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A white collared shirt, a red and blue tie, black slacks, and black shoes. Tensa smiled at himself as he looked in the mirror in his older brother's bedroom. It had been decided that Ichigo and Hichigo would continue to share Ichigo's room while Tensa stayed in Zangetsu's. The room was furnished with black furniture, that really popped against the bare white walls and carpet floor. Not that Tensa minded, he and his brother both shared the same taste in a lot of things. The room was set up in a way that reminded Tensa of his own. It was a bit creepy how much he and his brother were alike.

Tensa picked up his backpack from the bed and smiled at how lucky he was to have Ichigo be there for him. If it wasn't for Ichigo, Tensa wouldn't have anywhere to go. Running away from home is hard when you don't have a plan, and luckily Tensa had one. Tensa put the backpack straps over both his shoulders and left the room, making sure to close the door behind him.

He made his way down the stairs of the house and saw Hichigo in the kitchen making something. Tensa shook his head and started towards the door.

"Don't you dare even think about leaving without having breakfast!"

Tensa jumped at the sudden shout. He turned his head to look at Hichigo and saw him holding a plate of food out to him. Tensa took off his backpack and took the plate. He went and sat down at the dining table and a moment later Hichigo joined him. The two sat in an awkward silence until Hichigo cleared his throat.

"So you excited about school?"

Tensa nodded.

"You know if it weren't for your brother getting hurt, Ichigo wouldn't know his full name. Isn't that funny?"

Tensa smiled at Hichigo's weak attempt at making small talk. Hichigo was mumbling to himself about something incoherent, but Tensa could only guess he was reprimanding himself for his poor excuse of a conversation starter. Tensa smiled again and stood up to take his plate into the kitchen. Hichigo stopped him and took the plate instead. He ruffled Tensa's hair.

"I got this, you just head out to school."

Tensa nodded and went to get his bag. He felt a little bad for thinking Hichigo was so scary when they first met. He was actually very nice. He reminded him of someone else Tensa knew….


Tensa had a small smile on his face as he walked toward his new school. Tensa had never been to any real school before, he had been homeschooled all his life. He did play with the kids in his neighborhood as a child, so it wasn't as if he didn't have friends. He still felt a little nervous about going though, and he hadn't felt nervous in a long time.

It was a nice cool August day, there were a few people out, and there were no cars on the road. It was a peaceful silence. He liked the quite much better than a lot of noise. Tensa saw a few male figures walking in the same direction as him and wearing the same uniform as him and it reminded him of how lucky he was to even be able to get into the school on such short notice. The principle was happy to let Tensa in the school. He said it would do the students in his grade some good to have a fresh face around. Tensa was so lost in his thoughts that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and walked right into someone. The person fell to the ground, sending his documents flying all over the sidewalk. Tensa was still standing and he winced as he watched the man hit the ground. Tensa bent down to start picking up the man's papers.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going."

Tensa looked up at the man. The man's hair was very long, and a light blonde color. He was wearing a white dressy shirt with a black blazer on top of it. He had a dark colored messenger bag on his shoulder and was mumbling to himself and looked embarrassed. Tensa smiled at him and handed him the papers he had collected. They both stood up and the blonde man apologized once more. Tensa shook his head and waved his hands frantically as if telling the man it was okay and not his fault. The man stared at Tensa for a moment before taking a pen from his pocket and a small notepad from his bag.

"You might be needed this."

The man winked at Tensa before walking in the opposite direction of him. Tensa felt his face heat up a little. He looked at his wrist watch and his mouth dropped open a little.

He ran down the block, clutching his backpack straps. It was only the first day and he was already going to be late.


"It's fine Tensa, we're all late on the occasion."

Tensa smiled at the principle as the older man showed him a few places around the school. He showed him his locker, the gym, the restrooms, and was now leading him to his classroom. They walked in a comfortable silence for a while before the principle stopped in front of a classroom door.

"This will be your classroom. Unlike most high schools, you will stay in this room for all of your classes. The teachers will swap. It's much easier this way, don't you think?"

Tensa nodded his head a bit. The principle smiled and ruffled Tensa's hair.

"Have fun, if you need anything just come to the office and we'll help you."

