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Um, Okay, the first Fanfiction I've allowed other people to view, This is also my longest current Fanfiction at over 27 (on OpenOffice) pages and One and a half Chapters, I decided that uploading a twenty page Chapter would probably be a little much so I split Chapter One up into parts and I'm now gonna upload them as chapters themselves each new 'Chapter' is any where from two to four pages long, later on there might be chapters that will be much longer but I'm just gonna start things off slow and easy.


The alarm clock beside Yasu's bed was blaring at full volume as the fourteen-year-old boy, reached from his bed searching for the the snooze button, instead his hand connected gently with a small head of soft, pale gold hair, Yasu stared at his little brother, "What, Akio?"

"Mom says you gotta get up it's time to get ready for school!"

The ten-year-old grabbed his brother's arm and tugged.

Yasu yawned and nodded, "Alright, alright, I'm up, go downstairs and wait fifteen minutes if I'm not down by then go on without me."

"Your so weird, Big Brother."

"Yeah, yeah, away with you."

Yasu came down stairs five minutes later dressed in his new school uniform and fixing his hair, "'Kay, I'm all ready to go, Akio, you-."

"Now, wait, just one minute, aren't you forgetting something?" said Yasu's Mom, coming out from the kitchen, "What about your breakfast?"

"Mom, you should be resting, I can take care of-."

"Nonsense! I wouldn't miss seeing you and your brother off on your first day at a new school!"

"Mom . . ."

"Now don't you worry about Akio, I'll take him to the bus stop and pick him up when school's over, now I've made breakfast, sit down and eat."

"Aw, Mom, come on I don't have time."


Yasu gave up.

A few minutes later Yasu was all ready for school and giving some last minute instructions to his little brother, "Remember, Mom's not feeling well, so when you get home keep the noise down, and let her rest, I'll fix some dinner when I get home, 'kay?"


"Alright, the only other thing I have to say is I'll see you when I get home, and don't get into trouble."

Akio nodded and Yasu put a hand on the ten-year-old's head and ruffled the pale blond hair, "That's my little brother, have a good day and make lots of new friends, 'kay?"


Yasu yelled, "Bye, Mom, have a nice day!" and rushed out the the door heading for school.

Most of the day passed without incident, finally lunch time came and Yasu found himself in the cafeteria relaxing away from the many different crowds of people. He nibbled on a sandwich and stared off into space until he was approached by three of his classmates. Two girls, one a tall blond with blue eyes the other a girl with long black hair and green eyes, and a boy, with blond hair and green eyes.

The black haired girl called, from a few yards away, "Hey, you're the new kid right?"

Yasu looked up a piece of bread still hanging out of one side of his mouth, "Hmm?"

The girl ran up while her companions lagged behind a few paces, "Hi, I'm Hanako Yamada, what'd they call you?"

"Yasu Himura, nice to meet you."

"Heh, likewise, oh, this is Hotaru Shizuka," she motioned towards the other girl, "And this is Yuuki Miyamoto," she motioned towards the boy, "We were wondering if you would mind if we joined you?"

"Huh, er, well, I guess not . . ."

"Cool!" Hanako sat down next to him, "You just moved into the old Matsuoka place, right?"

"Uh, yeah, it was my grandmother's place she left it to my mom."

"Oh, I see, sorry you lost your grandma, but I'm happy to see the old place won't be empty, it would be kinda weird walking past it every morning without something going on inside."

"So, you live on that street?"


The other two sat down next to Yasu and Hanako, and Yuuki chuckled, "Hanako was excited to meet the new person on her street, she's pretty much decided to be your friend."

Yasu smiled, "Is that so? Well, that's that, ain't it? I guess we're friends."

"Better believe it," said Hanako.

Hotaru laughed, then turned to Yasu, "It's nice to meet you, Yasu, welcome to the group, the city, and to this school."

"Thanks, nice to meet you to," Yasu smiled, but his heart wasn't quite so sure, friends? So, quickly? Doubtful, he'd dealt with a similar situation like this before, he'd probably end up alone again in a week or two, but hey, might as well enjoy it while it lasted, right?

