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Disclaimer: Majority of the speech used are thanks to the efforts of the scanlation groups. While I have altered some of the lines to make things flow better, by no means do I claim credit for their hard work. Everything else though, is blood, sweat, and tears!

Everyone has heard of this story. A beautiful princess is captured by the demon king, the epitome of evil. Only the princess's loyal guardian, the noble knight, dares to challenge him over and over again. No matter how many times the demon king abducts the princess, no matter what tricks and obstacles he uses, the knight will stop at nothing to save her.

Nothing can stop him rescuing his princess.

Utopia. An elite academy where only specially selected individuals from all over the nation are invited to attend. Surrounded by water, the school is like a private island. Well, a man-made island to be exact… Closing the school pamphlet, Himoto Sora could barely contain her excitement. No, the reason wasn't because she was on her way to one of the most exclusive schools in the country. Sure, a place for rich kids meant exclusive treatment, a grand campus, top-notch educators, and prestige, but again, no. In fact, that was probably the last thing on her mind. Right now she was too happy for words. Why? The answer to that came in the form of the dark-haired girl standing beside her.

"This'll be wonderful!" she exclaimed rather loudly.

"…You should keep it down on the bus," the other female replied, not taking her eyes from her book.

The red head grinned sheepishly. "Ah, sorry, sorry…"

Sora examined her companion for a moment before directing her gaze forward. Aoi Tsuki. Her best friend since…since ever! Even if they were both dressed in the same uniform (well, she was in shorts but…), they seemed like an odd pair. With her book and glasses, Tsuki came off as the serious type; her neatly pulled back long hair made her look proper yet attractive. Compared to her dearest friend, Sora was almost the exact opposite. Tom-boyish and a little air-headed, she couldn't imagine why she was chosen to attend Utopia. Of course, that's not to say she wasn't grateful.

Her glee must have shown on her face once more, because Tsuki glanced at Sora curiously. "…What's wrong, Sora…?"

"Eh, nothing! I was just thinking how happy I am to be with you again, now that we get to go to the same school!" she laughed. Sora looked at the other girl. "You entered back in junior high, right?"

Tsuki nodded shortly. "Yes, they've integrated middle and high school."

"So we haven't seen each other in three years!" Sora exclaimed.

Tsuki gave her glasses a gentle push. "Well, we live in a dorm and the academy is on a manufactured island, so we're rather isolated."

She turned over for a moment, realizing that the red head was no longer on the same subject. Instead, Sora was rummaging through her bag, finally pulling out a small cake. This girl… Tsuki reminded herself that her friend didn't exactly have the longest of attention spans and was rather simple. Still, it was because of that that made Sora reliable…if that made any sense. That is why I… She trailed off as the Kyuushu pastry was presented to her.

"Do you want to eat some?" Sora offered brightly. "It's tsuru no ko!"

"…Maybe later," Tsuki answered, turning back to her novel.

Sora placed the item back into her bag. "Hm…but the invitation was pretty sudden. I mean, I'm just a normal girl! I don't have any special talents!"

Tsuki glanced the other way for a moment. "Yeah…"

Before Sora got to say anything else, the bus slowly came to a halt. As the doors slid open, two guys got on. While they seemed to be in a deep conversation, Sora wasn't about to excuse their actions. The black-haired boy moved through the aisle as if Tsuki wasn't there, knocking into the girl and causing her to stumble forward, dropping her book.

"Hey, are you alright!" Sora cried, helping her friend back up.

"…Ugh, I'm fine," Tsuki answered. Honestly, it was nothing she wasn't used to.

Despite Tsuki's response, Sora shot a glare over to the two males, sitting there talking as if there was nothing wrong. She wouldn't stand for it! Before Tsuki realized what the red-head was doing, Sora was already marching towards the boys.

"Hey! Don't you two have anything to say!"

Tsuki went after her. "Sora! It's okay…"

"You ran into my friend just now, didn't you!" she shouted, ignoring Tsuki's protests. "She almost fell, you know!"

The black-haired boy raised an eyebrow in response. After all, who did this girl think she was! He paused as he felt his companion tug on his sleeve. Nearly everyone on the bus was looking their way. Any trouble wouldn't go in their favor…

"Tsk…I'm sorry," he muttered reluctantly.

Satisfied with his response, Sora nodded. "…Good! Just be careful from now on!"