Tensa nodded once more and watched as the principle walked back the way they came. Tensa sighed and took a deep breath. He knocked on the classroom door and opened it.

It was chaos in the room.

There was so much noise it surprised him that he couldn't hear it from outside the door. Paper balls and planes were flying through the air. Girl's were applying makeup using desktop mirrors. A couple was actually sitting on the teacher's desk having their own make-out session. Tensa wanted to step out of the room and close the door, but he felt someone walk up behind him.

"Oh dear."

Tensa turned around and saw the blonde man from earlier. The man walked by him and set a large folder filled with papers on his desk. The couple moved away from the desk and went to continue their session against the wall.

"Alright everyone, shut the hell up!"

The noise slowly died down and everyone made their way to an empty seat.

"Well you all know me, considering I was your homeroom , English, and History teacher last year. But I am forced to do this introduction again anyway because we have new student."

The man turned to look at Tensa.

"My name is Rojuro Otoribashi, but you can call me Rose or Mr. Otoribashi. "

Some of the students shouted out calling him 'sexy' and some very raunchy names.

" Starting today I will be your Homeroom, Science, and Math teacher. And before you ask, yes I do have a degree in all the subjects I teach, Hisagi."

"Just makin' sure, Rose. You look a bit young to have gone to school for all that."

"Well thanks for the concern. Anyway, the new kid's name is….uh….shit. Well while I look for the paper, get in here kid."

Tensa stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the teacher, Rose, and stood facing the other students. They stared at him with questioning looks. The boy who made the remark earlier, Hisagi, raised his hand. Without looking up from the papers he was staring at, the blonde spoke.


"Why doesn't he just tell us his name?"

"He can't."

"Why not?"

"Goddamnit kid, why all the questions? Can't you just be like everyone else and keep them locked up so I don't have to hear them?"

"Sorry Rose, I gotta speak my mind or I'll, like, explode or somethin'."

The class released a few chuckles and giggles and started to chat in low voices. Tensa looked over at Rose who was still struggling to find the paper with his name on it. Tensa waved his hand to get Rose's attention. Rose looked up and saw Tensa point to the chalk board behind them. Rose sighed and nodded his head. He set his papers down and called the class back to his attention.

"Admittin' defeat? You lose, like, everything Rose."

"Hisagi, detention."


The class laughed as Hisagi stood up and made his way over to the front desk and tried to plead with Rose about the 'unfair' treatment.

Tensa set down the chalk when he was done writing his name. The class looked at the board and stayed silent for a while.

"Your handwriting is gay."

"Hisagi, another detention."

"What? That's not fair! It's the truth! What straight guy has hand writing that neat?"

"Obviously not you, now go sit down."

Hisagi turned and walked back to his seat. Some of the guys sitting around him started to laugh and joke with him. Tensa looked a bit envious, Hisagi seemed to be popular and a bit of a jerk at the same time. Tensa always thought you had to be one or the other ,like in the movies.

"This is the new student, Tensa Zangetsu. He's mute, meaning he can't talk-"

"Is he mute by choice or by medical condition?"

Rose sighed and looked over at Tensa for an answer. Tensa walked over to the board again and wrote.

"He said by choice. Anyway I want you all to treat Tensa-"

"So he really can talk? Why did he decide not to talk?"

"Hisagi, shut the fuck up and let me speak. I don't know every detail on the kid's life."

Tensa stood looking around the room as Rose told the students to be nice to him and treat him with respect. The students all looked bored and like they could care less about Tensa or what Rose was saying. The only person that looked interested was Hisagi, which surprised Tensa. He thought that out of everyone in the room, Hisagi would be the one with the least interest.

"I really wouldn't care where you sit, but the only desk left is the one behind Hisagi so, there's your new seat."

Tensa nodded and walked over to the seat behind Hisagi. As he walked by the other student started to stare at him with wide eyes. Some of the girls winked at him and the guys blushed a bit. Once at his seat, Tensa removed his backpack and sat down. He reached in his backpack to retrieve the notebook and pen Rose had given him when they met earlier. Tensa looked up to see Hisagi staring at him. They locked eyes for a few more seconds before Hisagi blinked.

"I suck at this game."

Hisagi smiled at Tensa and turned back around to listen to whatever it was Rose was saying. After a few more minutes a bell rang and Rose told everyone he would be right back. The second Rose stepped out of the room all of the students got out of their seats and crowed around Tensa.

