"Got you on your back, your skin speaks up,
But your lips couldn't say it.
Right now, you know somehow,
We could take a chance, we could make it.
Right here. make it all disappear,
Everything we've been missing,
You make me feel, there's a part of me, that I want to get back again.

Make this come true...Help me get through
Into you

-Nine Inch Nails "Deep"

Sookie was unsure of what to do, and a feeling of dread overtook her senses. She felt scared...terrified actually...but also intrigued. A very odd mix of emotions. She had told herself many times before that Eric was a revolting egomaniac, yet there was something thrilling about his pursuit of her. It was exciting, new...but it had a slight air of familiarity, as if it were a dance they had performed together before. Continuing to lay on the desk, her eyes fixed on the ceiling she listened to what was definitely the soft sound of jeans hitting the floor...Erics jeans.

This is really going to happen...ok calm yourself down, if you don't want to he can't make you...ok he probably can ..but...do I want to?

Without a moment more to ponder her internal question, she gasped as she felt his hands grab both of her ankles and begin to pull her off of the desk. She snapped her head up and watched his grinning face stare at her, as her bare skin dragged across the wood with a loud squealing sound..

"Hey, wait! What are you doing?" she attempted to kick but his hold wouldn't give. Her fingers scraped along the desk as she went down it, providing no resistance at all.

Sookie couldn't see anything below his waistline as he was hauling her off against her will, but she could see his pants a few feet behind him crumpled on the dark floor.

He cupped her behind as it slipped off of the desk, preventing her from falling onto the ground. With almost no effort he set her down gently so that she now sat, her back against the drawers of the desk and Eric kneeling just a foot or so in front of her. His frame loomed above her and peered down with carnal desire, looking like sin personified. She locked her eyes with his, intimidated too much to look downwards for the moment. He was the hunter, staring at a helpless creature in his trap. Sensing her trepidation, he honored her wishes and continued to kneel, motionless and let her consume the view of his now naked body at her own pace. Her gaze eventually began to trail downwards, his chest was smooth and solid, his pale but almost glowing complexion accentuated how exquisite his body was, allowing every curve and definition to stand out. She drifted more, soaking in the sight of his perfectly flat stomach, the dim lighting causing shadows that wound along the various toned lines of his musculature. Eric was the very consummation of masculinity, and it was an intense feeling to be the object of his most certainly perverse fascination. She looked past his stomach, following his trail of light hairs until...

..there it was.


She snapped her head to the side, averting her stare and embarrassed.

He was well endowed to say the least. Sookie had felt his member throughout their encounter, but it was even bigger then she had anticipated.

"Uh,um..." She fumbled in attempts to formulate words but he cut her off with a self-righteous laugh.

"Surprised, lover?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well..I just...I um..."

He smirked and leaned down towards her, planting his hands down on the floor and bringing his face to hers, whispering into her ear from the side.

"Bill was inadequate in every sense of the word I see. Let me show you what you've been missing." his fiery breath puffed against her.

She was silent, stunned in front of him like a deer in the headlights. He took a moment to lick the lobe of her ear, raking the point of a fang against it. Goosebumps began to emerge across her body and she was aflutter with anticipation. Softly he took her hand, and pulled it towards him, letting go as she was nearly touching his manhood, hard and ready for her. Her hand hovered above it,shaking and apprehensive. His stubbled face nuzzled against hers, the cool touch of his cheek not providing much distraction.

She let her hand linger for a few seconds before she gingerly brought it down upon him, her dainty fingers softly encircling his shaft. His engorged flesh was warmer then she had expected, her fingertips could not meet together as she held him, something that was not true with...what was his name...oh yeah, Bill.

Eric let out a loud groan and twitched within her hand.

Lover, if only you knew how long I've waited...

She shifted her head to the side, turning to look at him, his now smoldering gaze so close to her. Slowly her hand began to glide up and down, tugging his skin gently and working all the way from his tip to the base. She could feel herself blushing, observing his normally menacing face turning slightly more human in this most primal and natural of acts. He could not control himself, now entranced by the rhythmic caresses of her palm. He clenched his eyes shut and let out heavy sighs and pants with each movement of her hand, occasionally rocking his hips towards her in perfect time. She had never seen him so placid, and realizing she was figuratively taming him with merely her touch was arousing her greatly.

I...I want to please you...

