Hermione sighed softly, dragging her fingers through her thick chocolate locks as she stared blankly down at the pages of her book. She couldn't concentrate on the tiny lettering, the words written down. Her mind was elsewhere, far, far away.

Silky smooth skin, long flowing hair, that voice…

Hermione huffed in frustration, slamming her book shut and creating quite a defined bang in the still quiet of the library. Madame Pince's head jerked up sharply and she scowled over at the girl, eyes narrowing in annoyance. Hermione blushed and mouthed 'Sorry!' at the irritable librarian who shook her head and let it go, considering that Hermione was one of her favorite students.

"Is there something bothering you, Hermione?"

Hermione tensed and didn't even have to turn around to know who that liquid honey voice belonged to. It was the voice that had plagued her, haunted her dreams for the past week, ever since the Yule Ball had come to pass.

Fleur Delacour sounded amused with Hermione's frustration and as the brunette turned in her seat, looking up at the tall, blond Veela grinning down at her, she could see the twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes.

"F-Fleur," Hermione stuttered out in surprise, half standing as the Veela smiled winsomely down at her.

"Ma belle," Fleur responded in her rich, high voice, cradling a book under her arm as the sunlight shown through one of the library windows, back lighting the girl's godly beauty, lighting her up and making her glow.

Hermione couldn't look away. Her breath hitched and she couldn't stop the blush on her face as Fleur's beauty stunned her, prevented her from stumbling out an awkward response to the Veela's presence.

Hermione had been caught completely off guard and even her magnificent, amazing brain couldn't keep up, not with Fleur's sudden appearance.

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to find you here. This is your sanctuary, no?" Fleur lilted out, eyeing Hermione with more than a little amusement.

Despite how awkward Hermione felt and how much she wanted to bolt for the door, she couldn't help but respect the French woman's pronunciation and grasp at the English language. She'd been here for little more than a month, yet her words no longer sounded thick and weird, nor did she frequently use the letter z when she spoke. She could even pronounce the h in Hermione's name now. There was still a slight French lilt in her speech, but it was subtle and only made her sound even nicer, even sexier for some reason. The accent was pleasant to her ears.

"Um…" Hermione wasn't quite sure what to say. The last time she'd seen the Veela this close or spoken to her was in the throes of passion, bent at the waist over the railing of a balcony, whimpering her name.

To say that Hermione was embarrassed and uncomfortable was an understatement.

"What I do wonder about, though, is why you have been avoiding me?" Fleur said after an awkward pause, one perfectly sculpted eyebrow rising at Hermione's continued blushing and nervous shifting.

"W-what? Avoiding you? I don't know what you're talking about," Hermione protested, turning back to her table and shoving her books back into her bag as quickly as she could, desperate to get away. She felt the back of her neck heat up at the noise Fleur made, the slightly amused, annoyed scoff.

"Really?" Fleur said slowly, skepticism obvious in her voice as Hermione squirmed beneath her gaze, throwing her bag over her shoulder and turning, rather reluctantly to face the Veela again.

"I'm not. I don't know where you got that idea but I'm late to class, so I'll um…See you around or something," Hermione mumbled, anxious to escape the girl, the woman's intimidating presence.

Before Hermione had even taken one step away, Fleur's long, delicate but strong fingers wrapped around her arm, keeping her there.

Hermione's brain overloaded at the tingle that raced and danced across her skin. The white blouse of her uniform was short sleeved and her tan skin was susceptible to Fleur's delicious touch. She wished for all the world for the first time that the library wasn't so comfortably warm that she had not worn her black robes.

Hermione's head whipped up and her lips parted as Fleur's sharp, icy blue eyes narrowed slightly and she frowned a bit, loosening her hold on the brunette's arm. The younger girl ducked her head, blushing like mad once more, swallowing hard as Fleur gently began to thumb her soft skin. She just couldn't focus when Fleur touched her, when Fleur looked at her so intensely.

"Why are you running away from me? Is it because of what we did at the ball?" Fleur demanded, sounding actually a bit hurt at Hermione's behavior.

Hermione's body was tense and she really didn't want to have this conversation. She didn't want to fall for Fleur's façade, not again. She'd already made that mistake once, and for Hermione, there was no 'fool me twice'.


The brunette trembled as Fleur tugged on her arm, pulling her closer. Hermione tensed as Fleur dragged her deeper into the library, out of sight of Madame Pince and the other students. The blond Veela led her down the rows of tall shelves, past books as Hermione weakly protested.

They reached a dead end of a huge shelf, lined with hundreds, maybe a thousand books and Hermione's bag slipped off of her shoulder and hit the floor with a thud when Fleur backed her into it, one hand pushing firmly on her shoulder.

"F-Fleur, what are you-" Hermione was cut off with a startled squeak as Fleur's warm, soft, heart shaped lips pressed into hers, silencing her.

