The War of the World Part 5

Team Avatar quickly surrounded their adversaries, but suddenly Sozin's eyes opened wide and Azula jumped on his back. Sozin used Firebending out of his feet to get airborne as he created a cylindrical wall of fire that surrounded him completely.

As quick as a whip Team Avatar launched their natural element at Dragon Emperor but no attack could get through the wall of fire surrounding Sozin and Azula.

Even during the attack, Sozin launched fireballs out of the air that were sent crashing all around his adversaries. Then he rapidly increased the diameter of the cylinder sending a wall of fire outward that took out every human around. Azula jumped down as she and Sozin looked down at the knocked out bodies that were down in front of them. Suddenly Zuko and Mara started moving slowly, but it caused Sozin and Azula to back away from the bodies. They waited for more bodies to start moving but they never did. That led Mara and Zuko, to be forced to attack Sozin and Azula 2 on 2.

Zuko stood across from Azula as Mara looked into Sozin's evil eyes. Mara's eyes flashed light blue for an instant. Every one knew Mara was in the Avatar State and was ready for the war to end.

Sozin attacked Mara with a quick fire stream that Mara used Airbending to block. Azula smiled and attacked her brother with a fire bomb who easily blocked his sister's attempted attack.

Both battles raged on and on with no one able to get an advantage in these heated confrontations.

Sozin attacked with brutal barrages Firebending in vain as Mara was able to use the 4 elements at her disposal to block Sozin's attacks. Mara finally was able to launch some attacks at Sozin but they were all blocked. Mara then launched an Avatar State powered fire stream at Sozin but Sozin stopped the attack and powered the blast more before he launched it back at Mara. Mara was able to block mort of the attack but was still blasted back a little bit due to the force of impact.

Zuko and Azula were also fighting each other across from Sozin and Mara. Azula was the aggressor but none of her attacks fazed her brother at all. Zuko's defense was as ruthless as Azula's offense. The two siblings knew they were fighting for the final time. Zuko told himself he would have to kill Azula quickly and try to double team Sozin, with the help of Mara. Zuko was not surprised with Azula's increase in power since the invasion, but Azula was surprised how much punishment Zuko could take.

Sozin and Mara were still fighting each other, with neither person able to get the advantage. Sozin was launching white fireballs at Mara, who was blocking all of them, by channeling her bending with her staff. Sozin is the only person on earth who would have a chance against the Avatar State, and he was the aggressor most of the battle. Mara launched an attack with all 4 elements that Sozin blocked without the ease he implied earlier in the battle.

Zuko and Azula went for a punch at each other, loaded with orange and green fire respectively. The punches connected with each other in a great explosion, driving each other back. The force drove Azula way back behind Sozin and drove Zuko right next to Haru, in Team Avatar's circle of mangled bodies. Despite all of that, Sozin and Mara barely noticed and kept their assault going the entire time.

Then Mara was able to connect with an Airbending attack that pushed Sozin away with her Airbending. Even before Sozin's momentum stopped Mara attacked him with Earthbending and Waterbending, damaging Sozin. Sozin tried to stand up and got driven into the air with Earthbending. Sozin tried to use Firebending to counter Mara but she did not stop her attack. Mara used all 4 elements to attack Sozin. Sozin was doing whatever he could to counter but it was to no avail.

Mara then created a barrage of all 4 elements and prepared to finish off Sozin for good. She launched the attack at Sozin but Sozin was able to launch an extremely powerful jet of fire, deflecting the attack enough to avoid the killing blow. Both, Sozin's attack and Mara's attack, connected with their target enough to do damage, but not enough to be the killing blow.

Both, Mara and Sozin were knocked down after that attack but they were moving. Sozin and Mara stood up, clothes tattered, and started circling each other again.

Sozin made sure Azula was behind him before working to drive Mara into the middle of Team Avatar's mangled bodies. Sozin then shot a bolt of lightning out of each one of his fingers and launched it right at Mara, who was still in the Avatar State, surrounding her in a blue nimbus. But Mara, being in the Avatar State, knew what it was like to face Force Lightning but was knocked on her back due to a fireball tripping her. Despite the shock, she deflected the first session easily and tried to redirect it. The lightning bent, arcing back toward Sozin.

Sozin redoubled his attack. Hurling lightning out of all ten of his fingers, Sozin backed away so he was right in front of Azula. To Mara, the barrage of lightning felt like hurricane winds, even though she was still in the Avatar State. Mara had never faced some one so strong in his own bending.

Sozin's lips curled in anticipated triumph, and the lightning pulsed as he drew even more power to his lightning. Mara caught it. The lightning was immensely strong and Mara was ready to throw the attack back at Sozin once the attack stopped. But Sozin didn't stop; the lightning came in a steady crackle, the intensity building more and more, until finally Mara could not hold it anymore. The lightning exploded in a blast that was far more powerful than the blast that killed Aang. The blast killed Mara, and in turn made sure Team Avatar was dead as well, due to Mara being in between Team Avatar's broken bodies. Once the explosion began Sozin used Firebending to propel himself right in front of Azula and used Firebending to shield her from the explosion.

Sozin was knocked down by the force of the explosion and he fell right in front of Azula. Despite that, Sozin kept up with his shield, doing everything he could to protect Azula.

Sozin and Azula shared a kiss while standing above the scarred, mangled and broken bodies of Team Avatar. The Avatar State has been ended and the world remains in Sozin's control.