By Tyloric

Part 1

It started slow, like most things do. One or two of them would lie down and just not get up. When Cole would witness it, it looked as if they were going to sleep. They would just… drop. Some would kneel, others would sit, and some would even lie down on their own. Others just fell to the ground as if the life was suddenly stricken from them by an outside source. But it was clear; they were dying.

Cole wasn't sure how he felt about it. He supposed he should be happy; all of them, including him, were abominations. They had no right to exist in this once beautiful world. Now the entire planet was a diseased sphere of decaying flesh and festering vomit.

He could remember things a bit more clearly now, and for that he was grateful. He had had a wife and child. Rose, his wife, had had golden blond hair with emerald green eyes. She had been a treasure, the light of his life. His daughter, Susan, had looked just like her mother. Susan caught the disease early on, and died at the age of four.

He wife was how he had originally become infected. She had attacked him, out of the blue and the rest… hazy. He remembered dying, the awful blackness that swallowed him. But everything after that was a blur, until around the time he had met Ellis. These memories had made him sad, at first, but now he was just numb. He couldn't really feel anything anymore. No, that's not true, he could feel. It just didn't affect him like it used to.

It had been a month since Ellis and his friends had escaped this hell he now called home, and not a day goes by that Cole doesn't wish he could have gone.

He was so deliriously lonely.

He had tried to help a few other survivors pass through the city without success. Ellis had been a rarity; naïve and trusting. No one else that was still aware trusted him, and instead shot at him. Cole understood why; had he been in their position he was sure he would have done the same. But they were all dead now. It had been a couple of weeks since he had seen any survivors.

It didn't matter in the long run. That night, when Cole went to sleep, he found a darkness waiting for him. He went in to it willingly, relived.

He never woke up.