The enemy of my enemy... Chapter One: Prologue

The war against the Nomads left the colonies with heavy casualties: The eastern Bretonian systems had been the target of a heavy Nomad attack, which almost eradicated everything in the Cambridge and Manchester system. After a defeat in New London, the Nomads retreated into the Omega systems, shattering the southern Border Worlds.

The vastly Nomad-infected Rheinland army pushed through the Sigma systems, and was only stopped when joint forces from Liberty and Kusari attacked them in New Tokyo. The battle at planet New Tokyo was fierce, and Roppongi and Shinagawa were completely destroyed by Nomad battleships.

The strong Bounty Hunter fleet in Texas stopped many Nomads, as they did not expect such strong resistance and were easily ambushed at planet Houston. Still, Nomads had spread within the Liberty Navy, which lead to massive battles in New York system. Fleeing Nomad Interceptors destroyed Ithaca and hid in the Badlands for weeks, until they were exposed and annihilated by Liberty forces.

Still, the colonies managed to keep all of their economical planets unharmed, and soon, the Trade Lanes were filled with traders. The houses worked in unison and managed to bring prosperity back into Sirius in a matter of months. The crisis was over.

But of course, some people were not satisfied with the progress in Sirius: The minor pirate factions faced heavily escorted transports and more military patrols throughout all systems, the Corsairs lost their huge black market for artifacts since they were again legal trading goods, and every week there were at least a dozen reports of Outcast-sponsered Cardamine dealers, who were exposed and imprisoned. This led to new negotiations between all terrorist factions, who were using the rebel-friendly Junkers base Kreuzberg as a meeting point. The Bundschuh and the Blood Dragons, who worked together well during the Nomad crisis, were the first two factions to become new allies, and quickly regained large parts of their wealth by ambushing traders in Sigma-13 with joint forces.

This success brought two factions to negotiations, who originally despised each other: Outcasts and Corsairs blamed the crash of the Hispania on each other, but a piece of the wreck was found in Omicron Alpha and lead Outcast explorers to the assumption that the Hispania was not sabotaged, but hit by a Sunslayer-Torpedo soon after launching from Earth. Without a real reason to hate each other, both factions quickly realized they could overthrow most of the Border Worlds with their combined powers. The other Outcast allies, the Liberty Rogues and the Lane Hackers, quickly adapted to this idea, and with that, an impressive alliance was formed.

The rest of the rebels, terrorists, and pirates were split into two factions: Those who thought it would be better to join such a mighty Alliance, and those who rather created a second alliance to balance things out. Within days, every illegal faction showed its color:

The Junkers, Gaians, Blood Dragons, Golden C, Bundschuh, Unioners and LWB joined the alliance, while Mollys, Xenos, Hogosha and Red Hessians founded their own one.

Although they could not rival the Corsair/Outcast league, they were a nuisance to their plans. The war in Omega-5 intensified, with Corsair and newly arrived LWB forces gaining a huge advantage over the now outnumbered Red Hessians. The Omicron systems became fortified strongholds of the league; the Bounty Hunters were soon wiped out and focused on defending their other Border World outposts. The children of Hispania finally took on their heritage.