She had been staring at him for a while now.

They had just finished a particularly grueling session, and he was flat on his back, panting slightly. Never mind that it showed he was tired, but hell, she was on a roll today, unrolling three scrolls at once and immediately throwing an assortment of sharpened, shiny metal at him, not even allowing him the quick nanosecond needed to turn his blood limit on. She was smirking at him, and he couldn't even advance on her and do his stuff.

(That was why she was his sparring partner. They were the alter-egos of their own fighting styles.)

That led to him sprawled out over the grounds, chest silently heaving up and down, and her sitting beside him, feet tucked beneath her, looking at him.

Staring at him.

If he were anything like Hatake Kakashi he would raise an eyebrow and leered, "Like what you see?"

If he were anything like Lee or Gai-sensei he would jump up and squeeze her to death, screaming, "THE FIRES OF YOUTH HAVE MADE YOU RECOGNIZE MY HANDSOMENESS!"

But he wasn't. He was himself, so he just settled on ignoring her.

Minutes passed, but she was still staring at him dammit.

When he couldn't ignore her anymore (and well, when his breath evened out), he looked at her, straight in the eye, and said-

-"Tenten, what."

(For he didn't ask, he demanded. And he was feeling a bit infuriated with her now.)

She still didn't stop staring at hi-his hair? (Not his face?)

Said hair was splayed all over the grass, and when he had spoken to her, her eyes had flickered back to him, but it returned to his hair. She reached out and ran her fingers through the brown strands, and he watched, mesmerized, as her eyes turned into a darker, chocolatier brown.

With her fingers still entangled in his hair, she turned back to him and asked,

"Neji, will you please dye your hair platinum blonde for me? Then wear a cloak and carry a bow and arrows?"

She was still staring at him intently. He stared back. Slowly, he extricated his precious hair from her fingers.

Then he stood up, still locking eyes with her.

Then he ran.