Journey To Middle Earth

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I – Dream

It had been a year since Caspian had been restored to the Telmarine throne and peace had been fully restored to all Narnia.

Peter now twenty years old, Susan nineteen, Edmund fifteen and Lucy twelve were all living at the newly restored Cair Paravel and were ruling over Narnia. Although Caspian had been crowned King of the Telmarines and peace had been established between men and the Narnians, a majority of the Narnians wanted to be ruled by what they believed to be their one and only true leaders, the Kings and Queens of Old.

Therefore the land where the Telmarines inhabited was separated from the lands that belonged to Narnia and was renamed Telamar after their home world and was to be ruled over by Caspian and his descendants. The rest of the land in Narnia including the forest was ruled over by the Pevensies.

Susan sat at the edge of the river bank in Narnia in a white off the shoulder gown as Aslan appeared on the river's edge, moving towards her. Susan smiled as Aslan's mane brushed against her arm.

"Hello dear one!" Aslan spoke in his deep and calming voice as Susan turned to face him and placed her forehead against his muzzle. "Aslan!" Susan said as she stared into his golden eyes as she felt a wave of comfort wash through her, but felt slight fearful as she brushed her hand against his fur.

"What is it my child?" Susan gave a small smile; she should have known she wouldn't be able hide anything from Aslan. "Peace has been brought back into Narnia and all is well, but I feel as if my purpose is not done!" Susan looked down at the ground beneath her as she spoke.

"My dear child your destiny lies far beyond the shores of Narnia!" Susan looked up at him confused. "If my destiny lies beyond Narnia am I to leave and never to return!" Aslan looked at Susan, his eyes filled with security.

"No. Narnia is your kingdom, your land, your home and you will never be parted from it. But you have a greater purpose. By your hand you have helped bring peace and prosperity to this land, but now you must help define the fate of another!"

Susan jolted awake; but felt a wave of relief wash through her as she saw the familiar site of her bed chambers. Susan pulled the bed covering off as she got up and walked towards her the balcony that over looked the beach and smiled as the warm sun beat down on her face, but it quickly faded and she remembered her dream.

She had been having that same dream for the past week and it deeply concerned her. She knew she should just trust Aslan's word, but she wanted answers, she wanted to know her purpose.

Susan got dressed and headed for the stables. She had received word that Caspian was on his way and she wanted to leave before he would arrive. Although she cared for Caspian, Caspian's professor had let it slipped that he wanted to court her, but Susan did not feel as strongly for Caspian as he did for her, but was afraid to reject him by risking the station of their friendship.

Susan just wanted to be alone and clear her head. Susan took her horse and rode off deep into the forest. She rode to river bank in her dream and dismounted her horse as she detached her bow and quiver from her back as she lied down on the grass beneath her. Susan stared up at the clouds as she tried figure out the meaning of her dream.

Soon her eyelids became heavier as she drifted into a deep sleep.

II – Strange Land

Susan awoke in a strange land, the sun had set and she was lying on a patch of grass. The grass felt familiar but everything else seemed strange. She observed the land she was in and found herself in the ruins of an old watchtower. She noticed that her quiver and bow were lying beside her as she heard a loud screech.

Susan got up and placed her bow and quiver on her back as she moved toward the sound. She moved towards a small boulder and looked over and saw five dark riders with their swords drawn advancing on four small children with their small daggers drawn. But as Susan looked closer, she noticed they were not small children, but tiny men.

Three of the small men were standing in front of the fourth as if they were protecting him as one of the dark figures, which Susan presumed to be the leader push them aside with ease as he began to move closer to the fourth.

All of a sudden the small fourth man seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Susan stood there in shock as she looked for the small man, but quickly looked back to spot where he had vanished, when she heard a loud cry in pain.

She quickly drew her bow and an arrow and aimed for the leader's heart as she let lose her arrow. The arrow pierced its target as it let out a loud screech as the arrow burst into flames and turned to ash. Although the arrow had hurt the creature it didn't seem to stop it.

Susan jumped down off the boulder and landed in front of the Nazgul as the small man reappeared behind her. Susan quickly notched another arrow and aimed for the same dark creature. It again had the same outcome.

Out of the corner of her eye Susan noticed the other three getting up, fear clearly present on their faces as they towards the companion. "Get behind me!" She said as they ran behind her.

The air around them grew eerily still as all the cloaked figures moved closer to them. The leader of the dark riders struck his sword. A ringing sound arose as the metal of the blade made contact with bow. Susan bow was magical, its wooden frame was stronger than any sword and could withstand any metal and could not be broken.

