Title: The Queen of Wands

Author: Gothabilly13

Pairing: Logan/Remy

Rating: NC 17

Fandom: X-Men

Warnings: AU. Gender Bender, M/M sex, Language, Angst, M/F sex

Summery: Offshoot from my second part in "Anywhere Anytime' PWP Series 'Step Right Up'. This is an AU side trip. Remy seeks to be everything for Logan and the Gypsy at the carnival is there to help. The Cajun gets more then he bargained for and struggles to resolve it. Logan struggles to understand what is happening to his Cajun lover. Note: It helps to read the other fic Step Right Up first but it's not absolutely necessary.

A/N: Checking this out to see if I like where it's going. Feedback would be most appreciated and loved like a childhood teddy.

i"How bout we get our fortune's told and den go home?" he suggested. Logan eyed the kooky sign and shrugged.

"If ya want to throw away yer money, Cajun that's fine with me." he said and looped his arm around his boy.

"But my fortune already came in." he added and kissed Remy's cheek./i

Remy tugged at Logan's arm.

"C'mon, humor dis Cajun." he said, laughing musically as they moved to the vardo's door. Stepping up and pushing the beaded curtain aside, Remy was startled when a low female voice called to them.
"Come in, Seekers. You have questions, Fortuna has answers." she said as they moved into the close space and their keen eyes adjusted to the dim candle light.

She was a small birdlike woman swathed in scarves and glittering fabrics. She beckoned them closer to her table. The surface was simple with a bright cloth and a deck of worn cards.

Her eyes were so dark, they looked black as she scanned them both. Remy felt something brush his shields.

'Psy.' he thought to himself. It made sense, there were real mutants in the sideshow why not the fortune teller as well? Smiling wide and giving a pulse of charm, Remy sat in on of the chairs before the table. He tugged at Logan's sleeve, urging him to take the other.

The feral was staring at the woman with slit eyes and flaring nostrils. The heavy perfume of incense was tickling his nose. He didn't like that she had probed his own shields, nor the fact that his Cajun had pushed the charm on her. The woman laughed dryly and shook her finger at the lanky boy.

"Oh no you don't, Casanova. I know very well you only got eyes for the immortal at your side." she said making the Cajun gasp slightly and Logan growl.

"Easy, my feral friend, I mean no harm." she smiled, showing the flash of silver capped teeth. Her bejeweled hands motioned to the cards, indicating Remy should pick them up.

"You know what to do with those, I believe." she smirked and leaned back in her chair. A thoughtful look came over her face as she picked up the feelings flowing from the two men before her. Being a mutant with both empathy and telepathy and a magic user, she got a lot more from them then they would have thought.

Remy shuffled the thick deck of large cards with a sly look on his face. He was entertained by this little meeting and was curious to see what she would say. Once the cards were well shuffled, he set the deck down.

Fortuna took them up and turned the first card over and pondered for a few moments.

The Two of Cups. It had an image of two people standing face to face with a golden chalice between them. A bright angelic light shown from the cup and surrounded the pair in a halo.

"What the two of you share goes beyond the physical. This is a bond of the heart and soul. Pure love." her soft voice filled the small wagon and held the two men's attention.

The pulse of love between the two men strengthened and Remy blushed prettily. She turned the next card and let them think on her words before continuing.

The Five of Coins. Two people dressed in rags struggled in the snow outside the stained glass window of a church,

The Gypsy let her gift spread out and collect more information. Her heart ached with the influx of emotions from the younger man.

"There is anxiety, fear of loss and loneliness." she said slowly. Remy's head came up and she could almost see the pulse of his red eyes behind the dark glasses. "Someone fears they are not worthy or enough." Her eyes narrowed as the pair reacted to her words.

Logan snorted and crossed his arms over his wide chest. Remy shifted in his seat looking a little unnerved. Logan sniffed, scenting fear coming from his boy.

In Fortuna's mind's eye she saw the younger man sitting by a window, behind him the older man lay sleeping in bed. Remy looked out the window at falling rain and sighed deeply.

She understood what he was feeling. The boy loved his partner more than anything in his world. He would give his life for the gruff but tender feral. But the Cajun worried that he wouldn't be enough. That some day the feral would find a better mate, one who could give him what his heart longed for.
The boy knew what his lover wished for in quiet moments, he could feel it. Logan wanted a family. Children of his own. Something Remy could never give him. She stroked her chin and turned another card.

The Queen of Wands. A proud strong woman with bright red hair and a large wooden staff sat on a throne made of flame. Around her a nimbus of fire and steam.

