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Tomorrow was the day of the game. The game Blake had been excited about since LAST years game. So here we were, going to his precious game, the Winter of our Senior year, headed to Baton Rouge. Carly, Paige and I were sitting at a table in a diner on the outskirts of our little town, eating fries and looking through newspapers, trying to find Carly an apartment in New York before we left.

"Here's one in Tribeca for 3000." Paige pointed out. Carly look discouraged.

"That's still too much! All the money I have saved up won't even cover two months rent. I'm gonna have to work every second I'm not in class."

"Well, don't even think about not going!" I said threateningly as I got up to go find Nick and Dalton. I passed Wade on my way outside. He grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Hey, look, I know Nick's your boyfriend, and I know he treats you great, but do you think you could have him back off, just a little? I came on this trip to have fun, not put up with his crap."

I sighed. "I know, Wade. I'll talk to him, and I'll try to get him to behave, but I'm not making any promises."

Wade grinned. "Thanks cuz."

He walked away and sat with Carly and Paige. I continued outside to find my boys. My names Isabel. Isabel Amelia Chapman. Dalton Chapman's twin sister. Well, fraternal twin. He's tall and dark, with naturally dark hair. I'm short, and pale, with naturally blonde hair. We've been best friends since the womb. In third grade Carly and Nick Jones moved in down the street from our house, and we all started hanging out. Paige was Carly's old friend from her old elementary school, so when they ended up going to the same Junior high together in seventh grade, she was added to our group. Nick and I got together the summer before eighth grade. Paige met Blake at a party in ninth grade. I introduced Carly and Wade at one of our family reunions, that the Jones twins went with me to. They had been together ever since. Dalton. Well, he had plenty of girls. I couldn't even begin to tell you their names. My brother was a player.

He was also keeping something from me. So was Nick. I could tell by the way they were acting. Dalton was a good kid. A nice guy - He got into a lot of trouble, but only ever "class clown" trouble. Nick was a completely different story. He was an amazing boyfriend and a good friend. He was just still so young in some aspects. Nothing was his fault and everyone else is just bugging for no reason. He had a problem with the law. Two weeks ago, he stole a car and crashed it. For no apparent reason. Vandalism, shoplifting, underage drinking, possession, his list was quite long. But I love him.

When I walked up to Nick and Dalton, they cut off their conversation and both glanced at me guiltily. I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Secrets don't make friends!" I yelled, half joking half serious. "Seriously, what's up with you guys lately? Do you need me to leave you two lovebirds alone so you can finish gossipin?"

"No, Isabel, you're fine." Dalton answered a question without a witty comeback? Wow. Nick reached out and grabbed my waist, pulling me into his standing body. I brushed my lips against his.

"Guys, okay, what's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing, babe. Really. Just talking." Nick whispered, kissing my forehead.

"Come inside with us." I suggested. Nick shrugged and followed me in. Dalton came after. There was a homeless man sitting out front of the restaurant with a cup in his hand. Nick kicked the cup out of his hand, laughing.

"Get a job, crow man!"

"NICK!" I threw his arm off of my waist and reached into my pocket. I had a $1 and a $5 that I gave to the man. He smiled huge,

"Aye, thanksa mizzes!"

"No problem! And sorry about my...boyfriend." I shot a glare at Nick, who shrugged. He and Dalton teased me about giving my money to a stranger, and for being such a softy. But I noticed a soft look in both of their eyes. We sat at the table with Wade and Carly, who smiled at us. Her smile earned drool from Dalton, a smile from me, and a f*ck off look from Nick.

"Hey guys, gonna be a pretty sweet game tomorrow, huh?" Wade attempted a conversation.

Dalton mimicked him as Nick laughed and rudely said, "Yeaaah."

"Nick." I shot him a look. "Cool it." He glared at me, then turned his childishly moody face towards Carly. "Hey." I caught his face in my hands and turned it towards me. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I kissed his lips softly then leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Please, please, PLEASE, behave this weekend. Okay? For me?" I pulled back and looked into his eyes, pleadingly. He smirked.

"I'll try." I grinned and kissed him again. "I love you Is."

"I love you, Nick." I looked up and caught Wades eyes, who mouthed thank you and smiled.

"Dalton, please dont film me." Carly said, annoyed.

"What? It's alright, I'm not filming now."

"The red light's on!"

Nick pushed the camera down and spoke up, "C'mon man, put the camera down. You know she doesn't like having people up in her face. She folds under pressure."

