Hello Ladies and Gents, I've decided to start the chaos that is the OC's of The A-Team Movieverse.

A.) Because I'm one of those OC people. What can I say I like creating characters, good, bad and ugly. B.) Someone has to get this party started if you know what I mean.

Honestly though it's what I like to do, love it, hate it, review it, flame it, whatever floats your boat this is what I like to do. Who knows this might go some where or it may just die off, we will see. Now without further ado, I present...

Believe It or Not

Chapter One

She stood there staring at the burning building cradling the black Labrador puppy in her thin arms, ash and sweat covering her pale face. Moments before had he chased her inside where she rescued the mongrel whining and licking her neck. Her right pant leg was ripped open while the exposed flesh bore the evidence of the fire. If he hadn't been there she wouldn't have made it out. She was only fourteen years old.

"You should get your leg cleaned up kid," He spoke placing a hand on her shoulder.

She shrugged her shoulders her tangled auburn hair sticking up in every direction.

Hannibal kneeled down in front of her and looked up into her glassy hazel eyes. "You'll be okay kid. I promise you that."

She gritted her teeth before speaking. "I could have stopped them. I saw them. I should have followed them."

"Listen," He snapped standing up and firmly holding her by her shoulders forcing her to look at him. "Sometimes being a hero isn't always the right choice. If you had tried to stop them they would have killed you. Your heads still chalked up with fairy-tales. You can't save the world yet. One day you'll realize that you did the best you could and that's all that matters."

He have her shoulders a squeeze before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a cigar. She watched him light his cigar and stand silently beside her. This man had saved her life but he was barely the hero those comic books had filled her head with. Yet unlike Spiderman or Batman he was real.

"What about you?" she then asked. "Was running in and getting me out the best thing you could have done?"

He gave her a smirk and then patted her on the back before saying, "I've got to go. Trust me, kid. It's all part of the plan."

Then he left. She watched him walk off in disbelief. Not many heroes stuck to a plan.

9 Years Later

VA Psychiatric Hospital in Germany.

"I can't believe they transferred me here. What do they think sending me to Germany is going to do. Aye yeah lets send the crazy bitch to Germany then we don't really have to worry about her. She's not even in America." She scoffed rolling her eyes as she leaned against the white brick wall.

"Jesus, Sylvia. How'd you get a phone call? Your an in patient." The girl on the other line sounded annoyed.

"We have a new guy. Seems to be a big deal. Everyone distracted, maybe I can change tonight's menu to Spatzle." Sylvia rarely took anything seriously. It just wasn't her nature to be worried at least not in the last nine years.

"You hear about Hannibal?" Sylvia's best friend Zoe took things a hell of a lot more seriously than Sylvia ever did. Zoe was at some prestigious medical school getting her Doctorate in Medicine. Zoe wanted to be a Doctor without Borders.

"Yeah, shame too he's a good guy." She hadn't seen Hannibal in a while. Not sense a few years back when he stopped by at her graduation party.

"He saved your life once. How do you even know what kind of guy he is?"

Sylvia banged her head against the wall and sighed, "I just do."

"Right, I'll believe that when-

"Yeah, yeah got to go," She hung up the phone and swept her hand across her forehead brushing her bangs out of her eyes. Taking a step back she pressed herself against the side wall, folded her hands into the shape of a gun and peered around the corner. She saw a nurse at the end of the hallway doing checks and let out a long sigh letting her hand fall to her sides. Life at the hospital was often very dull.

Then she saw the shadows of approaching figures on the far wall. She laced her fingers back together and listened to the voices and footsteps as they drew nearer. She started a countdown, "3...

The voices grew louder.


The footsteps bound closer.

1!" She exclaimed jumping out from behind the wall raising her hands and aiming at the closest target. Then she yelled, "Bang!"

One of the orderlies instantly jumped on her pulling her hands apart and scolding her but she was too distracted to care what the orderly said as her target clutched his chest in fake agony and stumbled around gasping and pretending to choke. Then suddenly he collapsed on the floor, eyes closed and his tongue sticking out. She laughed loudly before applauding and yelling, "Bravo, bravo. Nice to find someone else with a taste for the theatrics."

He sat up as the orderlies argued about who was supposed to be watching her. "It's not very nice to shoot people you don't even know."

"Well then I better introduce myself. I'm Sylvia," She extended her hand as she spoke.

He stood up and brushed himself off before accepting her hand. "Murdock, nice to meet you."

"So, now that I know you can I shoot you," She asked with a raised brown.

He seemed to think about it. He looked just about as crazy as anyone else in the hospital. His hair in utter disarray and a crooked grin spread across his lips but when he locked gazes with her she noticed the manic gleam in his eyes.

"Go ahead," he finally spoke. "Blow me away."

"Sylvia! I must insist you go back to your room," Dr. Wilson stated suddenly placing a hand on her arm and leading her down the hallway. "I'm sure you'll have time to speak with Mr. Murdock again."

Murdock waved at her as she looked over her shoulder at him and ever so slightly her lips curled up into a smile. Maybe the hospital would start to get a little more interesting.