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{Let's have some fun
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick}

Ichigo hated his job. Well it wasn't so much that he hated it; he just hated the people who came to watch him do his job. The stares of perverted old men and freaky young woman watching him take off his clothing as he dry humped a pole wasn't as fun as it sounded. Ichigo's "uniform" was usually tight leather shorts, a leather top, leather gloves, and long heeled leather boots to match. The strip club owner had quite a fetish.

He liked one thing at his job, and that was his co-workers. They were his family. Sure he had a real family, but his dad had sold him to the owner of this strip club when Ichigo was eighteen. After that Ichigo refused to talk to his creepy father. Thankfully Ichigo wasn't the only male stripper, but people were more eager to see him when he got on stage. Ichigo never once wined of cried about the situation he was in. He just did his job, got paid, and went home.

Home. Ichigo always cringed at the word. He had a nice home. He shared it with his old high school literature teacher. They were close when Ichigo went to school, but they never had sex. It was purely a friendship that both valued deeply. The shared the occasional drunken kiss once or twice, but that was nothing. Ichigo didn't know very much about his roommate. He just knew that his roommate's family was killed and that he has scares on both of his eyes, causing him to wear sunglasses all the time. His roommate had a weird name, Zangetsu. Ichigo didn't know if that was a first or last name, Zangetsu would never tell. He said it would ruin his image if everyone knew his whole name.

Zangetsu didn't like the fact that Ichigo stripped for a living, but he never judged him. Zangetsu knew the story behind Ichigo stripping, but he still didn't like it. He told Ichigo every day that he should get a different job. Ichigo gave the same answer each time.

"Who would hire an ex-stripper?"

{I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you babe
It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play,
Wants to play
A love game
A love game}

Ichigo was use to people at the strip club touching and grinding on his body after he got off stage. He would always go up to the bar and talk to the bartender Chad when he got off stage. They were good friends and Chad was one of the few normal people who worked at the club. Chad didn't talk much, and Ichigo was glad. He hated people who talk too much.

Today was bit different. When he got off stage he tried to move through the crowd of people that were practically having sex on the dance floor. Ichigo felt someone grab his ass and he turned to see a very pale man pulling his hand back and smiling at Ichigo. This was normal too. Many people had touched, grabbed, and rubbed his ass before. But this guy was different. Maybe it was the skin tone that threw him off? Or the weird eyes? Whatever it was Ichigo didn't like it. The guy kept staring at Ichigo. Ichigo assumed he wanted to dance, so the orange haired male walked closer and turned around so he grind his ass against the man's clothed member. Ichigo was moving his hips to the beat of an old Britney Spears song and didn't notice the pale man he was dancing with had gotten hard.

Ichigo gasped when the man wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed his hard on hard against Ichigo's backside. The man groaned in his ear and did it one more time. Ichigo let out a low moan. The man laughed and pressed once more before leaning toward Ichigo's ear and whispering;

"I wanna kiss you."

Ichigo usually never had this kind of contact with customers, but he could lie. This man was very sexy. Ichigo hadn't seen someone this good looking in a long time and he wasn't about to let him slip away. Ichigo turned and faced the pale man. Ichigo's leather glove covered arms wrapped around the man's neck. Even in heels, Ichigo was still much shorter than the other. Ichigo pushed himself up on his toes to whisper in the man's ear.

"What's your name?"

{Hold me and love me
Just want to touch you for a minute
Baby three seconds is enough for my heart to quit
Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick}

"Shirosaki Hichigo. Damn you're so fucking hot." He grunted when Ichigo pressed their bodies closer together. Ichigo smirked. He'd probably make this guy come in his pants in a few minutes. Ichigo moved forward a bit to press his lips against Hichigo's. The other man's lips were warm and it felt so good that Ichigo let his eyes flutter closed. Ichigo pushed harder on the other man's lips and groaned when he felt something wet and warm run across his bottom lip. Ichigo didn't open his mouth, deciding to tease the man further. Hichigo growled and pulled Ichigo's bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. Ichigo gasp and felt Hichigo's tongue slip into his mouth. Ichigo was happy to let the man's tongue explore his mouth and soon the kiss had turned into a grope session.

