Is it too late? Chapter 3

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Summary for this chapter: Eventually, Conan decided to end this bloody war for the sake of his beloved Ai. However, as imperfect people say: Choices have its own consequences and there is always an exhange in all circumstances either positive or negative.

As usual, the blaring Sun was rising from the East, breaking the darkness of dawn. Being an early riser, Ai woke up though it was still four hours after midnight. She saw the golden sun rays, and yes, it was another dreadful day she had to spent in this hopeless world. However, today, she discovered something which she was oblivious to, though it was always visible every morning. It was the light. The golden rays of the Sun was impuring the darkness of her room.

The image of Conan dashed across her thoughts, for he was the light in her fearful life. 'My light...', she muttered. As for now, things were different. She killed her own light by rejecting his love but it was unintentional, isn't it? There was guilt surfacing in her heart for she had missed Conan, the fact that she actually told him that his love was redundant to her. That was a lie or either a unintentional mistake. One thing to be ensure of, she didn't intend to hurt him by her words.

Making up her mind, she planned, "Maybe attending school today wouldn't hurt, I just want to talk to him again. I want to tell Kudo-kun that I'm still in love with him."

With a rare smile displayed on her face, she was able to consume her breakfast and prepare to go to that Elementary School without the fear nor worry of the Black Organisation.

While Ai made her way to her destination, there was reminescence, she remembered the first time when they first kissed. Touching her soft lips, she recalled...

(A year ago, December 24)

It has been about 12 days after Conan and Ai became a couple. As for Ai, she never believed that she could finally be with her true love without any obstacles to overcome. The young chemist would still think that this was just a mere dream of her again. Unknowingly, her true love surprised her by covering her beautiful eyes from behind. Automatically, she knew that it was Conan. She simply flashed him a rare and genuine smile.

Looking in her radiant eyes, he said, "Well, Hakase is preparing a Cristmast Eve and the three kids, Genta, Mitsuihiko and Ayumi are invited."

"I know, when are we going to tell them about our romantic relationship? They will be devastated, you know," she questioned Conan.

He wraped his arms around her waist, telling her in such a sincere voice, "Look, we both know that they might throw a fit, however, it's still best to tell the truth. But promise me that our relationship will not be broken just because of a bunch of kids."

"You're right, we'll tell them about an hour or so. I know for sure they'll be here," she replied.

While waiting, they assisted Hakese with the finishing touches of the decorations. They noticed Hakase hanging up a few mistletoes to the ceilings. Seeing this, a smirk flashed on the shrunken detective's face. "You're still thinking about having a kiss, don't you?" Ai teased seductively.

"As a matter of fact, yes," Conan admitted, turning his head shyly.

Raising her right eyebrows as a sign of flirting, she replied, "Sorry, but the kids would be here any moment right now, since an hour has already passed." Conan shooked his head and held her hands, leading her to the living room. "It's just that I never had a kiss before, I'll be so lucky if it is you I would kiss," he replied. Now, facing each other, she smirked, "Neither one of us had kissed before."

Coincedentally, there was a mistletoe above them. The young couple noticed this and at once, they knew what to do. Conan smiled and licked her delicate lips, requesting for an entrance. She immediately granted access to her mouth and allowed his tongue to meet with hers. His tongue explored the internal of her mouth repeatedly, resulting a pleasured moan escaping from her troat. Like children who tasted strawberries for the very first time, they desired more.

She placed her hands on his neck, deepening their delicious kiss while Conan's hands roamed around her slim and slender body. As their tongues battled for dominance, they grew to love it more. Conan explored her body by caressing every inch of her milky-white skin more thoughroughly due to the increasing irresistable sensation. Ai couldn't be more pleasured but to show grattitude and pleasure by moaning non-stop.

Running out of breath, both broke their lovingly kiss temporarily, looking into each other's eyes while trying to inhale the atmospheric oxygen. Ai knew that Conan was yearning for lust. Nodding her head as an approval, he pushed her to the nearest sofa and proceeded their intercourse. Though both were drowned in their love, they still managed to control themselves by not removing their clothes.

Laying on top of her, he sucked the base of her neck causing her to moan even louder. "Harder," she moaned and pressed her hands on his neck to bury his head on her neck. He obeyed her demand and sucked harder. Satisfied, he parted with her to create a small space between them, allowing them to breathe. "I love you," he blurted out. She hugged him and whispered to his ear, "I know, I seriously want you in my bedroom."

Standing up, they had the greatest shock of their life. The children, Genta, Mitsuhiko and Ayumi were standing infront of them with their jaws dropped. It was obvious that they had watched the whole episode. Ayumi was clearly on the verge of crying. She tried to cease tears on her eyes but soon, they accumulated and she burst into tears. "How could you Ai-chan! You know that I have a crush on Conan and you snatched him aways from me!"she screamed.

"How dare you do nasty things to Haibara, Conan!" Mitsuhiko was enraged by jealousy and hatred, he was obnoxiously reprimanding Conan.

"You guys, calm down, we can explain," Conan replied calmly. Unlike Conan, Ai was getting impatient with the immature children's whining and drama therefore she spoke harshly, "Shut the hell up everyone! As you had witnessed, Edogawa-kun and I did something that only adults do with their lovers. Whatever it is, forget it. But to make things clear, Edogawa-kun and I are in a relationship and whoever tries to cease our relationship, I will never forgive you,"

With that, the two children were even more hurt due to Ai's words and left with a broken-heart. Genta pleaded Ai and Conan to reconcile with the others but the couple shook their heads in doubt, skeptical that the "Detective Boys" will never exist again. Famished, Genta left, leaving Ai and Conan behind.

"You know, they terminated my mood. I'm going to bed without you. Let's do it in another day," Ai told Conan and left.


Well, that was when the whole gang had fallen apart. Mitsuhiko joined a gang where he became the leader's personal assistant but they never really treated him as a friend, just a slave. As for Ayumi, she started hanging out with those mean and materialistic girls who held a grudge on Ai. They were influenced by their friends and seperated ways. As for genta who was the least affected, he just spent his time eating food and tried to reconcile the "Detective Boys" again but it was always futile. Conan and Ai were still close to each other. well, that was like barely a year ago.

Ai was too engrossed on her thoughts that she was already there on the front door of the class. She scanned the whole room, searching for Conan. To where she usually sitted, the sit next to her was empty which meant that Conan was absent.

"Where's Kudo-kun? I really need to tell him that I still love him," she thought.

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