Carly glared at him, "You got something to say to me, Nick?"

"No, no, I think you've already spoken enough for the both of us, don't you?" Carly just nodded innocently. Nick snorted and grabbed his beer.

"You guys are lame! I'm out of here. See ya." Dalton exclaimed, stealing a fry. There was pretty much an awkward silence until Carly spoke up.

"Izzy, do you need anything for the trip? I don't know when we're stopping next, so maybe we should go stock up?"

"Yeah, I definitely could use some caffeine. I can't survive off of beer alone. Unlike you, babe." I turned to smirk at Nick. He winked and took a swig. The four of us went off into the gas station and stocked up on soda's, energy drinks, and junk food. After paying, we went to find Blake, Paige and Dalton, and found them grouped around our cars. Nobody wanted to ride with Blake and Paige. The two were the horniest teenagers anyone had ever seen, and we were all sure they'd end up doing something nobody wanted to see before the end. Instead, we all chose to cram in Wades tiny car. Nick sat behind Wade, I sat in the middle, and Dalton was behind Carly. We. Were. Squashed.

About six hours into the trip, I sat up from where I was laying with my head in Nicks lap and my feet in Dalton's. Wade was turning up the radio as the deejay announced: "Record crowds are expected for college football's biggest game of the year as Louisiana and Florida..."

"Ugh." He sighed. "It's gonna be packed tomorrow."

"Dude, speaking of packed, my legs are killing me back here, man!" Dalton moaned.

Nick, of course, had to be a jerk. He obviously wasn't trying very hard. "Don't worry, man, it's not Wade's fault his little Hot Wheels car only fits two." I sighed and shot him a glare that I'm sure he didn't see. He had his head leaned up against the window, looking out into the black. Carly looked back, and glared.

Dalton snorted. "More like a 'shot wheels' car, isn't it Wade? Wait, what'd you do, go to the barber shop and ask for a He-Man haircut, or what?" he laughed some more. I punched his arm.

"Dalton, stop." I hissed.

"Shut up, Dalton." Nick said. He laughed sarcastically along with Dalton, then punched him when he got annoying.

"OW! Dude." He laughed some more. "You hurt me."

Up ahead were some flashing orange lights. Great. Blake had decided to try and take a shortcut, but so far it just seemed like we were going out to the middle of nowhere. I squinted my eyes and leaned my face into Nick's shoulder to avoid being blinded. He threw his arm around me and pulled me in close. I had been pretty distant with him the whole ride, really pissed off that he couldn't seem to stop himself from making smartass remarks about everything Wade said.

"What the hell is this?" Wade wondered.

"Oh, man." Dalton groaned.

"This sucks!" I complained.

"So much for his nice little short cut." Carly said.

"I hope he's not gonna get us lost." Wade said doubtfully. He pulled the car up so we were driving beside Blake. I wasn't paying to much attention until Dalton started yelling and laughing, and punched me lightly.

"Damn! Yo, Yo! Wake up, Wake up!" He laughed.

"What?" I said aggravated. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Traveling does that to me.

"Oh. My. God." Carly said as everyone in the car busted out laughed. All we could see was Paige's blonde head bobbing up and down and Blake's facial expressions, looking like she was giving the best performance of her life. Comments were flying around. "Oh my God! What are they doing! Look at that! Caught on tape! Is she flossing herself with that thing?"

Nick leaned forward and punched the horn. Paige jumped up REAL fast and Blake looked over with a "Yeaahh, You know!" look. Paige held up her phone and Carly answered hers.

"She 'dropped her lip balm'." She laughed.

"Dropped her lip balm, yeah right!"

"So what's up?" Carly asked her. We could see Blake and Paige talking. Looking like they were arguing. "Why don't we just camp out? We're close enough, right?"

Blake honked twice then took off ahead of us.

"Hey, Wax museum." Wade pointed out a sign that was hanging, looking like it wouldn't last very much longer.

"You like that kinda stuff, Wade?" Nick asked. I could already tell he was gonna come out with some smartass jerkoff remark.

"Yeah, I don't know. Sometimes."

"Well, I guess if you like things pretending to be other things... Which you obviously do. Right, sis?"

"Nick. Stop. Damn. Can't you just cool it? Seriously. That happens to be my cousin, my best friends boyfriend, and your sisters boyfriend. Just BACK. OFF." I lost it. He shrugged, rolled his eyes and turned back to look outside. I smirked apologetically at Carly, who just smiled understandingly and patted my leg. I just don't understand why he can't just leave him alone. Yeah, I understand his past. Yeah, I know why he does all the crap that he does with the law, but seriously? Wade's never done anything to him. Ugh.

