Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter

Pairings: Draco/Hermione

Warnings: Completely AU.

Summary: What would happen if Harry got in a car accident on his way to Ms. Figg while his family was going to head to Marge? What would happen if Harry contacted Ginny and sent everything into a domino effect? Set in the summer after 3rd year.

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter books in the first place.

Reading Between the Lines

Chapter 1

Accidentally Changing

The loud screech that followed the car skidding to a stop was not heard by the car's occupants seeing as three of them were unconscious and another not to far behind. Among the wreck vivid green eyes faintly watched as a man stopped his car and called for help. Peacefully knowing he was in safe hands he drifted into blackness's, welcoming it like an old friend.


"Boy, we will be going to go visit Marge," Vernon said, his eyes trained on Harry. "She is currently stuck in her house on her own and has asked us to come and visit her. You will be going to a friend of Petunia's, Miss. Figg. You better behave and you will do none of your tricks."

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry said automatically.

End Flashback...

"Where am I," Harry asked as he blearily looked around the room. A nurse rushed to his side and began checking over him. She then pushed a button on his bed and called for his doctor. Harry stopped the nurse from leaving.

"Where is my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin?" When the nurse paled Harry knew that something real bad had happened. "Did they make it?" She bowed her head for a moment before she answered.

"Your aunt and uncle died upon impact," the nurse finally answered. "They didn't make it to the hospital alive. Your cousin was released from the hospital a week ago. He went with his aunt named Marge. I don't believe you guys are related though." She looked like she was going to say something else when the door opened to reveal the doctor. The doctor was looking through the file with a worried look on his face.

"I'm waiting for my one call," Harry said dryly. The doctor looked up surprised but when he noticed Harry was grinning wildly he knew he had been duped.

"I know you are no doubt not fond of the hospital so I'll get through this quickly," the doctor said.

"How long will I be here," Harry said bluntly. The doctor raised an eyebrow.

"Probably a little over a month," the doctor answered. "Is there anyone you want to call to let them know you are here?" Harry nodded and thought quickly of someone he could talk to.

"Yeah, her name is Hermione Granger," Harry answered after some thought. The doctor and nurse exchanged looks but promised they would contact her soon. With that out of the way Harry drifted off to sleep.

Hermione was sipping some orange juice while reading the newspaper when she spotted an article. The title read Cousins Survive and below that headline was another longer one that read Family of 4 in car accident; changes cousins lives.

Hermione went on to read that the older of the two cousins had been released the week before while the other one was still currently being held in the hospital recovering. She then read a quote and that was what caused her to bolt upright.

"The younger of the two cousins is named Harry and he keeps asking for a Hermione Granger but we can't seem to find her," one doctor was quoted as saying. "If anyone knows her please contact us."

Sittin' here I remember,

Remember your laughing face,

the grassy green in the sunny days,

Starrin' up at the sun,

Hermione quickly showed her parents the article and then sent off a quick owl to Ginny giving her the update. Ginny had told her that she had been talking to Harry; Harry had told her that he was talking to Ginny. They were rather close Hermione thought amused. Ginny had been suspicious that Harry hadn't been talking to her for three weeks and thought something strange was going on.

She had confided her fears to Hermione as they were good friends. Hermione, although she had calmed Ginny down, was too fearing the worst. Her parents agreed to drive her to the hospital as they needed to visit some friends from when they were in college. Slipping into her room she changed out of her grunge clothes and headed out to the car.

Blind your eyes,

For you don't want to see,

the horrible things happening,

for everyone to see,

Tears slid down her face as she watched Harry sleep. They said he wasn't doing so good. He was only awake for a couple of hours each day and even then that tired him.

Broadcast by the media,

On tv, in the newspapers, and magazines,

Horrid images across the screen,

A blown up color photo,

Ginny gasped as she read the letter. She let tears fall down her cheek. Hermione had sent her a whole list of Harry's injuries. Several of them she recognized but the others... the others were the ones she wished she didn't recognize.

Innocent eyes starring,

Starring at the tv screen,

All it takes is a glimpse,

then they're forever haunted,

Draco was relaxing when he got a letter from Ginny. Somehow she had managed to convince him and Harry to talk during the summer. She said they had a lot of common. At first neither of them would agree to it but when Ginny sent him a long lengthy howler he had complied.

It was a couple of owls letter that he had found out that Harry had also gotten a howler. As he read the letter's contents he paled. Harry was hurt and badly from what he could understand. The injuries were enough to kill someone.

Innocence gone,

In the blink of an eye,

forever remembering,

those horrid memories,

Ginny, Draco, and Hermione sat with Harry as he slept. He had been awake a few hours before according to the doctors but he tired easily. Most of the time they had to have a breathing mask on him because he was having problems breathing on his own due to the damage that was done to his lungs.

Ginny had told him that the doctors had told them to say their goodbyes because it seemed that Harry wasn't going to make it through the night. The very thought horrified them.

Hiding in the bathroom,

during prom,


afraid something will go wrong,

It was around midnight when he woke up again. Tiredly he eyed his friends. They were waking up. Harry removed his breathing mask.

"Tell them I tried," Harry rasped; his voice sounded as though he hadn't used it in awhile. The morphine had gotten rid of most of the pain but some of it was still there. "Tell them that they may never see me again but I can assure you I will make it through the night." Tears slid down their faces. Ginny pulled something out of her pocket. She handed out four mirrors. She gave Harry a small smile before she explained.

"These are 4 way mirrors," Ginny explained. "Say one our names and we can answer. It's the same for the rest of us. No matter where you are you can have a way to contact us." Harry nodded and gave her a feeble smile.

Blind your eyes,

For you don't want to see,

the horrible things happening,

for everyone to see,

The next morning when they awoke they found a note laying on his bed. It read:

Dear Ginny, Draco, and Hermione,

I made it through the night like I said I would. I am going into hiding. Below this note is three envelopes. In these envelopes are instructions as to what you need to do within these next few weeks. I have gone to a place where I will be taken care of magically. You do not need to worry about that. Make sure you follow the directions to the letter.



All it takes is a second,

then you're gone

Harry smiled as he rested. Closing his eyes he never noticed his owl landing right next to him.