Chapter 1

Nobita walked up to Shizuka and asked in a worried manner, "Shizuka, What happened?" as he examined her worried face

Shizuka said in a sad voice, "My neighbour's husband is in deep trouble"


The man was amicably driving his motorcycle with his daughter

A group of kidnappers caught up to him from behind and shot a bullet a bullet at his tire

The man fell down to the ground while screaming

The kidnappers got off their motorcycles while screaming, "Get her"

The man's daughter screamed, "Leave us alone" as she felt herself getting suffocated

One of the kidnappers said, "Get her, she will fetch us a good price!"

The man screamed, "No!" as he tried to get up despite his broken ankle

~End of flashback~

Nobita started to cry like a baby