As the bus began to move again, the two resumed their earlier positions. Grabbing onto one of the over-hanging handles, Tsuki pulled out her book once more. Only now she wasn't quite reading it anymore.

"You haven't changed at all, Sora," she said.

The red head blinked. "Eh? You…really think so?"


Sora grinned. "Haha, well…it's like the old fairy tales, y'know? 'A knight who can protect his princess no matter what'… That's my dream!"

"I see…but if it had been a real knight, then I wouldn't have been bumped into in the first place," Tsuki replied, deciding to humor her friend.

"Ah… I'm still learning!" Sora pouted. Her expression suddenly grew serious. "I get it now… This is why I've been accepted…and why my uniform is short pants!"

Tsuki quirked an eyebrow in response. Is she serious? "…Huh?"

"Basically, they've acknowledged my dream!" Sora exclaimed loudly. "This uniform is proof! I was sent short pants, but you're wearing a skirt! In other words, they want me to act as a knight at the academy!"

She is serious. Tsuki mentally slapped herself. Well, she actually slapped Sora on the head with her book. "Please be quiet on the bus."

"Ow!" Sora rubbed her head. A thought came to mind. "Ah…but when I received the packet, there was a uniform but also this strange white glove…"

However, the rest of her words were drowned out by a sudden announcement on the loud speaker, signaling their close arrival. It quickly drove any thoughts regarding the glove out of her mind.

"We're getting out at the next stop," Tsuki announced.

"Aw…I wanted to push the stop button!"


Sora couldn't believe her eyes, upon arriving on campus. This was supposed to be her new school? She had heard of Utopia's reputation before, but this was crazy! The place was huge! It looked more like a mansion than a school! When Tsuki told her that this was merely the front entrance, Sora was in awe. Er, it is a super elite school! I better get used to it… However, another thing that caught her attention was the students. The males seemed fairly normal, but there was definitely something off about the females.

"Is it just me or…do all the girls look depressed?" she inquired, voicing her thoughts.

Tsuki simply agreed. "…That's right."

"Eh! You think so too?"

Tsuki continued walking. "Just follow me, Sora, or you'll get lost."

However, by the time she looked over, the red head had already taken off in another direction. A particular group had caught her eye, so Sora immediately grew curious. After all, these were elite students; she had to know what they were doing!

Upon making her way through the crowd, Sora came across the most peculiar sight. A boy was holding a gun, directed toward another one who was wielding a sword. The two of them seemed like they were playing some sort of game. Sora noticed that each of them was wearing a white glove with an odd symbol on it. Huh…I think I've seen that somewhere before…

"You see? There's no way a dagger can beat a gun!" said the black-haired boy. "Now hurry up and hand over your weapon!"

His opponent frowned. "Hmph…you don't have to tell me twice…" He gripped the dagger tightly before breaking it in two. "I don't want this weak thing anyway!"

The instant the blade snapped, the girl who was standing beside him let out a cry of pain before crumpling to the ground. Getting to his feet, the boy tossed the remnants of the broken dagger aside. Just as they fell, the pieces vanished, much to Sora's surprise. Wha…what's going on! This must be some sort of play or magic show, right? Yeah! I'm sure it is! It's an event or something…right? And that girl…she's just acting… However, she began to doubt that was the case as she watched and listened to the group.

"Wow, no mercy, huh?"

"That chick won't be up for at least a week!"

The black-haired boy, who was fighting, smirked. "You shouldn't break what's supposed to be mine."

"Shut up, idiot!" his companion replied, shoving his hands into his pockets.

The other boy made his way over to the fallen girl. "Hey…" He sneered as he gave her a kick. "Wake up! From now on I'll own and protect you."

The girl barely got out words before she passed out again with a groan. Looking rather irritated, the boy motioned to his friends, telling them to carry her. Meanwhile, everyone else began to disperse as the bell rang. All of them spoke as if what just happened was some sort of sporting event; as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Once the crowd cleared up, Tsuki approached Sora, who was rooted to the spot.

"Are you satisfied from watching the game?" she began. "Now…let's go."

Not much to Tsuki's surprise, the red head took in a breath before rushing off in the direction in which the group had left. Tsuki quickly grabbed a hold of her companion's wrist, dragging her back. "Hey, you have to listen to me!"