Ichigo felt his heart pounding in his chest and he didn't know why. He felt himself be lifted up and broke the kiss. He felt Hichigo holding him up by his thighs. Ichigo was about to question but Hichigo grind against him again. Ichigo knew he was getting hard. He could feel his already tight leather shorts get tighter. Ichigo didn't know what to do. He could think of anything to say. So he just said the first thing on his mind.

"Put me down."

And Hichigo did just that. He set Ichigo back on his feet and kissed him once more. Ichigo was about to say something when Hichigo pressed their lips together again.

"Just come find me if you want to continue this little love game."

Ichigo blushed and watched the pale man walk over to two other men, one with blue hair and the other with red. Ichigo turned and started walking to the bar again. Once he got there he sat down at one of the many empty seats, and Chad started to laugh.

{Let's play a love game
Play a love game
Do you want love or you want fame?
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game?}

"So who was that guy you were humping on the dance floor?"

Chad was sometimes an asshole. Ichigo noticed this s while back. Ichigo also noticed that this was the first time Chad had laughed…at him. Chad was usually nicer to Ichigo than anyone else. At first Ichigo thought it was because the big, Mexican man had a thing for him. But Chad had explained that Ichigo looked and acted like an old friend he use to have. Chad also told him he was married with three kids. Ichigo was happy for the big man. Ichigo even pulled some strings to make it so Chad didn't have to work on weekends. Family time is the best time, was Ichigo's motto. Even though he didn't really have a family, he stuck by this motto all the time.

"We were not humping."

Ichigo loved to deny things. Even if everyone knew it was true, Ichigo would still deny things. Ichigo didn't care, as long as he was right about something.

"You guys were totally humping! He even picked you up to hump you better."

The new addition to the conversation made Ichigo jump. It was Orihime. She had the second biggest tits in the club. Well, the second biggest real pair of tits. Ichigo didn't really care for her chest as much as he did her face. She was very pretty. But she was one of the dumbest girls that worked at the club. Sure she worked the pole like a pro, but she was dumb when it came to anything else.

"I'm telling you guys that we were not humping. It was just….dancing. Very close dancing."

Ichigo could tell Orihime and Chad could call his bullshit. But he didn't want them teasing him since Ichigo usually never gets too physical with customers. The club owner said that was a bad trait, but it was a good thing when it wanted to be. Ichigo was so lost in his thoughts he didn't hear Orihime tell him that Hichigo and his boys were coming over. Hichigo grabbed Ichigo's chin with his index and thumb and kissed him. Ichigo didn't mind it, but it scared the shit out of him. Hichigo broke the kiss and handed Ichigo a slip of paper.

"I'll see you tomorrow my sexy little strawberry."

Hichigo's words made Ichigo's face flush and his heart thump. Ichigo opened the slip of paper and saw seven numbers written on it. The blush on Ichigo's cheeks got darker and he put the paper in his pocket.

{Let's play a love game
Play a love game
Do you want love or you want fame?
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game?}

"Thanks for walking me home…..again." Ichigo said to Chad. The big man grunted and head down the street toward his own home. Ichigo got his keys from his gray hoodie pocket. He opened up the front door to his shared house and closed it behind him. After checking the locks, Ichigo went into the living room and saw Zangetsu reading the news paper.

"Welcome back. You get a new job yet?"

Ichigo laughed and walked out of the room, only to have Zangetsu follow him and ask what kind of jobs he would be interested in.

"I like the kind that allows me to be drunk and take off most of my clothes."

Zangetsu didn't enjoy Ichigo's sense of humor. Ichigo laughed as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Zangetsu followed and stood in the doorway of Ichigo's room while he took off his work clothes. Zangetsu silently inspected his body for any marks of abuse or torture. He was too over protective for his own good. But that's why Ichigo loved him.

{Let's have some fun
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick}

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