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Slave of Moonlight

Romulus Lupin was a proud husband and father. He was just made head of the Werewolf Capture Unit in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. In an interview with the Daily Prophet after his promotion, Romulus stated, "I have no doubt in my mind that I can capture every last one of those blood thirsty mongrels. From the pups to the alphas like Fenrir Greyback. They will be caught and destroyed." He slammed his fist down for emphasis.

Upon arriving home, Romulus kissed his wife, Adelle, and ruffled the hair on his five year old son's hair. Ah, little Remus, the apple of his eye. With his wavy sandy hair and bright blue eyes, Romulus was positive he'd be a heartbreaker. He could already get women wrapped around his finger just by laughing.

"Daddy, daddy!" Remus chanted as he bounced on the balls of his little feet. "Up, daddy! Up, up, up!"

"How was your day, Addie?" Romulus asked as he picked up Remus and tossed him in the air.

Adelle turned to him and smiled. "Wonderful. Remmy, tell daddy what you did at school today!"

Remus turned to face Romulus. "I said my aphalabets!"

Romulus looked at Remus and said excitedly, "You did?"

"Yeah!" Remus giggled and squirmed. Romulus chuckled and set the boy down.

Romulus looked at his Muggle-born wife. "He really is a rambunctious child, isn't he?"

Adelle smiled. "Yes, he is. Takes after his father." Adelle walked into her husbands embrace and nuzzled his neck.

Romulus wrapped his arms around his lovely wife and burrowed his nose in her hair. "I love you, Addie."

"I love you, too, Romulus."

"Mummy, Daddy, can we go to the park?" Remus shoved at his parents legs in order to separate them.

Adelle looked out the window and saw how dark it was outside. "No, baby, maybe tomorrow."

Remus looked up at his mother with bright blue eyes. "But, Mummy!" Remus whined.

"Come on, Addie, what could possibly happen? We'll both be with him, right?" Romulus laughed as he led Remus to his room to get his jacket.

"Well, ok..." Adelle bit her nails, she had a bad feeling about this.

The small family of three walked the five minutes to the park, little Remus holding onto both of his parents hands. When they got there, Remus decided to play on the swings near the trees. Romulus and Adelle headed towards the benches a little ways away.

Remus was swinging as high as he could go then he jumped into the trees. He had done it a bazillion times before, so he knew it was ok. He landed on his feet and looked around the forest. He shivered. He had never been in the trees at night before. It was really scary. "I gots to find Mummy and Daddy. I wanna go home now." Remus rushed to where he thought was the opening in the trees, only ending up deeper into the forest.

Remus was sobbing by this point. He was hungry, cold, scared, and just wanted his Mummy and Daddy to hug him and until he felt safe and warm again. He heard a twig snap behind him and his little heart pumped into overdrive. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. However, he heard an animal chasing him and it was right on his heels.

Remus tripped over a root, scrapping his knee. As the tears started to fall from his eyes, he heard a low growl. He turned around and saw a big doggy. "Hi, doggy." Remus sniffled. "Are you what was scaring me?" He reached out a hand and the doggy snapped at it, effectively biting him. "Ouch!" Remus cried out and clutched his bleeding hand to his chest. Remus started crying. "Mummy! Daddy!" He yelled, crying hysterically.

Adelle and Romulus were searching the park frantically since Remus went missing ten minutes ago. Just when Adelle was about to have a panic attack, she heard Remus cry for her and Romulus. Romulus took off into the trees, almost tripping over Remus because of how close to the edge of the trees he was.

Romulus saw Remus crying and picked him up. "Daddy, a doggy bit me!" Remus sobbed into his ear.

Romulus was panicking. What if the dog had rabies? "Show Daddy where, Remmy." They walked back into the park and Adelle rushed over. Remus pulled his bleeding hand away and showed his parents.

"Should we take him to a doctor?" Adelle asked, panicked.

Romulus shook his head and, after checking the area, pulled out his wand and cleared it of the rabies virus before healing it. "He's ok, Addie."

Several weeks passed and the family put the dog incident out of their minds. However, about a month after the incident, Remus began acting oddly. He usually hated to eat meat unless it was well done. Now, he was eating it as rare as you could get. Also, he was usually a kind boy, always willing to share with classmates at his primary school, but the boy had become possesive, almost territorial. Romulus and Adelle assumed it was some odd emotional reaction he was having due to the attack.

Adelle knocked on her son's bedroom door. "Remmy? Do you want to come outside and look at the moon? It's full tonight. You've always loved full moons, honey." No answer. "Remmy?" She slowly and carefully opened the door. She screamed. There, on the bed was a werewolf, a pup by the looks of it, with Remus' clothes scattered around it.

The werewolf turned its amber eyes on her. Adelle's instincts kicked in and ran for her life. She ran as fast as she could downstairs and into Romulus, who had been coming up to see why she screamed. "Addie, what is it?" Romulus had never seen his wife so pale.

"It's Remus! It wasn't a dog that bit him, Romulus. It was a werewolf!" Adelle sobbed as she heard snarling from upstairs. "He's a werewolf!"

"A werewolf? That's impossible there are none in the area!" As he said this, Romulus pulled out his wand, ready to kill the beast.

"What are you doing?" Adelle screamed as she saw the pup crashing down the stairs.

"I'm going to kill it!" Romulus raised his wand and aimed at the monster. "It's my job!"

"No! That's Remus!" Adelle cried. "It's your son! Our son!"

"Our son is dead, Addie. Our sweet boy was taken from us and replaced with a blood thirsty beast. It is my job to exterminate these creatures." He waved his wand, "Confringo!" He screamed.

"NO!" Adelle rushed forward, guarding the wolf, her son, with her last breath as the spell hit her and her heart exploded.

"Addie...NO!" Romulus quickly stunned the wolf and rushed to his wifes dead body, weeping. He glared at the wolf, blaming it. "You'll pay for this you beast!"

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