The venue was silent and the dark except for one white-hot spotlight directly on the middle of the stage. Alex stepped into the light holding an acoustic guitar and sang the first line of Jasey Rae.

The lights out, I still here the rain.

In that instant, the crowd had gone wild chanting All Time Low and singing along with the lyrics, this is when Alex felt most alive when he felt as though nothing could hurt him. He was wrong and even he could feel it was the calm before the storm.

Alex Gaskarth was the guy that always got the girl, no matter what he did or how he acted, he always got the girl. This night was no different.

"Hey Jack, I am going to be at the bus with ahh...Um...this smoking' hot girl right next to me" Alex declared this as he did every night not ever remembering their name. Jack just waved him off knowing that he should wait maybe an hour before heading to bed. On the way to the bus Alex tried to make small talk but without even listening, he knew how it went call her beautiful, ask her where she is from, what her favourite colour is, what her favourite All Time Low song is and why and then have sex with her. Although no more than twice, that was the rule.

While this girl was just rambling on Alex noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was another girl and while having a threesome was always fun, he had that feeling that this other girl was not going to be into it and if she were it would defiantly not be with the blonde bimbo on his arm.

This other girl was about 5"2 was wearing tight black skinny jeans, an old Weezer band t-shirt, some suspenders with a girly white short sleeve cardigan and low top Nike sneakers. Her hair was shoulder length, brunette with a single red highlight in the fringe and wore buddy holly nerd glasses not for her sight but as a fashion accessory. Now Alex saw her he knew he had to have her but why waste a perfectly good blonde just to talk to this girl.

Alex POV

Wow I had not had a fuck like that in a while she was a goer, but I know the rules. "Hey sweetie" I said with my nice charming after sex voice when I wanted them to leave, oh and I still had no idea what her name was "the show just finished I think it would ha best if you went home" I said with a cheeky grin across my face, the girls seemed to like that. "Will you call me baby I had a lot of fun tonight" she asked like I would actually do it "Yeah sure, of course I will" No I will not.

After she left the bus, finally she took so long to get dressed I mean she was not even wearing that many clothes. I put on my tightest jeans and coolest Glamour Kills shirt and tried to fix my hair. Its not like it was that messed up any way I am always on top. I walked out to the venue and thank god she was still there. I was pretty pumped for this it has been awhile since I had two different girls in the one night.

I walked to the girl who had one headphone in her ear and was facing the front of the line, probably waiting for the rest of the guys to come out and do signings. I walk up behind her with all of my charm flowing, I had the sexiest grin I could muster up on my face and leant in to her ear. "Hey I'm Alex" The girl Turned to me and with all of the coolness and sexiness I knew she had. With a look of disgust she said "SO".

What she didn't know is that I like sassy and a challenge. This was going to be fun.

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