"Let me go!" Sora cried angrily. "That girl needs help! That was too cruel!"

"Don't act so rashly without knowing the situation!" Tsuki replied urgently. "I will explain, but first you have to follow me."

Sora frowned. "But—!"

"H-hey, you!" interrupted a boy. He had medium length auburn hair and large glasses that made him rather awkward-looking. Mustering up an uneasy smile, he continued. "I've never seen you here before, are you a transfer? If so why don't I own and pro—"

Sora seized him by the collar. "Own! What's that! Why didn't anyone help that girl!"

Tsuki called out her name, but to no avail. Finally, she decided that the best method to return Sora back to her senses, was a quick slap to the face. Immediately after, Sora released the confused boy.

"Please forgive her for her rudeness," Tsuki began calmly, taking the opportunity to apologize. "This girl still doesn't understand anything."

Unable to say otherwise, Sora gritted her teeth in frustration. However, she quickly gave the bespectacled boy an apologetic bow before following Tsuki down the path. Upon getting inside to a café, the dark-haired girl spared no time in explaining.

"Male domination. It's this academy's general rule."

Sora was bewildered. "Wh-why!"

"Do you know that the head of this academy is the 'Iwahijiri Group'?" Tsuki inquired.

Sora nodded slowly. "Eh…ah, yes. If I'm not mistaken, they make computers, games, cars, medicine…and run a bank. It's a really big corporation, right?"

Tsuki took a sip of tea. "The president of that group has been the academy's board chairman for generations." She also added, "And he's an extreme male chauvinism idealist."

"That's the reason!"

"That's all. …It may sound stupid, but the result is terrible," she replied. Setting the cup down, Tsuki continued. "In order to oppress women and show that they're inferior, they made this a co-ed school.

"Iwahijiri has a large influence in the world, so no one dares to oppose them. The male students are all promised a future in the corporation so they readily do whatever Iwahijiri wants."

Sora looked at her companion in disbelief. "No way…"

"The game you saw earlier, it's called 'Exaclan', a battle type virtual reality game where the school grounds is the field," Tsuki explained. "It's a new game invented by Iwahijiri directed towards male amusement and female oppression. The game was introduced about three years ago.

"The rules are simple. First, the girls in the field can provide all sorts of weapons. However, only he who vows to 'own and protect' her can use her weapon. Then the males use these weapons to duel against each other. The winner gets the loser's weapon. In other words…he gets ownership of the girl.

"So if he continues to win, he will obtain more weapons…or girls. It can turn into a wonderful harem situation for him. Not to mention, the more weapons he obtains, the stronger he becomes."

Sora banged her fists on the table. "What is with that! Girls are not objects!"

"No, girls are objects. In here, they are nothing more than weapons," replied Tsuki. "Because of this game, girls have been demoted from 'human', to 'object'."

Sora's grip tightened. "…That's terrible…" She was practically shaking with anger. "Whether it's for pleasure or strength…I don't see how this game could be fun…!"

Tsuki rested the side of her face against her hand as she looked out the window. "…Well, that's not its only purpose. At least…that's what the student council believes…"


The dark-haired girl turned back to her companion. "…Never mind. But there is one good thing that comes from Exaclan." She laced her fingers together. "I told you about ownership, right? No one aside from the owner is allowed to touch the girl."


"If you take or break someone else's things, it's a crime. The same applies to the girls," Tsuki explained. "Before that, all boys could oppress one girl. Thanks to this game, a girl only has to endure oppression from her owner alone.

"Well, in a sense, the boy who owns the girl protects her from the other boys. 'A knight protecting his princess'…perhaps it is like that."

Surprising her friend, Sora got to her feet and held Tsuki's face, looking at her directly in the eyes. "That's wrong. That is not a knight!"

Tsuki found herself smiling slightly. "…You are right."

"Okay! I get it now!" Sora exclaimed, jumping up. "Now it's time for me, the real knight (apprentice) to show those boys!"

However, Tsuki decided to burst her bubble. "You still don't understand you idiot." As Sora sank back down into her seat, Tsuki went on. "No one other than the owner can touch the property. It's the rule. And the rule is 'absolute' to keep the game fair and stable. If you break it, Iwahijiri will punish you."

"Th-that's fine with me!" Sora answered. "If I can save them then I don't mind!"