After school Hanako walked back to his house with him, and they talked while they walked.

"So," said Hanako, "What's your family like?"

"Uh, well, it's just me, my mom, and Akio, my little brother, but it's nice ya know."

"I guess, as for me, I've got my mom and dad, and that's it for blood relatives, but there's always my friend, Hayato, he's like my older brother because we've known each other since we were little, and to me, he's just always been there, he's a year older then me."

"Sounds nice."

"Mom and Dad are great, Hayato's a jerk!"


"He skipped school again today! When I get home, I'm gonna clobber him."

"You think he'll be at your house?"

"His parents are away they always lock him out when they leave so he crashes at my house."

". . . You're not really talkative are you?"

"I guess you could say that, . . . I'm just sorta used to walking home alone."

"Oh, I hope I'm not bothering you!" Hanako exclaimed, seeming genuinely concerned.

"N-no, not at all, it's actually kinda nice, I mean, my days after school are always really hectic and walking home in silence just gives me time to think about all the stuff that needs to be done."

"Stuff that needs to be done?"

"Well, today for example, I gotta find something for Akio and me to eat for dinner, my mom will be at work, and she doesn't always wake up in time to make dinner before she leaves, not to mention I don't trust her in the kitchen, she burns everything . . . even milkshakes-."


"Yep, anyway, after that I have to make sure Akio does his homework and get him to bed at a decent hour then do my homework, then make something for Mom to eat when she get's home, because I Akio and I generally eat sandwiches or something like that (I inherited the strange ability to somehow burn everything I touch in the kitchen) then I have to get to bed myself or I won't wake up in time for school tomorrow."

"Sounds like a lot of trouble . . ."

"It's life that's how it's always been, except when Grandma came to visit then we ate good meals three times a day, she insisted on in it."

"Hm, . . . tell ya what why don't you and Akio come over to my house for dinner, my mom loves to cook, she'd be overjoyed to have visitors, my dad loves to talk to new people, and Hayato . . . do you like video games?"

"Uh, yeah."

"You and Hayato will get along famously!"

"W-well . . ."

"Come on, please!" Hanako's eyes got big.

"Who can say 'no' to that face . . ." Yasu gave in.

When Hanako, Yasu, and Akio entered the first thing that happened was Hanako walked over to the couch, that was placed with it's back to the door facing the TV beside two huge lazy chairs, leaned over the back and looked down for a moment before raising her right hand forming a fist and throwing a quick but obviously effective punch into someone, prompting a loud yelp, then a, "Hanako, what are you doing?"

"Waking up my lazy friend who skipped school, . . . again!"

Hanako walked towards another door saying, "Now, get up we have guests."

"I don't wanna!"

"I don't care what you want, unless, of course, you want me to announce to the world who beat your high score in Pacman in one try?"

"Th-That's blackmail!"

"Better believe it, hat boy."

"I hate you so much right now."

"I ain't here for you to love."

Finally, the subject of Hanako's harassment sat up and looked over the back of the couch, he had purple hair and eyes, his skin was tanned, and he was wearing a gray stripe, black hat, white t-shirt and black shorts, he yawned and waved to Yasu and Akio, "Yo, name's Hayato, nice ta meecha."

"I'm Yasu, likewise, this is my little brother Akio."


Hayato stretched and yawned again, "'Guess you guys are the ones who moved into the old Matsuoka place?"

"Yeah, how'd you guess."

"Hanako always announces her plans for the day before she leaves the house in the morning."

Yasu chuckled, "What have I gotten myself into."

"A friendship you'll never get out of," said Hayato, with a wink, "'Cus, Hana won't let you down if she thinks you're her friend and if you upset her I'll kill you."

There was a meaningful change in tone that made Yasu know the older boy wasn't joking, Yasu just smiled and shrugged, "I have no intention of doing any such thing."

"Good, now, unless I'm greatly mistaken we're having Roast for dinner complimented by tender red potatoes and juicy carrots, you came on a good day!"

"Sounds like it."

"You guys like video games?"

"Great, Hanako has some great multi-player games."