Hermione couldn't find the will to push Fleur away, even though her hands did push weakly, half heartedly on the blonde's shoulders but she could not resist the older girl's advances. Fleur was taller than Hermione by around two or three inches and when she pressed her body into the brunette's, Hermione's chest was pressed against soft breasts, making her head spin as Fleur's thrall made her dizzy.

Veela thrall wasn't supposed to work on women, only men. But for some reason, it worked like a charm on Hermione. It made her wet, made her moan with lust and wanting, but she could still keep her wits about her. It was something that drove her crazy, bothered her endlessly and delighted Fleur.

Fleur slowly broke the kiss as Hermione slumped, chest heaving and cheeks flushed, completely aware of the position they were in. Fleur's left hand was cupping the back of Hermione's neck as her right hand cupped her cheek and her hips were pressed firmly into the brunette's, pinning her by the waist. Their legs had become entangled and they both wore the standard plaid Hogwart's skirt, Fleur's blue, Hermione's red, leaving Hermione's skin vulnerable to Fleur's, brushing silky thighs against silky thighs and making the brunette shake as her breath came too fast or not at all.

For a long moment they remained silent, Fleur's deep blue orbs blazing passionately into Hermione's shy brown.

"Stop running from me," Fleur breathed, the soft pad of her thumb stroking Hermione's cheek and the back of her neck, sending goose bumps rising all over Hermione's body as she shivered.

Hermione swallowed and avoided the French woman's eyes, unable to take her intensity. Hermione had always wondered if it was the idea that the French were passionate, or if it was just Fleur herself that shone so brightly, so powerfully like a burning star that Hermione could only stare in wonder before she had to look away.

"Look at me," Fleur whispered but the brunette refused, too embarrassed, too overwhelmed. "Look at me!" the blond insisted sharply, easing back a bit to grab Hermione's chin in her index finger and thumb, tilting the younger girl's face up to hers.

"Why won't you talk to me? I know it has something to do with what we shared. Are you ashamed that we made love? Is it because I'm a girl?" Fleur demanded, voice beseeching but strong at the same time as Hermione squirmed.

"No!" the brunette cried back, trying not to breathe too hard, lest she inhale more of Fleur's intoxicating scent. She was already inebriated on thrall and it embarrassed her as she recalled that Veela were attuned to the scent of arousal. Fleur must have been getting a nose full at that point.

It shamed Hermione to no end how excited Fleur could get her so easily. One sweet kiss had Hermione melting, made her want to swoon but her pride prevented it.

"Then what is it? Please, Hermione, you're driving me mad. You don't look at me in the halls, you deliberately take longer routes to avoid me and I just don't understand. What is it? I can't have been that bad, surely not. I know you enjoyed it, your body gives you away even now," Fleur said, her accent thickening as her emotions rose and Hermione's face flamed.

So she did know.

Hermione just couldn't find her voice. Fleur was too intense, too strong, too beautiful…

She was too much

"Hermione, talk to me," Fleur pleaded, voice softening as she took note of the younger girl's expression, her slight tremble.

The brunette couldn't focus, not when the tall Veela stood so close, touched her like this, held her face so gently, so strongly in her hands, those dexterous fingers gripping her warmly.


"I heard what you said to your friends, okay!" Hermione finally broke, shouting in frustration at Fleur, pushing the blond away for real this time. "Why are you pretending like you even care? I'm just another notch in your bedpost, right? Another score? A tight little fuck to play with? You had your fun so stop messing with me, okay? You win. You got me. Go gloat to someone who cares but leave me alone!" Hermione had reached a sob by the time she finished and Fleur had gone very quiet, her body going still.

Hermione's eyes were streaming, her cheeks wet with tears as she lowered her head, bottom lip quivering so hard that she had to bite down on it.

She didn't look up when Fleur spoke.

"Hermione…I need you to listen to me…You don't understand…That was not what you think it was…" Fleur said slowly but this time, Hermione was the one who scoffed.

"That's exactly what you said! Don't you dare try and screw with my head! That was my first time, you sadistic, narcissistic-" Hermione cut herself off even as her head whipped up and her heartbeat tightened, stumbling over its next beat.

Fleur's eyes had narrowed at the insults and her lips had thinned out. Veela did not take kindly to insults, not at all. The blond looked almost menacing as the brunette flinched beneath her gaze. Hermione's head ducked again but Fleur softened slightly.

"Hermione, listen to me-"

Hermione did not. She simply shrugged past Fleur, wiping at her eyes furiously as she ran for the exit, leaving her things behind in distress. She heard the blonde's irritated and frustrated noise but didn't look back as she raced back past her table, ignored Madame Pince's angry look and order to slow down before she blasted out of the library at a dead sprint.

She just kept running, paying no heed to the hot mess Fleur's thrall had left between her legs and desperately tried to pay no mind to the hot ache Fleur had left in her heart.