We were following Blake still, and he had turned off onto some dirt back roads and was getting way off the main road. When we crossed over a bridge I started to get slightly concerned. "Where are we going?"

"He's probably just looking for some privacy." Dalton mumbled. We finally found a clearing that was really nice for camping. We all enthusiastically piled out of the car. Nick grabbed my hand to pull me out of the car, and when he got me out, he leaned me back against it and brought his face down to mine.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" I could tell he wasn't really sorry, not for treating Wade like that, and that he still didn't like Wade, but I knew he was sorry for pissing me off. It's the thought that counts, right?

"Whatever, Nick. I'd just really appreciate it if you'd 'TRY' a little harder." I rolled my eyes, knowing that wasn't going to happen. "Wade's not a bad guy."

It was his turn to roll his eyes. Then he leaned down and kissed me. God, I could never get over his lips. The way he kisses. The way he holds my face to his when he's looking at me. I just hated that I was pretty much the only one that got to see this side of him. He acted like such a badass with an "I don't care, f*ck you very much" attitude. We pulled ourselves off the car and walked to where the others were looking at the site. I went to stand with Paige.

"Paige, Isabel, come with me." Carly asked. I looked at Paige, knowing what this was about. We both rolled our eyes then followed her over to where she was standing on the other side of the truck. "Well?" she asked.

"I couldn't. There's no point in freaking him out right now."

"As opposed to when you find out you are pregnant?" Carly pushed. "Is, back me up."

"Carls, she's not sure, okay? What if she causes a big fight and a whole bunch of drama over NOTHING? Remember what happened when..."

"I still think you should have a conversation with him, Paige. At least warn him." She insisted.

"He's been looking forward to this stupid game for months. I don't wanna ruin it by starting a fight." Paige argued.

"Paige, he's not gonna marry you. His parents won't let him." Carly argued back.

"Who said she wants to get married?" I exclaimed. "Besides, you know Paige. She's been late before."

"When I know for sure, I promise to talk to him, okay?" Paige reasoned. Carly shook her head, happy with this. "Let's go."

"There are ticks out here!" Paige exclaimed as she, Carly and I went to sit on a blanket where we had the music and a cd player. We were going through the cd's when I heard Dalton say,

"Yeah, don't help us or nothing." I looked up to see Nick, sitting in a lawn chair, beer in one hand cigarette in the other. Of course.

"Oh yeah!" Blake grabbed a football and he, Wade and Dalton began a little passing game.

"Pass it! Pass it! You don't wanna... Ohh too slow! too slow!"

Blake threw the ball and it flew over everyone's head. "TOUCHDOOOW..." Wade yelled until he saw where it had landed.

He held out his hand, expecting Nick to bend down and pick up the ball at his feet to return it. When Nick just sat there, he started walking slowly over towards him and the ball. Right as Wade got up beside it, Nick jumped up and threw the ball as hard as he could at Blake, hitting him right in the chest. "Uh oh." I whispered to Carly, knowing there was going to be trouble.

"Nice arm." I heard Wade say. "I see why they gave you a scholarship."

"Yeah, it's a real, tragedy, aint it?" Nick held up his arm, subtly flipping Wade off.

Carly and I both jumped up and ran over between them as Wade replied, "Yeah, it is."

"Nick. You promised. STOP."

"Wade. Help Dalton, okay?" Carly pleaded. "Please."

He turned to walk off and Nick mumbled, "Bye Wade."


Carly rounded on Nick. He reached out to pull me to him, but I backed away. She was pissed. He needed to hear whatever she was going to say. "You can be a prick to me, that's fine. But he didn't do anything to you."

"So you admit that you did something." It wasn't a question.

"I admit, according to you, that I did something, sure."

"You dimed me out."

"I did not dime you out! When the sheriffs asked where you got the car, I said I didn't know. I didn't even know it was STOLEN. And you're blaming that on ME?"

"You could have covered for me, huh?"

Carly laughed, then sighed. "You get caught stealing, it's my fault. You're resisting arrest, and it's the cops fault."

"Hahaha, No, he took a swing at me, ya know?"

"Get kicked off the football team, it's the coaches fault," Carly continued. "Mom and Dad kick you out of the house, it's their fault. You can't even keep a job for two weeks, it's every managers fault."

"What can I say, I'm surrounded by idiots." He shrugged.

