Chapter 3

The kidnappers held Nobita

Nobita screamed, "Save me, Doraemon!"

The kidnappers screamed, "Throw him in the river"

One of them said, "Roger that" as he lifted Nobita and carried him on his shoulder

Nobita started to kick while screaming, "Let me go!"

The other kidnapper said, "Stop kicking or you will lose consciousness!"

Nobita rebutted by saying, "I'm not afraid of you idiots!"

One of the kidnappers took a slepping injection and stabbed it into the 4th grader's shorts

Nobita screamed in pain as he held his bottom before losing consciousness

~2 hours later~

Nobita regained consciousness and said, "Um,Where's my shirt?" as he examined himself in a river

Nobita stared at the ground and said, "This mysterious might be useful"

Nobita stared at a bridge and said, "Now I have to get out this river" as he started to swim to surface

A guy with a sword ordered to his men, "Kill him!"

~5 minutes later~

Nobita somehow won and stared at the ground while asking, "What's this? This looks like a map"

Nobita stared at the map and said, "The exit should be here" before finding something else on the ground ,"I found Bow & Arrows"

Nobita stared at the door and commented, "The exit's gate is lifted with a strong rope, what should I do?" before he tries to shoot an arrow but breaks the door instead"

Nobita stared at a pond and said, "Oh no! This is a pond full of hungry alligators!"

Nobita took out his spare pocket and said, "I Have the Take Copter!" but was faced with disappointment and said, "Oh no! It's not charged"

Nobita found another gadget and said, "I have the Order Giving Keyboard"(Take reference from my other fic, 'The Order Giving Keyboard')and started to type "Remove the Hungry Alligators from the Pond


No battery! Please charge immediately

No battery! Please charge immediately

No battery! Please charge immediately

Nobita found yet another gadget and said, "The Anywhere Door, now take me to where the little girl is" as he opened it

Nobita found the girl tied up and said, "Let's go" as he untied her

The girl said , "OK"

Nobita asked the girl, "What's your name?"

The girl greeted him by saying, "My Name is Shizuko"

Nobita felt deja vu and said, "That sounds like my friend, Shizuka's name"

The girl said, "I know her, she is my neighbor"

Nobita ordered the Anywhere Door, "Let's go, Take me to her uncle!" as he opened the door


The man started to cry in tears of joy while screaming, "Shizuko!" but fell on the ground again