"Dude you're, like, really pretty."

"What's your secret? Your skin is way too smooth to be natural."

"Your hair is so silky! What shampoo do you use?"

Tensa felt heat rise to his cheeks. No one had every called him pretty before, it hurt his ego a bit. The questions kept being thrown at him and he didn't know what to do.

"You guys heard what Rose said. The kids mute, he's not gonna answer your questions."

Tensa looked over at Hisagi who had his back to him. Everyone mumbled and moved away from Tensa and went to talking to their friends. Hisagi turned back to face Tensa again with a large grin on his face. Tensa gave a small smile back and looked down at his desk.

"Sorry about what I said earlier, I didn't mean it. I was just joking around."

Tensa looked up and shook his head before opening his notepad.

'It's fine.'

"I can show you around school if you want. I'll be your buddy for the day, if you don't mind."

'You don't have to do that. I'll be fine.'

"It's not that I have to do it, I want to. And don't worry, I don't bite."


Tensa was happy to say that Hisagi had actually made his day amazing. He showed him around to a few more unpopulated areas to eat lunch. He showed him to the roof of the school, and even introduced him to a few of the people that he hung out with. But surprisingly enough, Hisagi said that he didn't have anyone he could actually call his 'friend' at school. He said there wasn't really anyone that he could really connect with, but that Tensa was different. Even though he didn't speak, he said he felt like Tensa would know what to say if he ever felt down. Tensa smiled in reply. It kind of freaked Tensa out to hear such sincere words coming from a complete stranger, but maybe it would grow on him to hear such things.


The rest of the day seemed to fly by. Tensa was disappointed that even if it was the first day, Rose had given them a lot of homework. Tensa waved to a few of his classmates as he was leaving the room. He felt happy that he had talked to them earlier in the day. He would have many exciting things to tell Ichigo when he got home. Tensa slowed down his pace as he was walking toward the exit of the school. He was starting to feel bad about imposing on Ichigo and Hichigo.

Not that he really cared about what Hichigo thought.

Tensa sighed and kept walking. Even if he was imposing, Ichigo would never say it to his face. Tensa reached into his pocket and took out his wallet. He opened it up and took out a picture of someone. It was a rather large man with pointed hair. He had an eye patch over one of his eyes and a seemingly blood thirsty smile on his face. Tensa smiled at the picture.


Tensa quickly put the picture back in his wallet and shoved it back in his pocket. He turned around and smiled as Hisagi as the boy came running over to him. Hisagi looked at him a little suspiciously for a moment before placing an arm around the shorter.

"I pulled a few strings with Rose and he said I wouldn't have to start serving my detentions until tomorrow, meaning I can hang with you today!"

Tensa nodded his head and smiled when Hisagi shouted in his excitement. Hisagi started talking 800 words per second, Tensa could barely understand him. Hisagi asked Tensa if he could take him to a café he went to often. Tensa nodded and let the other drag him off to their destination.


"What do you want?"

Tensa looked up from the menu in his hands and at Hisagi. When they arrived Tensa looked around and saw that the entire café was filled with couples. They ranged from teenagers, to even elderly people. Tensa set his menu down and reached inside his backpack for the pen and notepad Rose had given him.

'Is this a date?'

Hisagi was reading as Tensa wrote and blushed.

"What? Why would you think that?"

'Because this place is filled with couples.'

Hisagi looked around and blushed again. Tensa sighed and began writing again.

'You never noticed?'

"Well I only come here because my brother took me here once and they had really good milkshakes."

Tensa nodded and set his pen down. He looked back at the menu and pointed at what he wanted. Hisagi nodded and waved over their waitress.

"Hello boys, what'll it be?"

"We'll both have a chocolate milkshake."

The waitress nodded and was about to write it down, then looked back up at the two.

"Will that be two milkshakes, or one with two straws?"

Tensa and Hisagi blushed and Tensa wrote down in the notepad and shoved it toward the waitress.


The woman giggled and wrote it down.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, our café welcomes all types of couples here."

Tensa set the notepad down and put his hands over his face in embarrassment. Note to self, Tensa was never going out to eat with Hisagi again.

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