"So then why did you come? To piss me off?"

Nick laughed again. "Don't you get it? You're the good twin." He poked her lightly. "I'm the evil one." He growled as he threw his beer to the ground and turned to walk off, but Carly wasn't done yet.

"Grow up! You are so afraid to take things seriously."

"Oh, yeah. As afraid as Wade is of leaving good ole Gainsville?" He put on a fake hillbilly accent. "New York City. Well, I hear they got buildings at tall as the sky!"

That one hurt her. Wade not being able to make up his mind about whether or not he was going to New York with her was really bothering her. That shot was below the belt. And he knew it. "Okay." She nodded as she stalked off. He grimaced, knowing he took it too far.

He reached out for me, but once again I backed up. "Nick." I shook my head. Then I followed Carly back to where she was sitting with Paige again. "Carls, I'm sorry. That was unnecessary, and he knows it. And don't worry about Wade. He'll realize what he needs to do before you leave." I smiled and hugged her. She shook her head into my hug.

"I just can't take it anymore. He finds the ways to piss me off."

"I know, Car. But when you two are livin it up in NYC, it won't even matter. He just has a lot of maturing to do. I'm gonna go talk to him." I stood and walked over to where he was sitting, of course, drinking a beer. I sat in his lap, and he looked away. "Nick, look at me. NICK." He turned his head to me. "I just can't take it anymore. No one can. Wade doesn't deserve this. Carly doesn't deserve this. I dont deserve this. It's like you're trying to make me pick between my cousin and my boyfriend. Nick, I love you. I love you with all my being. But I can't take this anymore. You need to grow up. Give me any reason to believe you will, cause I swear I'm done here if you can't."

He knit his eyebrows together. "Isabel, no. You can't break up with me. Not over this. I.. don't know what it is... I can't seem to control myself. Afterwards, I sit and wonder, 'Why the hell did I just do that?' but then I end up doing the exact same thing the next time. Is. I love you. And I WILL NOT lose you over this." He basically growled the entire thing. I sighed.

"Whatever, Nick. I don't feel like arguing about this right now. So cool it, okay? Cause I swear to you... The next time... I understand something's you can't help. Some remarks just slip out. But really? Just cool it." I looked him dead in the eye, and he understood my seriousness. He brought my lips to his. He pulled away, but just enough to press our foreheads together.

"I won't lose you. I love you." I began to smile, then the breeze blew. With it, came a horrible smell. Like dead decaying bodies.

"Woah! What's that smell?" Blake asked.

"That's bad!" Carly complained.

I buried my nose into Nicks shoulder, but still couldn't escape it. "Dalton, d'you crap your pants again?" Nick yelled, laughing.

"Huh? Nah, Idunno, maybe. I mean, I'm wearing my work clothes, so..." He trailed off laughing as he pretended to smell every part of his body. Wade had gotten a flashlight and was shining it in the trees where the smell seemed to be coming from.

"Something's dead out there." He said.

"No, somethin's dead right HERE. And we need to drink it back to life! Bless me dawg." He held out his hand as Nick threw him a beer. Music, beer, and people laughing were everywhere. Everyone had gotten a little buzzed. Not enough to be drunk, just enough to have a little fun. Dalton was running around with his video camera, annoying people, of course. Everyone calmed down after about thirty minutes. Carly was playing with the fire, while Blake sat in a chair, with Paige leaned up against his legs.

"You guys gonna do it tonight?" Dalton asked.

"Screw off." Paige replied.

"Come on, you know you want it." he laughed. Blake shook up his beer can and opened it onto Daltons camera. That caused him to freak out.

"What? Come on, man. You don't gotta spray it at me, dude." he complained.

"He keeps messing around!" Blake said.

Dalton went and stood by the fire, filming Carly. "Dalton, what'd I say?"

"All right, my bad, my bad. Sorry." He closed the camera and put it down. But Carly stood up and started going after it. "What? No, it's off..."

"You're killing me with this thing!" She said as she took off after him. "Give me that... Oh, and the tables turn!"

"No, no, no. Come on. Don't..." I laughed. I knew my brother. He filmed other people because he hated being filmed himself.

"Look how cute you look on camera, though! You look good." Carly cooed.

"I think we might have to do a little makeover." Paige said, holding a blanket up to him. "What do you think? He looks like smurf." She laughed. Then her and Carly pushed him into the tent for his 'MakeOver.'

