The Impossible

Stefan and Jessica are left alone downstairs after a drunken Damon and Elizabeth have gone upstairs to retire for the evening. Stefan uncovered a plot from Elena about some society of vampires that is threatening to come after Damon and Elizabeth. So far, Stefan hasn't been able to convince Damon that the whole situation is dangerous yet. He knows he can't really reason with Damon when he's been drinking. Most of the time Damon drinks to cover up when he knows he's in trouble or been caught doing something that he shouldn't have been. Jessica is trying to figure out why she's been brought back to the Salvatore home.

Jessica: "Why is it that I can't just go home and sleep in my own bed? I'd be much more comfortable there."

Stefan: "We're not sure the level of threat there is out there yet and you and Elizabeth are really vulnerable right now. You're especially vulnerable because you've been drinking and are slower to run away and easier to catch."

Jessica: "Yeah. Like my being slow is going to stop a Vampire who is 10 times stronger and faster then I am. I could be sprinting at an Olympic pace and still get caught. Doesn't a stake through the heart kill most vampires?"

Stefan: "Newer vampires it can kill, but the older vampires are stronger and harder to kill with stakes. Some times they have to be dismembered and burned after they are staked. Otherwise, it just paralyzes them for awhile and they attack once they are free from the stake."

Jessica: "Oh that's assuring. So basically everything I've seen on TV, read in a book or watched in movies is all crap when it actually boils down to defending myself."

Stefan: "I'd say so. Although, wooden bullets do slow us down. It hurts a lot and is harder to recover from. It's like shooting a human in the leg. It won't kill you, but it sure will slow you down a lot."

Jessica: "What about Ultra violet light or Holy water in a silver bullet? Is that just crap too?"

Stefan: "Holy water has no effect on a vampire. Silver doesn't either. So, you're basically just putting water in a silver cup. It has no effect."

Jessica: "Wonderful. Maybe I am better off staying here with a bunch of psychos."

Stefan: "Who had you believing that Ultra Violet light could kill us?"

Jessica: "Let's just say it was an idea I saw in a Vampire movie. They explained it was like having the sun light in liquid form."

Stefan: "I never really encountered that one before."

Jessica: "I don't expect it to be Holy God's honest truth or anything. I'm just throwing drunken suggestions out there for defense. Since this Vervain stuff seems to not be appearing anytime soon."

Stefan: "I have some. I just need your help with it."

Jessica: "You need my help as in you can't handle it because it'll burn you."

Stefan: "Exactly."

He goes over to a cabinet and hands her a wooden box. He gestures for her to open it. Inside, are two necklaces with heart shaped charms on them? They look like normal women's jewelry from a distance.

Jessica: "Wow. These are gorgeous."

Stefan: "I want you to take one and put it on. It'll protect you from any unfriendly vampires trying to compel you."

She puts it on.

Jessica: "What about Elizabeth?"

Stefan: "Damon is taking care of her. I'm sure he got her one too."

Meanwhile, upstairs with Damon and Elizabeth,

Damon: "I have a gift for you."

Elizabeth: "Do you?"

She sits up on the foot of his bed excited.

Damon: "Keep in mind, this was intended to be a normal gift, but it's sort of become vital to your survival now."

Elizabeth: "That's a very vague and scary statement. Do I ever get to find out what the hell is going on for real or are you and Stefan going to talk in code all day and all night around Jessica and I while trying not to alarm us that we may die?"

Damon: "You'll find out as soon as I do. Stefan has a thing about not talking while I'm drunk. He's lame."

Elizabeth: "I'll tell you what's lame. The fact that my life is in danger and nobody is talking to me about it. That is lame."

Damon: "Yours and mine both, honey. There is no need to fear. They'll never get a hold of you as long as I am here. I swear to you."

Elizabeth: "That's very chivalrous and sweet. It's almost romantic how you said that, but what happens on that 1 percent chance that you may not be there? Say like if I'm in the bathroom and someone tries to attack me. That's one place you can't be at the same time I am."

