Eric Northman had enough.

He had never been one to be patient, or to let others have what was rightfully his, so why should he change his ways now?

Bill Compton, that arrogant bastard.

He wasn't even half the man or vampire that Eric was and yet in this battle he had surely been winning. The more Eric thought about it, the angrier he became, feeling the sting of his own nails digging into the flesh of his palms, fists clenched with silent rage.

How dare he flaunt her around in front of me, rubbing it in my face.

A growl purred past his lips and suddenly the crowd of Fangtasia became even more of a nuisance then usual. He quietly sat in his throne above them all, despising their existence, if only he didnt need the money.

Whiny, weak, pathetic worms, all of them...but she...she is different. Look at them, trolling this bar looking for sex or vampire blood, anything to let them momentarily escape their meaningless and short lives. Pigs.

He stared blankly at a woman, his tired eyes fixed and body motionless. She was most likely in her mid-forties, dressed to the vampire-nines in black fishnets and faux leather. Her bare bottom peeked out from under her miniskirt and his face recoiled in disgust.

Sookie doesnt grovel or smell of weakness like these peons, but she also isn't so irritatingly brazen as to mock or attempt to belittle me as most outspoken vampire females would.

She wasn't quite human, but in her gentle and virtuous nature she was...she drifted a nebulous line between humanity and the supernatural the likes of which Eric had not ever seen, and it fascinated him to the point of obsession. He always knew when she and Bill were coming to pay a visit as he could smell her easily from hundreds of feet away. Sweet, calming and velvety, as if she radiated a permanent state of ease. It soothed him to be in her presence, not that he would ever let on to that...and many days alone in his dark sleeping quarters, the reminiscence of that scent would be his guide to self-pleasure.

Eric was dominant by nature, only more-so since his turning vampire so long ago. His need for Sookie felt primal, predatory, it gnawed at him like a hungry wolf begging for a scrap of meat. He felt a twitch of weakness in himself in this moment, thinking about her. Never in his extended life had a woman captivated him to this point, but yet she had bewitched him without even trying. Yes, he had been with human women for moments in time, but ultimately their shallowness of character repulsed and bored him. He may present himself as a ladies man of the darker sort, but truth be told his lovers were few and far between. Even as a human, he never truly felt a need for companionship, he was fine on his own, until now. Yes, he wanted to enjoy Sookies body desperately, but his yearning was for far more then that.

The music booming through the club suddenly began to pound away at his nerves, amplifying his tension, soon it was too much to bear.

"ENOUGH" he roared and stood with vampiric quickness from his throne. The crowd fell silent, Eric could sense the emotions in the room, and the wave of fear he had struck crashed down on him, almost giving him a smirk from egotistical satisfaction. "OUT, ALL OF YOU MAGGOTS...NOW!".

Pam watched as the crowd quickly dispersed in fright, pushing their ways through the door and trampling each other in haste. She gazed over at Eric and arched an eyebrow in interest, arms folded in front of her chest. He stepped down from his perch slowly and stopped in front of her with a few moments of silence before he pointed towards the door.

"Bring her to me"

"Whomever do you mean?"

"Don't toy with me Pam, now is not the time"

"What do you intend to do, kidnap the poor girl?"

"For now perhaps, but she will eventually stay of her own will."

"I'm blonde too you know, and I have no problems dressing up as a waitress for you."


"Alright, alright, you don't have to be so bitchy", she smirked and turned to walk out the door, her red heels clicking the hard wood floors, and her hips swaying in hopes to catch Erics attention. He sighed and shook his head, turning his back towards the door and closing his eyes in silent anticipation of the night to come. He removed his black leather jacket, letting it fall to the floor and stood alone in the middle of the dance floor. His well toned arms folded across the cotton of his wifebeater and he tapped his foot in waiting for her.

He was sick and tired of this game, playing nice with the likes of Bill Compton. He would have her tonight, whether she liked it or not at this moment. She would learn to love him and she would be his.