making her blush and more lost in his eyes.


"Shhh-," he cut her off by placing his finger tip to her lips, "you don't have to say anything. It's late I should walk you to your room."

Haruhi did not reply in words. For the first time ever, Tamaki Suoh had rendered her speechless.