Me: hey peeps. Another super random fanfic I am twisting from a video from youtube. It's called darth vader's secret. Enjoy!

Marik: she owns nadda. She don't own yugioh, Hannah Montana, or starbucks.

5 4 3 2 1 GO!

Season 0 theme~ kawaii ka, ni nite… ok I forgot the lyrics… sorry.

Ryou walked casually into Seto's private StarBucks Shoppe. He grabbed a white chocolate mocha and sat with the gang.

Mana: I'm bored.

Ryou: yeah me too.

Yugi: hey I know what to do!

Malik: What?

~3 seconds later~

Yugi: Ok, I lost it. Hey, everyone has a secret, right?

Joey: I guess, heh, well I do, heh.

Yugi: So Seto must have secrets too, so why don't we find out what it is? By spying on him!

Malik: yeah, lets take his blueberry pie. Heh, good idea man.

Ryou: NO! he meant to get his secrets Malik!

Malik: Oh.

~3 minutes later, Seto's room.~

Mana: Ryou, you go in.

Ryou: Why me?

Kisses Ryou.

Ryou: ( blushing) Whatever you say.

As Ryou went in, he saw Seto's trunk and looked through it. There was nothing but clothes.

Ryou: dumb CEO, does he really just have-?

(in Seto's bathroom) "Nobody's perfect, I'm gonna work it! Let's… ummm… I forget.

Ryou: oh my gosh! Seto likes… Hannah Montana? I have to get out of here! (turns head to the right and sees a Hannah Montana poster) O…k… that freaked the crap out of me, and I feel all weird inside. Man, I gotta get outta here.

Seto: Ah! What a beautiful day! Now to check on Mr. Boo Boo. My favorite little chicken.

Ryou: oh bugger, I… I gotta hide! No, wait, I'll just act like a Barbie doll or something. He's too stupid to notice that.

As Ryou stood beside his desk, Seto went to his trunk and pressed a secret button. He then pulled out a chicken leg.

Seto: Hello Mr. Boo Boo, how's my little chicken? Are you ok huh? Are you ok? Yes you are! Yes you are!

Ryou: What the, Mr. Boo Boo? I need to get out of here! And why in the world was he bloody talking to a bloody chicken? I need to get the bloody hell out of here.

~5 minutes later, at StarBucks. Yeah, coffee, yeah. Sorry.

Ryou: (panting) Guys, guess what, Seto likes… Hannah Montana!

Joey: OMG! I do too! I didn't know we had so much in common!

Malik: Ok, dude, are you on medications, or totally crazy?

Joey: Ummm… Maybe.

Yugi: Hey Malik, let's beat the crap outta him!

Malik: already there.

While Malik and Yugi beat the crap outta Joey, Mana went over to Ryou.

Mana: Thanks for going. I bet it was awful.

Ryou: it was.

Mana smiled and rabbed his shirt and kissed him passionately, leaving Ryou hyper ventilating.

The End