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The crowd jostled past, busy people with busy lives. I was as indifferent to the masses as they were to me, as if neither of us could see each other. In actuality I was invisible to them, but that barely changed my usual perception of so many people.

Stalker-girl felt much more uneasy moving through a phantom crowd like this, stumbling out of the way of a business man only to pass through a pair of high school girls shopping. Her face showed discomfort plainly; her poker face guaranteed Shiki would never be a successful gambler.

Idle thoughts like this distracted me from my frustration, as I wandered around, hoping to find some kind of clue to our current mission. Who the hell had built Shibuya, anyway? It was impossible to find anything in this consumerist pit. The noise swarming on me every time I tried to scan minds wasn't exactly helping.

"Neku? Can we take a quick break?" Ugh. Stalker was breathing heavily, probably tired.

"It's just… we've fought over thirty battles, and it hasn't been an hour since we woke up …." I stopped, crossed my arms and leant against a gaudy store window promising shoes in every hue, taking the time to rethink the clue.

"That's a yes? Um, thanks," Stalker stammered. Of course it was. I'd stopped, hadn't I? She knelt on the ground, and I realised she was sweating pretty bad. Geez…

"Stay there. I'll be back." I wandered off, aiming to buy her a drink. Stepping into the store was like breaking the surface of the water after a swim; it felt like a slap in the face. The colours, the sounds, it all seemed too vivid after the streets. Even more discomforting was being noticed again- people looked up when I entered, and asked me if I wanted anything else. I was happier during the game, even if the reapers were screwed-in-the-head-batshit-insane.

Looking at my yen, I ended up grabbing a meal deal for kids. It seemed logical, if saving money at all here could be called that. Why let the noise drop cash, anyway? This whole game seemed like a perversion of everyday life, encouraging me to buy clothes and keep an eye on trends, or join some tin pin game with kids.

I gave her the soda, keeping some nuggets for myself.

"Neku… thankyou," Salker looked up at me. I pretended I didn't hear her, and leant against the wall once more. I nearly missed the look on her face, her dark hair curling over her eyes.

"Damn…." She had me thinking about her- but it didn't really change anything, seeing as we were going to die before the end of the week.

"You say something?"

"Nope. Let's go," I stretched, trying not to look at her. We had a mission to deal with, after all. Feelings just got in the way.