Hayato swung around so that the boys could sit on the couch beside him and grabbed three game controllers off the coffee table handing one to each brother, as they sat beside him, and keeping the last for himself.

The rest of their stay was peaceful.

A week passed and Yasu was finding himself becoming closer and closer to his new friends, Hotaru was weird and crazy, she believed that the computer club was actually part of a cult that worshiped evil alien overlords, but she also liked to laugh and would even laugh at her own craziness sometimes, she and Hanako had met in kindergarten and had been friends ever since.

Yuuki was different he was a prankster, and a clever one at that, he was a straight A student but the only people who knew that were his friends, he had recently started hanging out with the two girls mostly because they were the only two who tolerated his occasional prank.

Hanako. Herself, was a member of the school's girl soccer team, she was cheerful but quick tempered, talkative but a good listener, she'd gotten in a few arguments with Yasu but they had always ended in laughter.

Saturday finally came and Yasu made it a point to sleep in, he did, for about an hour.

Yasu yawned and crawled out of bed, at eight o'clock in the morning, there was no point in staying in bed he would never get back to sleep. He got dressed, went downstairs, made himself some breakfast, and went outside.

He sat down on the porch step and gnawed on a piece of toast while enjoying the silence of the morning. He, momentarily, allowed himself to drift off into a daydream about going off on some great adventure, then suddenly he heard a strange voice, "Ah, yes, you will do."

Yasu turned quickly but there was no one there, he shook his head, "Weird, I could of sworn . . . Oh, well."

"Hey, Yasu!"

Yasu looked up and saw Hanako running up to him, "Hanako?"

"Come on, Yuuki got a new video game, he wants us all to come over and play it with him."

"Uh, okay, just let me leave a note for my mother."

"'Kay, but hurry up."

"Don't be so impatient, I'll be back in a minute."

"Minute's to long, make it thirty seconds!"

"We'll see," Yasu laughed.

A few more days passed, Yasu enjoyed his time with his new friends but he couldn't shake the feeling that soon he'd be separated from them.

On Tuesday of the next week the feeling that something big was on it's way pestered Yasu awake in the morning it was raining and the way to school was miserable. At school he found concentration near to impossible, and spent most of the morning staring aimlessly out the window.

When lunchtime finally came he allowed Hanako to drag him to the computer room where Yuuki and Hotaru were and the four ate their lunch in relative silence until Yasu looked over at one of the computers and noticed that the monitor was on and the light from it steadily increasing even though the tower was off, "Hey, this computer . . . is doing something weird."

"Huh?" Hanako looked up, "You're right what's up with this thing?"

Yasu shrugged and reached out to turn the monitor of but as his hand made contact with the hard plastic the screen lit up so brightly the teenagers had to cover their eyes to keep from being blinded. Then just as suddenly the light faded away and left the four to let their eyes adjust and find that laying on the floor in front of each of them were strange devices a red one in front of Yasu, tan in front of Hotaru, dark purple in front of Yuuki, and dark blue in front of Hanako

There was a moment of silence then Yasu bent down and picked up the device before him as Hotaru protested, "Don't touch it! It could be some strange gift to the geeks from the Aliens they worship!" There was a moment of silence then with everyone staring at Hotaru, then she squirmed, uncomfortably, and said, "Sorry, that just slipped out."

"Well, now, that we've settled the issue of Alien Gods," Yasu turned his attention, to the device, and found his eyes drawn to a button on the side, then he heard a beep and nearly dropped it, turning he saw that Yuuki had picked up his device and already pressed the button, "Wow, it's a map!" Yuuki exclaimed, "It's got the whole school, those four little red dots must be us! Cool!"

"Not Cool," growled Hanako, "You scared the living daylights out of me."

"I thought it was co-."

Suddenly, the computer monitor lit up again, and the light quickly grew brighter till it had engulfed the entire room, and when it faded the four were gone.

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That's it for this Chapter, on to the next! *cue adventure music and everybody looking at me like I've lost my mind*

*Ahem*, To be continued . . .


Wanted to say that even though I used Japanese names, these kids aren't necessarily from Japan . . .