Remy leaned forward and looked at the card. His heart thumped in his chest. He knew a little about the Tarot Cards. Mattie had read them often, letting the younger Remy watch and learn what she did.
He knew enough to understand that the Queens meant females and the Wand folk were usually redheaded. His blood ran cold and he went a little pale. A redheaded woman Logan would choose for a mate. Only one name came to mind.

Jean Gray.

The thief's heart plummeted, he gasped a little and leaned away. He suddenly didn't want to be there anymore. Fortuna caught the change in the boy and so did Logan.

"What does that one mean?" Logan snapped. "Yer spookin the kid." his voice pitched to protective. Fortuna was not scared by him.

"The Queen of Wands, the Red Queen. She is ruled by the element of fire." Fortuna said and Remy made a strange noise that seemed like a swallowed sob. Queen of Fire sure sounded like The Phoenix to him. The Gypsy raised a hand.

"She is about transformation and passion. But she doesn't have to mean a specific person. Just the lesson of allowing creativity and transformation into your life. Most often she indicates the seeker rather than someone they know." she tried to soothe the boy's rising fear.

Suddenly a voice whispered to her and she smiled slowly. That was the perfect answer.
Waving a hand at them, she got up from her chair and shuffled over to the cabinet behind her seat. Rummaging through the bottles and curiosities, she found what she was looking for.

Logan picked up her murmured words but he didn't understand the language. There was a scent of ozone and herbs. The reader turned back to them and took her seat once more. She reached out her hand and held a mojo bag made of red leather on a thin black cord.

"Take this." she said to Remy. "When you get home, take a shower and then put the bag around your neck so it lays against your skin. Sleep with it, wear it. Until it helps you resolve your worries." she said and nodded her head. Remy was hesitant to take it. Feeling foolish, he shook himself and took the charm bag.

"Not sure dis ting gonna fix ol' Remy's problems but I try it, Mademoiselle." he said and looked at the strange item. Logan had reached his limit. He wasn't keen on all this mumbo jumbo but he didn't like the way her 'reading' had squashed his boy's good mood.

"Alright, ya had yer fun." he said and dropped a twenty on the table. "Come on, Darlin." he said getting up and pulling at his lover's sleeve. Remy felt a little spacy and blinked as he followed his feral lover.

"Merci." he said to the woman and stepped down from the wagon. Pocketing the mojo, he slipped his arm in Logan's and pressed to his side.

"Dat was odd." he said. Logan grunted. Remy picked up on Logan's irritation. Affixing his carefree mask, he tried to regain the happy mood they'd had before.

It wasn't easy.

Remy stepped from the shower and reached for a towel. Rubbing it over his body, he walked into the suite he shared with Logan. The feral was doing his late night rounds before they turned in.
Crossing the bedroom, Remy sat on the large bed and dried his hair. His gaze fell on the beads and leather cuff Logan had won for him at the carnival. He smiled softly and tossed the towel on the chair by the bed. Logan would bitch about it later and the Cajun couldn't help but bait his lover. He liked the way it got his Wolvie's blood up.

Reaching for his duster, he searched for his smokes and found the mojo Fortuna had given him. Fingering the soft crimson leather, he noticed more about it in the brighter light of their bedroom.
There were strange black symbols etched on the leather. Sniffing the bundle, Remy could detect an earthy floral scent and it made him sneeze.

He knew Logan had been bothered by what the Gypsy said and told Remy not to pay the con-woman any mind. Still, the superstitious boy couldn't shake it off. He knew she had touched on something he really did fear. Something that had made him sit up many a night and stare into the dark. If this little trinket could help him come to terms with that fear, then the Cajun was all for it.

Decided, the boy slipped the cord over his head and let the little leather satchel lay against his breast. It felt warm. Returning to his search for his smokes, the boy pondered what the mojo bag could do for him. He gave a little prayer to Papa Legba that the magic would work and help him be enough for his lover.

After finishing his smoke, the thief snuggled down in the bedding and waited for Logan to return.
A short time later the Canadian came back to their room, Moving quietly through the dark room, he sat on the edge of the bed and took off his boots. Standing up again, he stripped off his clothing and climbed into bed. Moving closer to the curled up Cajun, he slipped his arm around the boy's slender waist and pulled the body to him.

Breathing in the scent of his mate, he detected the smell of the mojo bag. Leaning over to look at the boy, he caught sight of the red bag. Shaking his head and snorting, he laid back down.
If it made the boy feel better then Logan would ignore it. He meant what he'd said to Remy. He didn't need to seek his fortune, it was right here in his arms.

Little did he know, he had a lot more then he thought he did.