Haha well new story The Dark Ace is sitting in his house on terra casa his life of crime has been left behind him and anyone who tries to hurt him have to go through the night riders. He sits in his easy chair and refects on his life

'What did I do to deseve this?' The Former Cyclonian Champion thought.

"What did I do? I hurt her terra and yet she has mercy for me" He thought and put his hands in his head. He looked out the window to see the girl laughing at something someone did or said.

"She's so much like her" He though and watched as her nose crinkled the same way Dianna's had done. Her laugh, her smile, the way she walked, It all reminded him some way of Dianna, but this time it didn't hurt so much as it did before. He took pride in the feeling. He welcomed it. He knew if he went to church and played his cards right for the rest of his life he would be with her someday. The girl that waved at him from outside held pride in calling him uncle Thorne. He found pride in calling her niece or TaiTai as everyone else did. Every Sunday at church the Father always hugs him and shakes his hand as if they were friends for years. The children loved him and he played with them and took them for rides on his new customized skimmer thanks to Tammy and Julietta. It ran faster than his old cyclonian model and it used crystals more ecficentily. He fingered his new crystal braclette she had made for him. He was a Terra Casa man now and he liked it. It felt good to ride horses, climb trees, mine crystals, and at the end of the day enjoy a hot meal and a soft bed to sleep in. It was much better than Cyclonia, this was the laugh of lugzury compared to that heap. Working for a crazy teenager wanting to rule the world. You couldn't even play music without her consent. But here you could play any music as long as it wasn't to loud and it didn't have to many curse words.

"We must kept the childrens minds away from things harmful to there developing minds" Tai had said with smile.

"Just like her" He said and got up and ran outside.

"Uncle Thorne? Where are you going?" Tai asked.

"Um I needed to look at something at the Falls" He said and continued to run to the falls. When he got there he walked to the cave he and Dianna iluminated with shards of a lunar crystals Anyone that didn't spend days working on this would think it was more than a thousand lunar crystals. He new better, he had helped put them there. He walked across the smooth river washed stones they had put in the ground. He kneeled down and picked up a picture of them hugging and laughing. He remembered it as if it where yesterday.


"Come on Thorne!" She said dragging him by the hand.
"Where are we going?" He asked laughing at the over excited girl.

"I found a cave behind a waterfall" She said and lead him though a raging looking waterfall. It was a deep cave it was cool and comfortable but the ground was uneven and it was so dark he could bearly see the figure holding his hand.

"If we put some river washed rocks this place would be smoother and easier to walk in and out." She said.

"You could still get hurt walking in and out of here because its so dark" Thorne said. Dianna openned her backpack and pulled out shards of a Lunar crystal out.

"We could use these to shed some light in here." She said and looked at the floor, " I know its stupid"

"No no its amazing" He said and took her hands in his, "I'll help you with anything you need" He said and kissed her knuckles lovingly "I'll help you when ever you need it." She giggled and hugged him.

"Lets start on some light and we can move in some river rocks" She said and took out a chizle and began to move the rock and make a pocket, "Thorne would you do the honors?". He took a shard and stuck it in the pocket.

"Its perfect" She said and stood up.

"Yeah, One down about a thousand others to go" he said and hugged her.

*End flashback*

He smiled and remembered bringing in the rocks.


"Hey wait up" Thorne said luging around a flat heavy river washed rock to the cave.

"I can't we're almost done!" Dianna said carrying five washed rocks with ease. They walked to the back of the illuminated cave and set the rocks in thier place amongest others. with a simple hand motion from Dianna the rocks cut and they fit with the others perfectly.

"Its wonderful" Thorne said and put an arm around her shoulders.

"We did it together" She said and locked her fingers with his. She sent a cold shiver through his spine. He loved it when she did that.

*end flashback*

He heard footsteps he grabbed his knife and turned it on pounting it at the person behind him.

"Its me" The voice said. He dropped the knife and rose to his feet.

"Dianna" He breathed and smiled.

"Hello Thorne" She said and smiled.

"If your here then?" He knew what happend to Tai when Dianna left her. She would look as if she would die. She would make jerking movements and she broke her neck once but it healled amazingly fast.

"Luke is watching her" Dianna said. He took her ghostly hand and kissed her knuckles.

"She's like you" He said.

"She's like her" She said and with a cold blast of air Dianna was gone.

"I love you" He said. No matter what Dianna said Tai reminded him of her.

Haha that sucked lol I'll write more