Tsuki shook her head. "Unfortunately, both the girl and the owner would also be given the penalty. That means the 'violator', the 'owner', and the 'object' of the related incident are all in the wrong. If you want to help then you have to win Exaclan."

"How can I join this game?" Sora asked immediately.

Tsuki took a sip of tea. "…I don't know. It's impossible for girls."


In the classroom, Sora finally got to see what Tsuki was talking about. All of the guys had their eyes on her. She could tell that they were already looking at her as their next target. She figured that it was because she still didn't have an 'owner', just as Tsuki had mentioned earlier. Why isn't she here with me! All the girls look depressed! It's so hard to talk to them! Being by herself was probably the most frustrating thing of all for Sora.

"It's lonely! I want friends!" she cried abruptly, causing a blonde girl nearby to look over in surprise.

Immediately, two other boys also took notice and approached. They both loomed over Sora's desk as they spoke. "Hey, you're the transfer student, right? Wanna have a chat?"

Though before Sora could respond, one of the boys turned over at a sudden thump. The blonde girl who was passing by had dropped a text book. She was already crouching down to retrieve it but such a simple action made the boy grow angry; angry to the point where he was willing to hit her for it.

"You bitch…don't get in my way!"

However, as he swung, Sora ran in instead, taking the blow. All three present were surprised, but the boy quickly became even more agitated. "The transfer! What the hell are you doing!"

"Calm down, idiot." His companion grabbed him by the arm. "Forget about the transfer, that girl has an owner. Do you wanna get punished! And if I'm right, then her owner is someone on the student council…"

As the two boys left, the blonde girl checked on Sora. "A-are you okay?"

"I'm not okay…please be my friend…" Sora replied wearily, surprising the other girl once again.

The pair ended up finding a seat together, much to Sora's relief. "Ah…I wanted to protect you in a more stylish way…"

"No…that was really cool," the blonde answered with embarrassment.

Sora extended her hand in greeting. "I'm Himoto Sora! I just transferred. Nice to meet you!"

"Ah…my name is Izaki Koharu," the girl replied timidly as she took Sora's hand. "Thank you very much for protecting me." As an afterthought, she also asked, "Um…is your head okay?"

Sora smiled. "It's fine. Don't underestimate me, I'm strong you know! That's why if you have any problems, just tell me. I will protect you!"

Koharu lowered her gaze. "But that's…"

"Hm? What's wrong?"

The blonde mustered up a slight smile. "Ah…it's nothing."

"Really? Then let's make a promise!" Sora exclaimed, sticking out her finger. "Let's make it a pinky promise!"

Koharu grew quiet as the red-head latched onto her finger.


As the day went on, Koharu reluctantly said good-bye to Sora. She wasn't supposed to be making friends anyway. She had a duty to fulfill, that was the reason why she approached the girl in the first place. All the same, Sora's company was refreshing; Koharu ended up getting a little side-tracked. Instead of talking to Sora for the sake of gathering information for her owner, she honestly wanted to know the girl better. However, as she was walking down the stone path outside toward the alleyway, she was quickly reminded of her current situation.

Kajiwara Shinji. Her owner and a member of the student council. He was aggressive, rude, hot-headed, and arrogant, but he really had nothing to show for it. Truly, he was all talk and no power. At the moment, he was looking rather peeved, so Koharu handed him the papers cautiously.

"Um, that's all the information I have on the new transfer student, Himoto Sora…"

The boy sneered, tossing the set of papers back at her. "Tsk! How annoying! If they're so interested in the transfer, they should've checked up on her themselves." He stuffed one hand into his pocket. "Damn student council…always making me do stupid things like this… I'm also part of the staff, y'know!"

Koharu remained silent. Her thoughts were clearly elsewhere. She couldn't help but remember what the red-head had mentioned earlier. Sora had said those words with such confidence, such naivety, but in the face of such an awful truth…it was nice to believe her. A little pathetic, but a promise, even an empty one, was enough to give her some comfort. Unconsciously, Koharu drew her pinky up to her lips.

Unfortunately, her action did not go unnoticed. "What's wrong with you?"

"N-no, it's nothing…" she answered quickly, slipping her hand behind her back.

Kajiwara shoved her to the ground easily. "Are you stupid? I was watching that transfer student too, you know. I saw your 'little moment' with her!" He sneered as the blonde failed to respond. "Hey, Koharu…who's your owner?"