Damon taps the wooden box in front of him.

Damon: "That is what this is for, my dear. It will protect you from that 1 percent chance that I may not be there."

She opens the box and there is an ornate Celtic cross in the box on a silver chain. She starts laughing and puts it on.

Elizabeth: "This is the biggest contradiction I've ever seen. I have vampire blood and I am handling a silver cross and it's not burning my skin to death. The fact that you own a silver cross is ironic."

Damon: "Yeah. It is a bit ironic. I told you these things are very pretty. The only reason I am not handling it is because it has Vervain in it. It's odorless. So, you can't smell it. That little bluish green colored flower looking thing in the middle is what it looks like in plant form."

Elizabeth: "So, exactly what does this stuff do?"

Damon: "It wards off being compelled by other vampires. It's dangerous to us and it can weaken us to the point where we can be killed. It can be used like this or in liquid. Other humans can drink it in something and then you bite them and it makes you weak enough to be caught and killed."

Elizabeth: "Oh wow. That's crazy, but it's not toxic to us."

Damon: "Nah, it's harmless. Just like hanging a daisy chain around your neck."

Elizabeth yawns and leans over on Damon's shoulder.

Elizabeth: "I truly am exhausted beyond belief right now."

Damon: "Well, let's get you comfortable then."

He takes off her shoes and socks and she starts smiling.

Damon: "What?"

Elizabeth: "Thank you for taking care of me and for finding me."

Damon: "I guess your welcome. But, I wouldn't call my finding you exactly a gift just yet. We have a few kinks to work out."

He makes her comfortable in his bed and turns out the bed side lamp.

Damon: "Nighty night."

Elizabeth: "Good night."

He heads downstairs and shuts the door part way so she's not disturbed by the fact that he and Stefan don't sleep. Jessica is asleep in Stefan's room.

Stefan: "She's asleep."

Damon: "Elizabeth is too. She actually thanked me for finding her. I found that a little strange."

Stefan: "That's because she doesn't know the truth yet. She'll change her mind once she finds out about The Association of Vampires that is after you guys."

Damon: "Why just us? Wouldn't they take you down too for knowing about me and her?"

Stefan: "No because technically I didn't know about her at all. You didn't tell me you made a child. So, I had no prior knowledge to this and I never knew her mother."

Damon: "You only knew what Elizabeth and Jessica knew."

Stefan: "Exactly and they're not going to go after me for associating with you. They're going to go after you for hiding Elizabeth and Jean from them."

Damon: "Jean is long gone. There is no Jean for them to worry about. I stand by my previous statement. Anyone who goes after me will be dead before they even get close enough to know it."

Stefan: "None the less, you need to know about these guys and what their intensions are with you and Elizabeth."

He shows him what Elena sent to him on the computer.

Damon: "OK. The Vampire Association of Shreveport, Louisiana basically sounds like a police department for Vampires. What the hell is all this mumbo jumbo? We've been alive hundreds of years without some set rules to live by. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. They are based in an underground club and live among the Undead Goth scene. What the hell is that supposed to be?"

Stefan: "Humans that dress up like vampires and drink blood. Only, it's not really blood. They think they can drink real blood though and they want to be real vampires."

Damon: "No wonder these guys are pissed. They've been mocked by humans all around here. You've got to be kidding. Fang bangers are welcome any time at our club. What the hell kind of twisted crap is going on around these parts?"

Stefan: "It's another term for the humans that sleep with Vampires or what they consider to be vampires."

Damon: "I don't need to read anymore of this. This sounds like some made up crap Elena pulled out of some science fiction novel. Vampires that sleep with humans and humans that drink blood, but aren't vampires. This is ridiculous. Think about this with your logical vampire brain. Why would a group of vampires hang out in a club full of humans? Why would they want to watch humans pretending to be vampires?"

Stefan: "They don't. They destroy them on site. They don't take kindly to being mocked and made fun of. They like it even less when people are disrespecting the lifestyle. Basically, they get rid of the fakers by introducing them to the real deal and killing them."