Alex POV

Sitting in the Narcotics Anonymous meeting was like being ripped down the rabbit hole, but hearing that Kate still had urges to use made me realise this was going to be hard but everyone in the room knows Kate is strong.

After the meeting, I pulled Kate away to the outside of the building. The night was brisk outside and all that shone was the streetlights in the parking lot, Kate wasn't smiling (and I was used to that) but she was lighter somehow, like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. I hugged her and she hugged me back. Even though I had only known Kate for a matter of days her hugs did something to me, and I never wanted to let go.

"So, what did you think of it. I know it's not the kind of thing you do on a Wednesday night but it was good to have you there." Kate blank face turned into a small smile.

"It was good; I mean I have never been to one before so I can't compare it to anything. It helped knowing that you have a support system." I tried to force a smile but Kate realised I had been shaken from all of the stories from the other addicts. "Hey it is getting late and I don't want to keep you up again tonight so I am just going to get a taxi back to my hotel, but I want to see you again tomorrow, if you wanted to."

"I would love to see you tomorrow, but you shouldn't have to catch a taxi back to your hotel, let me take you home." Kate started to smile like she had just heard a joke only she understood.

"Ok, but if you think that you can take advantage of me then you can think again." We both laughed at that, it made me happy that Kate didn't take offence to my jokes.

"Well it is all part of my grand plan to get you naked Mr Gaskarth."

When we reached the hotel, I pulled Kate into a kiss from the driver's seat. Kate seemed to kiss me as if it would be the last time she would see me. As Kate pulled away from the curb thinking that I wanted to be able to see this girl every day.

"Hey man, what are you doing out he? I thought you would be with you gurrrrlfriennnnnd" Jack was obviously drunk and being hauled back to the room by a sober Rian.

"Well, she just went home, Jack are you too drunk to be able to have a conversation?"

"Hey Alex, if it is important you can try but right now the only thing that is coming out of his mouth is dick jokes" Rian always looked out for everyone but especially Jack since he was the one who was always really wasted.

"Ok well let's get him up to the room before I start this, by the way where is Zack?"

"Zack got LAID" Jack yelled into my ear while Rian just shook his head.

Back at the hotel room, Zack walked out of the shower shirtless (like he always was). I was surprised to find out that Jack was right and a girl who was wearing a short gold skirt and a black tank top stumbles out of the bedroom, gives Zack a nod and does the walk of shame out of the hotel room. I had to hold in a laugh but Jack practically laughed in her face.

"Ok guys I need you to sit on the couch" The three guys made their way to the couch with Jack stumbling and trying his hardest not to fall over. "Well guys, I have been hanging out with Kate for the past few days and tonight I decided that I have to have her in my life. I know that we go on tour in two days and we could always use a personal photographer..." before I could finish and ask the guys what I wanted to I heard deep snores coming from Jack.

Kate POV

I woke up to my phone vibrating on my bedside table, I looked to the clock 10:30am, goddamn who the hell could this be.

"Hello" I managed to croak out. Eww I had horrible morning voice

Hello beautiful, did you have a great sleep?

"Alex" I managed to say and groaned out the rest

Get ready I have somewhere to take you

"Alex I know you go back to tour in a couple of days but do we have to do something every day, you know you could come over here and we could sleep all day."

Well... NO, I have some stuff to tell you so just get ready and I will be there in half an hour.

Damn it, why does his voice have to be so sweet. I got up and got ready, the whole time in the back of my head was the fear that Alex was going to say something bad.

Alex knocked on the front door as I pulled on a purple hoodie and black converse. I ran down the stairs and almost tripped on the rug and slammed into the door. Alex Heard and opened the door to me rubbing my head. He tried his hardest to hold in a laugh, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the door.

"Alex where are we going?" we had started down the highway Alex had tried to blindfold me but I protested so much I think I had scared him.

"You don't get to find that out yet, here listen to this and just be patient." Alex passed me Blink 182's Take off your pants and jacket.

As soon as Alex shut off the car I looked around, we were in the car park where we met. The venue looked so different in the day.

"Alex why are we here did you lose something the other night." Alex laughed out loud before he answered me.

"No silly, this is where we met."

"I know that, it was only a couple of days ago." My voice was saturated with impatience.

"Just come with me." We got out of the car and Alex led me to the park bench that was on the edge of the grass at the car park. "Kate, I just need you to be quiet and listen to me right now, can you manage that." I nodded "Good, as you know I go back on tour in two days and we just started dating. You are not the kind of girl that I usually date and that is what is so good about you. I care so much about you, more than I thought possible and I think you feel the same way. You are kind of lucky cause your work can take you anywhere. And All Tim Low are looking for an on tour photographer. I have talked to the guys and they agree this would be a good idea." My eyes were big, my breathing was slow, and Alex realised that he had to hurry with what he was saying.

"Kate, what I am saying is. Kate, come on tour with me."

I was silent, shocked every thought was going through my head but somehow my head was blank. Alex looked at me eager for my answer and all I could choke out was one word.


To be continued

A/N Oooooooh suspense well that is the end of the first part, I was thinking of writing a second part and I would love to know what you guys thought of this one and if you have any suggestions for the next.