"T-the…student council's…" she murmured.

He pressed her down roughly. "That's right! In other words, you're our object." An idea suddenly came to his mind. "But…starting today, I might as well make you mine alone!"

Not too far off, Sora was wandering about on campus. She had tried calling for Tsuki, but it was useless. She wasn't about to find her best friend like this. Geez, where is she? This academy is way too big! I'm gonna get lost… Her eyes trailed over to a group of boys who were battling. They're at it again…that terrible game. Exaclan, was it? The more she watched, the more helpless she felt. I really want to go there and stop them but… She remembered what Tsuki had told her; that if she really wanted to help then she had to win the game. But how on earth… Sora noticed that the boys were each wearing a white glove with a symbol on them. Ah…that glove again! She recalled the one in her pocket. Perhaps this one… However, the rest of her thoughts were drowned out by a familiar voice, calling for help. That's…! Izaki-san!

Running in the direction of the cries, Sora found that it was indeed, Koharu. The blonde was being pinned down by a boy with bleached hair. He was holding her hands together above her head, as he undid her uniform and proceeded to slip off her bra. Both Koharu and her owner were surprised to find the red-head observing them.


Kajiwara looked over. "You…the transfer student?"

Without another word, Sora was up to his face in a matter of seconds to deliver a hard blow to his jaw, sending the student council member to the ground. Kajiwara felt a vein throb in his head as he got up, a mark on his face and a thin trail of blood coming down from his mouth. He watched in anger as the red-head pulled Koharu up and began leading her away.

"Let's go, Izaki-san!"

"Wait! Come, Koharu!" he snarled. "I definitely won't forgive you…" Kajiwara quickly slipped on his glove. "I don't know if I'm allowed to use this outside of Exaclan…but I don't care! I'm gonna punish you for that!"

Surprisingly, Koharu stopped and released Sora's hand, leaving her more than confused. "Izaki-san!"

The blonde buttoned up her top and reluctantly stood by Kajiwara's side. "I'm sorry…I must not disobey my owner…"

"What are you saying! You can't obey that kinda guy!" Sora began, running up to her.

However, Kajiwara caused the red-head to stop in her tracks, by shouting, "Utopia is here!"

Sora watched as Koharu fell back while he began to pull a wooden handle out from her chest in a flash of light. Holding her in place, he procured an elegant, old-fashioned rifle from her body. Koharu stepped back quietly in embarrassment once he had finished and looked away.

"Now…" he sneered. "Let the hunt begin!"

Without warning, Kajiwara lifted up the rifle and fired off a shot. The bullet skidded off the ground a little on Sora's right, chipping off bits of stone and leaving behind a smoldering crack. Sora looked down at it, disturbed. That had just been to intimidate her, and judging by her expression, it had worked, causing Kajiwara to smirk.

"Wha…it can't be…" she muttered. "This is…virtual!"

The student council member laughed as she began to run. "Wahahaha! Go ahead and try! Run wherever you like! I'll hunt you down all the same!"

He began to shoot, missing his target on purpose just to see her struggle. Sora managed to get out of the direct line of fire by running into a group of trees, but she still felt the bullets rush by. She could hear the boy laughing, taunting her. Tsuki's words were repeated in her mind. "The girls provide the weapons." Sora shook her head. Damn it! So that's what she meant!

Suddenly, a hand grabbed her from behind and pulled her down into the bushes. Sora heard the boy call out in search of her.

"Hey! Where'd you run off to…" he shouted. "Hiding is useless, you know!"

His voice was not too far off, but at least she was in a safe distance to run away if needed be. Who…who helped me? Sora looked over her shoulder to find herself faced with a girl in a white, patterned mask. She was wearing the academy's uniform, but her flowing golden hair and the way she carried herself in the current situation set her apart entirely from the rest of the girls.

Sora heard another gunshot, but the blonde girl quickly shoved her onto the ground out of harm's way. I'm being protected. Right now…I'm being protected by this girl. She remembered the words she had spoken to Tsuki. "'To become a knight of justice', that's my dream." She remembered what she had told Koharu earlier. "It's a promise. I will protect you." In her position now, that was impossible. I'm not doing that. She lay on the ground helplessly. I'm not protecting her…or her… I'm not protecting anyone.

"…You can—"

Sora blinked. The masked girl was speaking. "—use me...to protect those girls! Do it!"

