The Southern Water Tribe

In the Fire Nation Sozin is 32 and Azula is 30. But in the Southern Water Tribe, Haru is 34, Ty Lee is 31, Zuko is 32, Katara is 30, Sokka is 32, Suki is 31, Toph is 28, and the new avatar is 16.

Haru and Team Avatar sat down in a crescent shaped line on the Earth that surrounded the Southern Water Tribe to watch a young Waterbender practice some very basic Waterbending. Haru was sitting in the middle with Toph and Zuko on his right and left sides respectively. Sokka and Suki were sitting to the right of Toph. Katara and Ty Lee were sitting to Zuko's left side. Haru then lifted up the ground underneath him and Team Avatar. The rock seats were raised in such a way that Haru's was the highest with every one else's just a little bit lower than his.

After a little bit Haru had seen enough of the Waterbending display and called the Waterbender over to them.

"Mara, could you come here for a minute?" Haru called. Mara nodded and walked over. She sat down in front of the group and looked up at them. Haru rose up the rocks under Mara so she could sit comfortably before looking over to his left and right sides, making sure they are ready before the meeting started. Before Haru could start the meeting Iroh came around and gave every one a cup of tea. He left before Haru finally started the meeting.

"Do you know why you are here Mara?" Haru eventually asked.

"No" Mara replied slowly.

"Do you know the story of the Comet Fire Lord Sozin used to begin the war?" Zuko asked.

"Yes, Fire Lord Sozin used the power of Sozin's comet in an attempt to wipe out the Air Nomads and the avatar, but the Avatar escaped. After that battle the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom accepted the full scale war the Fire Nation launched on the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads" Mara said.

"That is correct. Now for Sozin's comet that appeared just over 16 years ago" Haru said.

"We all had very important parts in the battle of Sozin's Comet" Toph said.

"Toph is right. Toph, Suki, and I were forced to stop Dragon Emperor Sozin's airships from burning down the Earth Kingdom" Sokka said.

"While they were doing that The Order of the White Lotus liberated Ba Sing Se. Zuko and I also traveled to the Fire Nation and defeated Azula" Katara said.

"At the same time I defended Omashu from the Fire Nation forces" Haru said.

"The final battle was when Aang battled Dragon Emperor Sozin over Wulong Forest" Suki said.

"In that battle the Avatar was killed" Zuko said.

"I know all of that but what does that have to do with me?" Mara asked.

"When an avatar dies he is reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle. Water goes to Earth, Earth goes to Fire, Fire changes into Air and then finally back to Water. You are the avatar now Mara" Haru said.

"What?" Mara asked.

"Don't question it Mara. You are the avatar" Zuko said.

"Are you sure you didn't make a mistake?" Mara asked hopefully.

"We are sure" Toph said.

"What will happen to me now?" Mara asked.

"Well, first you need to master all 4 elements. Then you need to learn to control the avatar state. Only when you have done all that then you will face your destiny" Hakoda said, as he took a sip of tea.

"I will be your Waterbending teacher" Katara said.

"Once you master Waterbending you will then be trained to master Earthbending. We will teach you Earthbending" Toph said, referring to her and Haru.

"After that is complete you will need to master Firebending. I am going to be responsible for teaching you Firebending" Zuko said. Mara waited but nothing came after that.

"What about Airbending?" Mara asked. Team Avatar looked at each other and looked at Haru who also didn't have an answer for them.

"The Airbenders are extinct. We don't know how you are going to learn Airbending, but we do know you will need to travel the world with us to find an answer to that question" Haru said.

"After you master Firebending you might be able to learn Energybending. While on a pirate ship Katara and I found an Energybending scroll and took it from them" Sokka said.

"When do I start training?" Mara asked.

"Later, first Ty Lee has something we all need to hear" Haru said.

"Every one knows Dragon Emperor Sozin is pure evil, but now he has a new plan. He wants to kill you Mara, and then the Earth Kingdom avatar" Ty Lee said.

"Why would he want to do that?" Suki asked.

"Once the Fire Nation avatar is born he will be under Sozin's control. You all might not know Sozin well, but I do. Let me be the first to tell you he is just like Azula, only much more powerful" Zuko said.

"How do we stop him?" Mara asked.

"We need to take Sozin's life, before he takes Mara's and the next avatar's. it also wouldn't hurt us to kill Azula also" Zuko said.

"We will deal with that when the time comes. You need to master all 4 elements and the avatar state to have a chance against Sozin" Haru said.

"How long will that take?" Mara asked.

"Many, many years" Sokka said.

"We should start now then" Mara said enthusiastically.

"Not today. We will start your Waterbending training tomorrow" Katara said.

"What is my destiny?" Mara asked.

"What do you think your destiny is?" Katara asked.

"I think my destiny is to stop Sozin and Azula" Mara said.

"That isn't your destiny alone. We will all help you" Toph said.

"Toph is right. We are a team. Welcome to Team Avatar" Sokka said. Mara looked up in shock at the name of the group.

"That is just what Sokka calls us all. We are kind of like a family" Suki explained.

"So I will start training tomorrow then?" Mara asked.

"Yes. You will be training for many, many years just to master Waterbending. We want to do this right" Katara said slowly.

"We will see you tomorrow Mara. Have fun with your last day without training for many years" Haru said before he led Team Avatar back to their respective tents, leaving Mara to wonder about her destiny.

Mara walked back to the ocean after the meeting was over and pushed and pulled the ocean water back and forth to give her some time to think. Mara was afraid, and for good reasons, she would have to kill, or at least help kill Sozin.