Okay, so I need a break on everything I've been writing…I don't know if this will turn into something or just be some kind of one-shot, but after reading a few, I kind of wanted to try one myself…

Rose is a royal Moroi. Dimitri her guardian. Need I say more?

"Okay, seriously?" I questioned Lissa.

She just looked at me, her jade green eyes hypnotizing. "Don't use compulsion on me!" I snapped

She rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright. Calm down."

I flopped back down on my bed and sighed. Today was the day before graduation and I was supposed to be in a good mood. Not happening so far. Lissa Dragomir, my best friend, was doing me a favor and keeping me company from my thoughts of him.

We were both in my room, just planning on what to wear for graduation tomorrow. Lissa had chosen a nice baby blue dress that really brought out her green eyes. I had chosen a simple, but sexy black dress that hugged my body, showing off unusual curves. Unusual for a Moroi, that is.

I was Rosemarie Ozera. My brother was Christian Ozera, and happened to be dating my best friend Lissa. Lissa and Christian had their guardians, and then there was mine….Dimitri Belikov. Hot, sexy, badass Russian.

I was absolutely positively sure I had a major crush on him which started to develop when I first met him. I never admitted it to anyone, even Lissa. We were as close as sisters. As close as friends could get. What was also unusual about me was that I controlled the element spirit like Lissa did.

Let me tell you, it shocked everyone that I wasn't a fire user like my brother and my Aunt Tasha. My parents had long since been dead, seeing as how they willingly turned Strigoi and tried to kill Tasha to take Christian and awaken him when he was older.

I was so, so little at the time and understood nothing, but the death scene of the guardians coming in and staking my parents, was still fresh in my mind, no doubt scarred in Christian's as well since he was older than me at the time. I looked up to him when I was younger and now I started looking up to Tasha like she was my own mom.

After that incident, we were both rushed to the safety of the Academy where we've been since as long as I could remember…

"Um, Rose, it's almost curfew and no doubt Guardian Alto is on duty," she warned, clearly wary of Stan, one of the guardians.

I sighed. "Okay, go ahead."

She shot me a worried look. "Rose…I want to talk to you about something tomorrow morning when I get here, okay?" Her gaze was penetrating and I found myself looking away.

"There's nothing to talk about," I replied with a harsh tone.

The door, which was ajar, closed and Lissa's eyes widened at my response. "So, there is something…"

I let out a frustrated sigh. "Lissa, I can't tell you everything on my mind."

Lissa was by my side in an instant. "Oh, Rose, I'm your friend. If there's something you want to say, say it now. I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me."

I realized just how lucky I was to have such a wonderful best friend who was there for me. I felt kind of guilty since I knew she was planning on meeting up with my brother as soon as the guardians made their rounds around the Moroi dorms. I didn't want her to sacrifice something she looked forward to.

I kept my head down as I mumbled, "Don't you have plans with Christian?"

She hugged me tight. "Don't worry about those plans. My best friend needs me and I'm not going to ditch her for some guy. Even if we are dating, it does not give me an excuse to abandon you."

I decided it was now or never and I was about to open my mouth and pour everything out to her when someone knocked lightly on the door. A couple quick raps, but still someone, nonetheless. I glanced at the clock. Shit. It was already past curfew and both Lissa and I could get busted if she was found in my room still.

I looked around frantically, but there was nowhere for her to hide and she looked almost afraid. Stan wasn't exactly a mean guardian, but he and I weren't really on the best of terms. I had him for a class, and ended up getting kicked out so, so many times.

Moroi were training alongside the dhampirs to fight if we chose. Of course everyone wanted to be like the guardians and dhampirs, but that didn't mean we could exactly fend for ourselves if Strigoi came after us, which was why we still required guardians' protection.

Lissa had stood up and looked warily at the door. I stepped in front of her, ready to defend her if it was Stan. But when I opened the door, the last person I expected to see was standing there, tall, dark, and imposing.

I folded my arms as Lissa stammered out a "Guardian Belikov."

I rolled my eyes as his eyes searched us briefly. Yet, when he spoke, I felt like I could listen to him talk all day with his sexy Russian accent…Shit, Rose stop thinking about that! I scolded myself.

"Princess Dragomir should be in her room, Rose," he remarked.

I didn't answer, but Lissa did. "Of course. I was on my way…"

I could tell she was going to add more, but thought best of it. Dimitri obviously saw through it as well. His stern gaze went to me. I refused to break under the intensity, and met his gaze unfalteringly. He had been my assigned guardian now and we were on a first name basis. Still, it didn't change my snarky attitude.

"Lissa and I were just discussing graduation tomorrow and lost track of time," I announced.

He arched an eyebrow and I knew he didn't fully buy it. It didn't sound very convincing to me, either. "Curfew was half an hour ago. Princess Dragomir, you should be in your room by now. And Rose, you should know better."He chastised us.

Lissa looked up. "Sorry. Don't blame Rose, she didn't do anything. I should be the one who gets in trouble." She kept her head held high and my jaw nearly fell open at her boldness.

"Lissa!" I exclaimed. "Don't listen to her, she's delusional."

She glared at me and we started arguing. Dimitri said nothing for a while before he held up his hand, telling us to shut up. We both looked at him and I could see a soft look in his eyes, though his face betrayed nothing.

I tried to read his aura, but it was confusing. I was taken aback by the mixed colors, but decided it was nothing.

"You're just lucky it was me who caught you and not Guardian Alto."

"Yeah, yeah, get to the point, Comrade," I snapped.

His eyes hardened just the slightest. "If you two manage to stay out of trouble until the end of graduation tomorrow, then you won't be punished."

Whoa, whoa, whoa did I just hear him right? Did he say that we weren't going to be punished? This was turning into one hell of a night…

So, should I continue? This ch. Is kinda slow, but it's long for those of you who like. XD


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