Blake came and sat on the cooler beside where I was sitting in Nicks lap, my legs thrown across the arms of the chair, while he ran a lighter up and down a beer bottle. They had a little talk going on, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was too focused on how pretty the stars were. Then I heard Blake ask, "So why'd you steal that car anyway? I mean, you didn't need to do that. Get that rush, huh?"

Nick was silent for a few seconds. "Something like that."

Suddenly, a lot of commotion came from over in the tent. "You're coming out!" Carly ordered, stepping out.

"I don't know..." we faintly heard Dalton mumble.

"Yes! If you don't I will be so mad!"

Then he came flying out of the tent. "Damn, Paige!"

"look how good you look!" Carly exclaimed. He was wearing a bright yellow collared-fleece pull over and Rhine-stone sparkled sunglasses with his work pants on bottom. Very classy.

"Heeey." He laughed.

"He looks light Elton John, but more gay." Blake laughed. He left to stand with the group. I laughed again, then leaned up against Nick. He might be an immature jerk at times, but he was so warm. and Strong. and he always smelt so good. I felt so safe in his arms.

"Elton John is gay?" Dalton faked being surprised.

Blake pulled Paige into his chair, kissing her. Carly went and sat in Wades lap, kissing him. Dalton grabbed his camera and began filming it, whispering things like, "Oh yeah, that's hot. Gimme somma that action."

Nick pulled me close and kissed my forehead. Of course, he would be tame at a time like this. The mood was in the air. There was something about being out here, on a night like that that made me want him. So bad. I returned the kiss on his lips. He smiled as he ran his tongue across my lips. I ran my tongue out to meet his, and our regular dominance battle ensued. Of course, he won, and was completely in control of the kiss. We broke off when I felt something begin to grow under my legs. He had been so careful ever since we had almost gotten pregnant. I understood where Paige might be scared of telling Blake. Nick hadn't taken it very well when I told him I might possibly be. He started freaking out and apologizing, and wouldn't even touch me for about two weeks. I sighed and leaned my head into his neck, knowing that was as far as I was getting at that moment.

Dalton walked over to us, still filming. "Don't even think about it, dude. I ain't kissin' you." Nick joked.

"C'mon, you know you want to, dude! Haha! Just kidding. Psyche! I wouldn't kiss your ass for shit!" Dalton returned. I thought that was a very sincere way to put this, seeing as wading through shit was his living... That caused me to laugh even harder. Then two blinding lights pulled up. Dalton shut his camera and put up his hand to block the light. I stood up beside him.

The truck just sat there. Staring at us. "Yeah?" Wade shouted.

"Hey, yo, man, you need something?" Blake asked.

"What does he want?" Carly asked, sounded as freaked out as I was feeling.

"Hey, can you turn off your lights, please?" Wade requested.

"Okay, this is getting kind of creepy." Paige stated.

"Hey, come on, man, get out of here. Nothing to see here. Let's go." Blake urged. Wade and Carly stood up with Dalton and I.

"Can we help you?" Wade asked.

"Maybe we're on his property?" Carly suggested.

"No, we didn't even pass a gate."

"God, why doesn't he just go away?" I complained. I'd never liked being watched like that. Not that I've ever had that particular situation happen...

"Hey, man, turn your lights off." Blake warned, him and Paige also standing up.

"Hello?" Wade yelled.

"Turn your light's off or i'm whuppin someone's ass!" Blake was starting to get angry. Wade held out his arm to stop him from going any farther.

"Woah, it's cool man."

I looked down at Nick, knowing he wasn't just going to sit there and take this. I'd known him too long. He was going to do something drastic and stupid. He stood up and chucked his bottle at the truck, hitting the head light. Oh yeah. Drastic. Stupid. Do I know my boyfriend, or what?

"NICK!" Carly screeched at him. He stood up and walked forward to the front of the group, throwing his hood off. He glared at the truck. Dalton popped out behind him and threw his hands in the air.

"Oh...Lord." I whispered.

"WHAT?" I'm sure the creepy person in the creepy truck creepily staring at us was about to bust a gut. If I hadn't been so freaked out, I would have. Elton John acting all tough? HA.

The truck finally reversed and drove away. Nick turned back and grabbed me into his side. I wrapped my arm around his waist and Blake and Dalton told him how great and hardcore he was.

"Don't encourage him!" I told them.

"What the hell was that about?" Carly asked, grabbing his arm.

"He's gone, ain't he?" He pulled away and we went to sit down again. This time, we pulled our chairs and the cooler closer to the group, and the fire.

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