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Cyclonis screamed and thrashed around her bed.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" She looked up at the figures. A girl and a boy they looked exactly a like.

"Because you threw us in our queen's dungoens little sister!" They hissed and pounced. They ripped her to shreads and Cyclonis screamed.

"Have mercy!"

"Why should we?" They hissed and and ripped at her.

"Because I love you!" The stopped. The girl produced a knife from her pocket. She put it on Cyclonis's neck.

"If you loved us you wouldn't have locked us up" She whispered and slashed Cyclonis's neck open. Blood sprayed out of her neck. The twins watched as the young master slowly died. They grinned. The girl threw the knife into cyclonis's chest.

"No mercy for the one who does not give mercy"

Cyclonis bolted up. She rubbed her neck and gasped. She grabbed her robe and ran to the dungons. She came to a cell and looked inside. The girl from her dreams. Black hair, brown eyes, petite figure. She was chained up and weak. The men used her for they're own personal needs. She was a slave. The girl looked up.

"Why?" Was all she said. It was airy and wispy. It shivered in the air and haunted Cyclonis.

"Because I am fit to rule. Not our stupid excuse for a Sky knight traitor cousin!" She snapped. The girl coughed up blood.

"No... Give up your title... And you will not be slaughtered" She said and blacked out. Cyclonis sneered.

"Yeah right" She said and walked out. She went to the next level of dungon and smirked as the boy from her dreams vomitted and let out a scream and writhed in pain. Now calmed she started to leave but she stopped.

"NO MERCY FOR THE ONE WHO DOES NOT GIVE MERCY!" He screamed. Cyclonis slammed the door and headed to her chambers.

_ Terra casa_

After things had setted down a bit Tai was asleep on the floor next to Annie. Piper was flexing her wings and making her tail twitch.

"Dude am I the only one freaked out?" Finn asked.

"Mind worm!" Stork yelled.

"Shh! Tai is trying to sleep!" Byrdon yelled and hit Stork in the head with the bat.

"Don't talk to them Brydon. You'll just encourage them to talk more." Tamira said and started to pain her nails a purple.

"Okay" He said and sat on the couch.

"Soo dad if your Tai's uncle do you know what they are talking about?" Aerrow asked from his position on the floor.

"I probably had at one point but your mother is such a... distracting woman it slipped my mind" Nyx blushed.

"... Distracting how?"

"Umm gross" Tai said and sat up.

"Distracting how? Tai!" Aerrow whined.

"You are so damned clueless!" Tai threw her hands into the air.

"Whats he mean?"

"Your the older one how?" (Aerrows 15 tai is 14)

"Just tell the boy!" Bryan said boredly. Tai motioned for Aerrow to sit next to her. She cupped her hand around his ear and muttered what his father ment.

"... Ew"

"Duh!" Thorne came in with two cups of tea. He sat one in front of Piper and one in Tai's hands. The cup shook in Tai's hand as she raised it to her lips. Starling sat down next to her and help the cup steady.

"Thanks Auntie Star"

"Anything sweetie" She said and kissed Tai's forehead, "How are you Piper?"

"Fine" Piper practicly chirped and sipped her tea.

"Glad someone feels good" Tai said and finished the tea. She laid back down and started to sleep.

"How come Tai is all... Meh?"

"She syponing all her energy into Piper."


"Until Piper heal's and her blood level is back up she could die" Piper looked around jitterly.

"Um can i go running?"

"No" Crysta said and sat next to the door. Tai groaned and sat up. She blinked and yawned.

"Whats wrong?" she got up shakily and walked into closet. there was a pause.

"What happened to the toliet?"

"Oh dear" Nyx said and took tai out of the closet and lead her to the bathroom. Crysta gave piper a cookie.

"Eat it and make more blood!" she said and Tai walked into a wall.

"I wanna sleep" She yawned and curled up on Luke's lap. He smoothed out her hair and sang to her until she fell asleep.

"So will you untie us?"

"Umm no.." Julietta said and put her feet on Tamira's lap.


"Because you duct taped us"

"... Touche" Bryan said and grunted.


"Its hard to move"

"Duh moron" Bryan stuck his tounge out.

"I'll chop it off" Tamira said. Thorne came in holding a tray with a tea pot and cups.

"Wooh! Tea!" Piper poured a cup and drank quickly.

"Ummm.. I'll go make something to eat" He said and put the tray down. Luke shook Tai up and put a cup of tea in her hands. She groaned and took a sip. She shook to much and it spilled on her shorts and soft sounds escaped her lips. Luke took a cup and picked her up.

"Mind if I borrow your basement for a moment?"

"Not at all" Luke disapeared with Tai down the basement. He came up three times in the last hour for more tea and snacks ocationally.

"How is he getting her to drink if she couldn't hold the cup?" Harrier asked as boa came back up for more tea. He grinned and winked before disapearing again.

"Fornificator!" He yelled,"Premarital sex is against the code!"

"Harrier kindly shut the hell up! God Damn If they where making love then it would be loud. We are part animal after all" Crysta yelled annoyed. Harrier changed at least five colors in ten seconds.

"Thank God he shut up" Starling said groaning a bit.

"Tea Starling?" Thorne offered and she smiled and took the cup. Luke and Tai came back up. Tai looked less exhausted and had dried tea on her lips. Her eys looked hollow and barren.

"Tai? Would you like something to eat?" Thorne asked slowly. She gulped and nodded. After taking a step forward she collapsed into Thorne's arms.

"Up you go. Nope nope no falling." he picked her up and her head fell back limply. Piper poked her arm and giggled gleefuly as it swung like a pendulum.

"No Piper don't do that" crysta said and pulled her away, "Now?"

"Still not enough blood," Link said agitated.

"Damn. In this case if the bitch trys to get us we're sitting ducks," Luke said and took the limp Tai from Thorne. She groaned and wiggled out of his grasp and Crysta took her hand.

"bathroom," she muttered and fell against Crysta's shoulder.

"Tam? Juls? Help?" The two got up and they walked to the bathroom.

"How much longer?" Thorne asked.

"It takes time! Just keep pumping Piper full of sugar" Link said and passed Piper a bag od candy corn. Luke grabbed him by the shirt snarling.

"Make it faster!" He hissed.

"You can't rush these things"

"The bitch comes after us we are all sent to our graves!"

"She won't come for us!"

"What makes you so god damned sure!"

"I have sources on the inside"

"Yeah right. They are evil! They want us all dead" He snarled and bared his fangs.

"It will take another day for Tai to be normal just wait"

"I can't wait its killing her!"

"You have a better idea please feel free to add in!" Link snapped and punched Luke in the face.

"Woah woah cool the testosteone!" Nyx said and pulled the two apart.

"Boys! Quit acting like children!" Tai barked out glaring. Luke held her. She pushed weakly against him.

"Stop. No fighting" She laid down on the floor and Annie curled into her.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee!" Piper jumped around like the energizer bunny.

"More tea?" Thorne asked and gave Crysta a cup.

"And some asprin please" she said massaging her temples.

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