Susan swung her bow against the creature but again and again every time he would block it with ease. On her last try, the leader blocked the blow again and swung his sword against her chest. Susan cried out in pain as she fell back into the ground beneath her. Although it was a small scratch, it felt as if her chest was on fire.

Her vision began to blur as a cry came from the archway. Susan turned her head to see a man running the archway and toward them. He carried his sword in one hand and a torch covered with flames in the other. Susan wanted to keep her eyes open, but before she could see what would become of the others everything turn to black.

III – Rivendell

Susan was constantly in and out of consciousness. When Susan finally awoke she felt a sharp pain in her chest as she opened her eyelids. She found herself lying in a bed in a grand room in a beautiful castle. It was beautifully decorated with wooden furniture and white linens and the bed on which she laid was extremely comfortable as if she was lying on a cloud. The sheets smelled fresh of fresh flowers and fresh fruit as she continued to study the room.

Susan looked beside her bed to notice there was a tall man with long brown hair with pointy ears standing beside the bed. She sighed before deciding to sit up. "What happened?" She asked. "You suffered from a poisonous blow from a Nazgul and have been unconscious for the three days. But our healers were able to fully heal you." He answered her as he looked down at her and handed her a glass of water. "Thank you!" Susan said as he took the glass and drank.

When Susan's thirst was quenched, she spoke. "Who are you?" The man hesitated for a moment before giving a small bow as he replied. "My name is Elrond! And you are?" "Susan Pevensies of Narnia! Could you possibly tell me where I am? And what is a Nazgul?" The man smiled gracefully and replied. "You are in Rivendell…" "Rivendell?" Susan said as she cut him off, she looked at the Elrond clearly confused. "Perhaps it would be best if you told me about yourself and how you came here and I can tell you all that you want to know." Susan hesitated for a moment and then nodded before starting to tell him her story.

After Susan explained everything about her past and Narnia, Elrond had welcomed her with open arms and introduced her to Arwen and was properly introduced to Aragon, Gandalf and the hobbits, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Biblo and Frodo.

Since arriving in Middle Earth Susan had formed a friendship with Arwen and she even became close to Elrond and Frodo and would spend her days on the practice field with her bow and arrow and listen to Biblo's countless tales of his adventures and the little people of the Shire. She even learned about Elven culture and other creatures that lived in Middle Earth.

Arwen and Elrond even began to teach her their native tongue and she was becoming very good at it as the weeks passed on. Elrond also told her all about the Nazgul, Saurmon and the great battle that happened three thousand years ago and the great evil of the ring and the great burden that Frodo carried.


IV – The Fellowship Arrives

Susan decided to go for a ride one morning. She wore a light blue gown which is seemed to highlight her dark brown eyes and tan skin; she had white flowers in her dark brown hair as they lied in curls all the way down to the middle of her back. Her gown had golden straps to hold it in place while keeping her shoulders bare.

She walked out of her room door and into the marble corridor as she made her way over to the clearing by the river were the horses were known to roam as she looked at the beautiful trees that were the color of ash, the perfectly cut green grasses, and the misty waterfall that poured down into a river that ran through the heart of the city.

Although she had been in Rivendell for some time, she would always be taken back by the beautiful lands that belonged to the Elven city. After the her fight with Nazgul and she had regained her strength and had got a custom to her surroundings, she no longer need help to get around and was able to walk around Rivendell with ease.

Prince Legolas and his elven companions arrived in Rivendell and where greeted by Aragon as they entered the city. They were arriving from Mirkwood after they had received a call from Lord Elrond of great importance. They were not told of the matter, but where told they would be informed at the council meeting tomorrow morning.

Legolas and his companions laughed as the reminisced about their last time in Rivendell. Aragon had left shortly after greeting them to go and speak with Arwen as they began to walk around the grounds. They began to walk past the clearing as something caught Leoglas eye.

He immediately came to an abrupt halt as he moved closer to the window to get a better look as he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He watched in awe as she pet the white horse's muzzle as her long dark brown hair would sway as it blew in the wind and her skin would become as golden honey as the sun touched it. She was absolutely beautiful.

Legolas just continued to stare at this unearthly beauty before him. He perused ever feature, every detail of her face, her dark brown eyes and desirable lips and then he caught sight of her ears. She was human but had beauty that could rival that of elves. He suddenly felt burdened knowing that he would outlive her.

Legolas' companions came to stand beside him as they followed his gaze. "What beauty!" One of the companions exclaimed as he saw her. Legolas was surprised by the wave of jealousy that swept through him as the rest of his companions comment on her a beauty. He wanted her, he had to know her.

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