"I…I want to but…I…" she felt herself tearing up. "B-but…"

"If you want to help them, then win at Exaclan." Sora paused, Tsuki's words resounding in her head. "I don't know…it's impossible for a girl." Her tears came to an abrupt stop as realization dawned.

"That's right. I'm not a princess."

She could not afford to be. Not now or ever. I'm the knight of justice. Sora sat up and pulled out the white glove from her pocket. She slipped it on firmly without hesitation. The masked girl got to her feet and looked down at the red-head.

"Correct, Sora. That is why I will be your weapon," she extended her hand forward. "Now say the 'vow'. Say that you will 'own' and 'protect' me."

To the girl's initial surprise, Sora replied with a no. However, she crouched down on one knee and continued. "I will not 'own' you or anyone. Rather…I will treasure you and always be by your side to protect you!" She took the masked girl's hand and pressed her lips to it gently. "Utopia…is here!"

In an instant, a pillar of light shone toward the sky in the mark of a cross. Kajiwara and Koharu both looked over abruptly, confused as to what was going on. The cross could be seen all the way from the main building. Sora looked at it in awe, the light escaping from the masked girl's chest. She reached out for it slowly. This is…all for the princess!

"Hey! What the hell is that!" Kajiwara demanded, running over to Koharu. "An error! Is there a bug in the system or what?"

"I…I don't know…" the blonde replied uncertainly.

They both paused as a sound signaled the reemergence of Himoto Sora. The red-head was sporting a white glove and was carrying a weapon that appeared to be made entirely out of energy. Her expression was dangerous. Before Kajiwara could react, Sora was already charging toward him, brandishing the weapon threateningly.

"Wha…s-stay away from me!" he cried, holding up the rifle.

With a swift dash forward, Sora passed by the male, appearing to have done nothing at all. Kajiwara stood rigidly for a few seconds, but as the rifle vanished, he felt a sharp pain on his back. Unable to even cry out, he collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Sora looked down at her hand as her own weapon faded away.

"…It's gone…" she muttered.

Koharu approached the red-head slowly. "Ah…"

Then immediately, Sora pumped the air with her fist and let out a triumphant cheer. "Yes! I don't know what's going on but… Anyway, I won!" She turned to face the blonde. "Oh, it's alright now, Izaki-san! This guy won't be up for awhile! (I think.)"

Sora blinked in surprise as Koharu nearly tackled her over, burying her face in her collar. The act was completely understandable though. It was painful for her… Sora touched the back of the other girl's head lightly. "Izaki-san…"

"Thank you, Himoto-san! No…Sora-sama!" Koharu beamed, tears falling from her face. "Following the rules of Exaclan, I now vow my heart and body as yours!"

Sora froze for a moment. She recalled what Tsuki had mentioned. "The winner of the battle gets the loser's weapon… In other words, they get to own that girl." She held Koharu by the shoulders. "Ah, no…I'm not doing this for that purpose…"

However, the blonde remained undeterred; just slightly embarrassed. "I will do my best to serve you, Sora-sama!"



Back at the main building, what just went on was being discussed by the student council. The members sat around an amphitheater-like room, tended by various girls dressed up in skimpy maid uniforms. There was a spacious, elitist air about the place that made it appear cold and unfriendly; corrupt even.

"That Kajiwara-senpai…it looks like he just lost," said one of the members.

"We also lose one of the student council's weapons," added another.

One of them could hardly believe it. "Who is that transfer student! And why does she have a glove!"

"I wonder why…"

Kwatsu, a black-haired boy with glasses, turned to the male in the center. "What are you going to do, president?"

"I told you to call me El," the other replied simply.

"Then…what are you gonna do, El?" he asked again.

The president of the student council was always like this. No one could ever really predict what he was thinking. Even now, he seemed as calm as ever, holding an apple in his hand. Kwatsu looked at the president uncertainly. Having that partial mask over his right eye didn't make it any easier for anyone to read him. With his slicked back, two-toned hair, the president looked a little older than he really was; he naturally gave off an air of intimidation and authority.

Flicking a few stray hairs hanging in front of his face away, El smirked. His reply sounded just as leisurely as the first time. "Report this to Angel as a bug. When that's been taken care of, she'll just be an ordinary weapon.

"…While waiting for the debug…let's have some fun with her."

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