Her own thoughts were startling, but even more so were her actions. Her impulses overriding her judgment, she leaned her face into his and bit down softly on his lower lip, initiating an impassioned kiss as her hand began to pick up speed. His eyes opened for a moment in surprise, the flame of his desire fanned and now scorching through him. Immensely turned on, he growled into her mouth and jammed his tongue past her lips, bringing up both hands to cradle her face. Their mouths brushed and collided over and over, he kneeled more into her, pressing her back against the cold handles of the drawers and trapping her in their connection. Her grip tightened and began to twist around him, still stroking all the way up and down his length. She had to battle her craving, as she was becoming overpowered by an urge to touch herself.

The forcefulness of his kissing could no longer mask the tenderness he actually felt, through the bond she now became aware of his true feelings for her. Sookie was taken aback, but the realization of his intentions to "keep" her for more then just this night was romantic in a way so haunting and dark it sent her body ablaze.

Eric felt a tiny stream of excitement begin to seep out of him, flowing down onto her fingers, but sensing how much he had let his guard down, he snapped out of his sexual intoxication. A sultry look swept across his face as he pulled away from her, abruptly ending the kiss and kneeling tall once more.

"Enough foreplay min älskare. You're mine now, and I'm taking you..."

Her bubble of story-book vampire love popped.

"...Eric, wait!" , she yelled in alarm.

He grabbed her waist and pulled her more towards himself, all the while backing up to create more space between themselves and the desk. Her upper body fell back and she caught herself before it hit the floor. Sookie looked up at him from her leaned-back position and gulped as she watched him lifting her legs high in the air and draping her ankles over his shoulders. Her entire lower body was lifted off of the floor, Erics expert hands now holding her by her haunches in line with his member.

"No more waiting lover."

"Please, I just...I'm..."


"...well I guess."

"You should be."

"That doesn't help."

"Enough talk.", he stated bluntly before giving her a fangy-smile

Letting her legs strain against his chest and shoulders, he reached between them momentarily to position himself at her entrance. With barely a second to react to the soft and teasing sensation of his tip pressing against her, he drove himself forward, pushing only about an inch or two into her. He watched as her lips were forced to make the initial spread around his width and then forced himself stop. Sookie winced in the pain of the stretch her body was having to make to accommodate him and let out a loud moan, though her pleasure was laced with discomfort . Even with only a small part of him inside of her she was beginning to experience an intense feeling of fullness and pressure. He peered down at his cock partially immersed in her opening and heaved out a breath of restraint.

Oh, why did he stop...please...please don't stop now...

She needed to have the rest of him inside her badly, he was cruelly proficient in the art of tormenting her. She wiggled her hips, attempting to slide onto more of his length, fiercely he grabbed a firm hold on her, gripping her hipbones tightly and stopping her in place. She writhed beneath his constraint, her mind hysterical with want. She cried out in distress, looking up at him with pleading eyes and panting breaths.

"Min älskling, what do you want your master to do?" His voice was tough and questioning.


"...Eric? We went over that already..."

"...Min herre...please.." her toes curled in wait for his response, the coolness of the wood floor between her shoulder blades gave her the chills. He was silent, his stare from so far above attempting to pry a request from her lips.

She sighed, her morals and the conventions of society telling her that ladies did not ask for such crude things and decided to try a more subtle approach.

"..make love to me."

"Oh, I'm not going to do that." He feigned a look of puzzlement on his face. his brow furrowed and a strand of blonde hair fell down in front of his eyes.

"What?Are you kidding?"

"I am however going to fuck you until you're screaming for mercy"

She gasped as he shoved himself farther into her, spreading her insides wider then they'd ever had to go before, she felt her legs twitch and jerk on his chest. He grabbed her harder, holding her hips steady and kept pushing until his pubic bone was touching her mound and he could no longer see any of himself outside of her. She moaned and growled uncontrollably as her back arched up and she scraped her nails across the floor beneath them. It was like her first time all over again, the agony she knew would soon melt into sweet satisfaction. She was at maximum capacity, and the unfamiliar feeling was incredible. All of her consciousness was focused on him inside of her, pressing all of her newly discovered inner nerve endings and already causing her walls to have tiny jolts of contraction around him.

Slowly he pulled back out, now clutching her calves to his chest,holding her up but hardly needing to use his supernatural strength. He forced himself back in harder than before, a rumbling growl escaping his lips. His body began to find its rhythm, as he was rewarded with whines and squeals from her each time he plunged in and bumped her inner sweet spot. He was starting out slow for her sake, yet the force he inflicted with each stroke was unforgiving and brutal.

Sookie was tighter then any woman he could remember, every time he plowed himself back in, her passageway clasped him and squeezed, tempting him to let loose. He however had other plans and did not want to stop until he was sure she had climaxed from nothing but his dick inside of her.

Her eyes rolled back.

It was bliss, it was euphoria, it was an all consuming madness where the only thing she could feel was the motion inside of her and the pounding of his pelvis against her. The impact of each thrust sent a wave of heat and sparks up and down her body. Arousal was building and building from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. He was fucking her insatiably, as if each drive inside of her had to be harder then the last.

...never...knew...I ...could feel...this...good...

He made snarling and grunting noises with each vicious movement, She wasn't used to hearing a man sound so much like an animal, it was exhilarating as hell and adding to the delirium of the experience . Sweat was beading on his broad chest as he pounded into her, their eyes met and after a few more thrusts he stopped himself, pulling out and letting the head of his cock rest against her moist opening.

His hand flew behind her head and grabbed her hair in one quick vampiric rush. Yanking her head up from the floor and tilting her face so that she was now staring directly at his cock lined up and prepared to penetrate her again. She made a small whimper of protest and inhibition. Using the enormity of his body compred to hers, he employed his other hand to push against the underside of her thighs, pinning both of her legs down against her chest. Her pussy was completely exposed and open to him with her legs back and ass still high in the air before him. He enjoyed the view of her delicate pink folds for a brief moment. Looking back down at her face, golden hair twisted between his fingers, he forced her to watch as he began to pump in and out of her once more.

"Bill Compton can never satisfy you again, min älskare. You are MINE now." his voice rumbled with hostility.

She answered him with only a wail as he was beginning to use his abilities in inhuman acceleration to hammer into her faster then she could even comprehend beyond the feeling of being filled over and over again. She watched the flurry of motion between them, her naked eye unfit to distinguish much. Eric mashed his hand into her thighs as far as it would go, staring at his erection being buried inside of her and listening to her cries with a feeling of conquest. The minutes felt endless as he continued to fuck her with an urgency that neither had experienced before.

She let out an echoing groan and could feel herself teetering towards passing out from sheer over-stimulation , the sweat from her own legs pressed against her was beginning to become slippery and she squirmed beneath him only to be pressed down harder against the floor.

Suddenly she felt her world turn upside down, and was all fours rather than on her back, trembling and weak, Eric still inside her and his nails buried deep inside the flesh of her backside. He ceased his movements, now painfully throbbing with excitement and impending release, his body begging to attack her once more.

"Fuck your master Sookie." he muttered, and contorted his upper half above her so that he still clutched her rear while able to blow hot breaths into the back of her neck.

Cheeks flushed and body quaking, for a moment she wasn't sure what he meant. His stare was blank behind her, she winced as her insides twitched around his dick, craving his rhythm again.

"Yes..." she nodded and braced herself up despite her body wanting to collapse and succumb to him. Palms flat on the floor she pushed herself backwards, forcing his cock to slide back into her.

"Oh shit..." She growled and let her head drop down, feeling the soft skin of her ass bump against his hard stomach as she reached the hilt of his member. Slowly she pulled herself forward again, then repeated the process, grinding into him as slowly as she could for fear she would cum all over his floor if she went any faster. His size made every push inside of her unbearably deep and she could feel her body struggling to spread for him and allow even more stimulation.

Eric purred into her ear with each of her backwards motions, impaling herself upon him over and over without remorse. Her wetness washing over him again and again made it too intolerable to remain motionless behind her for long. He drew back, then began to fuck her with such force she was afraid she wasn't going to be able to catch her breath, she kicked her legs up involuntarily, her body trying to escape him. He snatched them up and held them to his hips, using her own legs as his leverage to drive himself deeper into her, pulling her back onto his cock even farther as he thrusted forward. She surrendered to him completely, letting him overtake the control of her body and getting completely lost in rapture. She closed her eyes and let her upper half settle on the floor while Eric held her hips up for her, each pump starting to draw her closer and closer to her summit.

She didn't know why, but something inside of her screamed out for her to speak...

""Jag är din'...min herre..." (I am yours... my master...) she moaned out, her voice thready and frail.

The words were barely audible beyond her lips, but Eric could pick it up as clear as a bell. For a moment his impenetrable fortress of arrogance broke down, and his eyes widened in surprise at hearing her whimper so erotically in his native tongue. It drove him wild.

"Say it again lover" he begged and felt his body begin to override his control, losing rhythm and pushing into her with inconsistent and irrational timing. His animal instincts were now winning and he was ravaging her like he had always envisioned in his depraved fantasies. He was allowing her no restraint from his unbridled power, her bodies hot and drenched core expanding to receive him with each shove.

His lust was now driving him into a frenzy, letting her legs drop back to the floor, he bent down above her and grabbed her wrists into each of his hands. He clenched them tightly and jerked her upper body out from its weary state,letting her dangle against his pull. She was now looking ahead, with Eric behind her ramming into her so violently she could feel the reverberations going through her flesh with each hit of his body against hers. He held her wrists against his sides, still using his vampiric acceleration while her entire body rocked back and forth in time with him, perspiration visibly trickling down her back . Soon he was nothing but a pale blur, striking against her so quickly his shape was oscillating and echoing itself.


"Jag är din', min herre!" she was barely able to choke out, hair flying around her face and fingers spreading out. She was about to erupt.

Suddenly she felt her heart race, and an overwhelming dizziness overtook her. She was in a cold sweat and losing her sanity. This was a different type of climax and it was consuming her entirely. She let her upper body hang heavily against his grasp like dead weight . Eric held her up still driving into her relentlessly and as deep as he could. She was breathless, bring pushed back and forth, the skin of her knees sticking to the wood of the floors. Slowly the feeling culminated, and all she knew was his cock raking against her inner walls faster and harder until she exploded. As it struck her, like a bolt of lightning, she felt paralyzed, all of her tendons and sinew tensing up beyond control and unable to move for several moments, her heart beating so hard she thought it would jump from her chest. Each convulsion inside her became her entire world, her muscles locking up over and over, each release flooding her with an ecstasy beyond anything she had ever known. He pulled her up to his chest as she came, pinning her shivering body against his chest, and still pumping into her wildly. Her arms were rigid and straight behind them both, still in the bursting aftershocks of climax, her body become even more sensitive to the friction inside of her. She screamed and clawed behind him, bellowing out with tears now flooding down her cheeks. His grip upon her wrists did not let her scramble as her body dramatically fought to.

Finally he allowed his orgasm to hit, his fangs began to ache and tingle. Her pulse was pounding, and he could not deny himself. With an uncontrollable fervor he bit down onto her neck, holding in a roar and proceeding to suck out her sweet blood for a second time. His hips bucked over and over, fingernails cutting into her wrists and drawing blood that dribbled down to the floor. She cried and shoved her head to the side, pulling her neck taut and giving herself to him in the throws of passion, letting him have his fill. Her blood dripped down his chin and her back,his tongue furiously lapping for every drop he could get, but his mind too consumed with release to be as efficient as normal. After a few moments of feeling himself twitching and shooting off inside of her he began to draw in muffled but heavy breaths still attached to her neck and savoring their intimate entanglement.

" Du är vacker" (you are beautiful) he purred into her soft and quivering neck.

He spoke soothingly as he still made tiny thrusts into her, letting the clamping of her muscles milk everything out of him. He let go of her wrists, her arms dropping to her sides, bloodflow slowing. He engulfed her with his towering body in an embrace, remaining hard and joined with her.

"Eric...are you even capable of love?" Her voice was soft and breathy as she remained staring with expressionless exhaustion at the desk in front of them.

He was silent, if she would've posed this question only yesterday he would have laughed whole-heartedly. She sighed from his lack of response and hurt began to sink its way through her,starting to take away from the satisfaction still melting through her entire being.

"Human emotions are shallow...no, I don't feel love."

"Then why toy with me like this?" Her tears of orgasm now combined with tears of betrayal.

"What you know of love is nothing compared to my devotion... the bond we share now goes beyond our blood. I've waited a dozen lifetimes to feel this...but If you want to simplify it by calling it "love" then do so, just know its more then that."

She smiled, his words were personal, and for a second in time she saw the tiny piece of mortality he still clung to, a man longing for a woman to call his own. She sniffled and let her tears fall to the floor.

Her thoughts were still somewhat hazy, clouded with the energy still soaring through her veins from climax, but she knew after all her fighting she could no longer disagree with him. He had been right all along. They definitely had a connection that was for now beyond her comprehension...

Bill would never be able to satisfy her again, not after this.