Stefan: "No. I know what other vampires smell like. There is another vampire with that wolf."

She cocks the gun again this time making sure to soak the silver bullets in Vervain also.

Jessica: "I am sorry to be using this stuff in front of you. I know it must kill you to smell it on everything I am using. But, I can't take a chance with the ones out there trying to eat me and kill us both."

Stefan: "I understand. It's not bothering me. It's odorless. I wouldn't even know it was here unless you touched me with it. Then it would burn me and I would slow down just like them out there."

Jessica: "Not exactly. That wolf sounded like its dead and splattered all over the grass out front."

Stefan motions for her to stay put while looking out the window. Just as suspected a bloody corpse of a wolf is sprawled out on the grass with a broken neck and bleeding from its side. A kill shot to the head would've taken his life if he hadn't fallen also.

Stefan: "Nice kill shot. You got it straight in the head. Its neck is broken and it bleeding from internal injuries. He was dead long before he hit the ground."

Jessica: "Probably why he hasn't transformed back into the human that it once was or shed the busted wolf corpse."

Stefan: "The human is dead. He's been broken in half by the fall and unless you're undead already, nobody survives a gun shot to the head."

Jessica: "It's also possible that he transformed into an owl or a bat to save him self before he hit the ground. Shape shifters are quick and hard to kill. Does the wolf look like a pile of nasty goo on the ground or is it actually solid. Like an actual dead wolf."

Stefan: "It's solid like an actual dead wolf. No goo or goo like substance."

Jessica: "Then I take great pride in that kill. Thank you very much."

She cocks the gun ready for the next attack.

Jessica: "Bring on Bella Lugosi. I'll take him out too."

It didn't take long before Jessica started getting the prickly sensation that someone was behind her and ready to attack. She quickly turns on the uninvited guest with her gun and cracks them in the head with the butt of it.

Vampire: "You stupid blood cow. Guns don't work on the undead. I'm going to rip your insides out and eat them for dinner."

Jessica: "No, you're not even going to survive long enough to enjoy that statement."

She shoots him in the head and goes in for a second shot, but before she can land it there is an eruption of blood and goop that explodes from the dying vampire's corpse. This Results in a nice rain of vampire bits as she is trying to take cover.

Jessica: "Now that was just gross and uncalled for. He couldn't just die neatly like the wolf did. Now I've got nasty ass vampire crap all over me and it's freakening sticky too."

Stefan looks at the jellied remains and looks at Jessica frantically trying to get the sticky crap off of her body without puking.

Stefan: "You go get cleaned up. I'll take care of the mess and I'll get rid of the wolf."

Jessica: "Yes. You will because my house wouldn't have vampire bits in it if it wasn't for you and you're fucked up brother."

She lets out the breath she was holding as her phone rings.

Jessica: "Yes Liz."

Elizabeth: "Is everything OK over there?"

Jessica: "Hell no, it's not OK. I just wasted a shape shifting wolf and a vampire. Now my freaking living room has vampire jiz exploded all over it. It's disgusting. Then, on top of that, it had to explode and get all over me. I need a shower. Do you know how to get vampire bits out of your hair?"

Elizabeth: "No, sorry. I haven't had any experience with vampire bits in my hair lately. You're just going to have to trust it to your shampoo and soap you use and hope for the best."

Damon looks at her like "What the hell?" at that statement and she shrugs like "Don't ask me."

Jessica: "Gee, thanks. Hey, next time you decide you want to find your family and discover there are some psycho killer vampires in your tree, could you tell them that I am not a part of your family and to just not come over here? That would help me out a lot."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. I'll try to get the message out. Hey, I had no idea they would come over there and try to kill you and Stefan."

Jessica: "Nobody touched Stefan. They went straight for me. Stefan would step up and it was like he was a vampire repellent for them. I don't know what kind of crazy shit is going on, but Damon and you are smack in the middle of it."

Elizabeth: "It sounds like you're in the middle of it with me too."

Jessica: "Yeah. I am in the middle of it with you and you know what, it's not a picnic. I'm going to take a shower and wash the bits off of me and try to get the traumatic image of the exploding pile of puke inducing guts spraying all over me out of my head. Oh yeah, and you might want to share with Damon that I'm a hunter. I kill things Supernatural and I've been trained to kill the likes of him and Stefan too."

Elizabeth: "Whoa, back up the boat, sister. Since when are you all gung-ho to kill Damon? You're being a Supernatural hunter has nothing to do with that sudden development."

Jessica: "Oh yes it does. I was crazy for letting either one of these blood sucking freaks into my life. They've caused me nothing but trouble from day one. Yeah, Damon was cool at the hospital. He was charming at the bar and it was a blast to get shit faced with. He even treats you like a gentlemen, but whatever sicked that killer vampire on my ass, is attached to his. Now, the smartest thing you and I can do is put as many miles as we possibly can between us and these two."

Elizabeth: "We can't just get in the car and run away from this. They will follow us no matter where we go. Vampires have an impeccable tracking sense. If they want you and me out of the picture, we will be out of the picture. No mater how good of a hunter you are or how far away we get."

Jessica: "But we wouldn't have Damon and Stefan like homing chips bringing them to us. Besides, I know how to keep them away from us. I've had to cover my scent from many beings. Vampires aren't any different then ditching a demon or a possessed human."

Elizabeth: "Sure they are. Salt doesn't repel them and Holy water is nothing more then a glass of water to them. You can't trap them in a Devil's trap an exorcise them. Vampires are way different from Demons. You can't train to get rid of a vampire."

Jessica: "Yeah. I can just behead and burn them or in this case, shoot the son of a bitch with a Vervain filled silver bullet. Those seem to make them explode like a party balloon."

Elizabeth: "Where the hell did a shape shifting wolf come from?"

Jessica: "Apparently, wolf eyes were watching out for the vampire master. He made sure that I was home. So, when I killed him and went to check on the kill, his master could take me and kill me or whatever his plan was."

Elizabeth: "Holy shit."

Jessica: "Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. My place is clear now. How is it at the boarding house?"

Elizabeth: "Quiet. We haven't had any action over here. I scared the crap out of Damon earlier by coming home early."

Jessica: "Yeah, Damon is up to something. He's been gone and acting suspicious all day today. Did he happen to share with you where he went?"

Elizabeth: "As a matter of fact, he did share where he went earlier today. He went to talk to Eric Northman, the head sheriff of Area 5."

Jessica: "What the hell is An Area 5?"

Elizabeth: "Apparently, the vampires divide up their territory around here and Eric is in charge of all things Area 5. Which are part of where we live and Damon and Stefan are vampires living in his Area. So, the Vampire Association wants Eric to keep Damon under control because he doesn't live by their rules and regulations. He is one of the only vampires that Eric knows that has the power to day walk and still feeds off humans."

Jessica: "No humans have been hurt. So, why is Eric interested in Damon if he hasn't hurt any humans?"

Elizabeth: "Every night walker has dreams of day walking and enjoying the sun again. Damon not only day walks but he created a child. Vampires don't have the ability to produce or create children. Basically, Eric wants to learn how Damon does it so he can do it too."

Jessica: "And Damon doesn't want to be a science experiment."

Elizabeth: "Basically, and he offered up a peace treaty. If Eric and his Area 5 vampires leave us alone, he won't try to kill any of them. If we are attacked, he will bring down the vampire war of Eric's life on his head and more then just vampires will be affected."

Jessica: "Well, I would say the majority of Area 5 vampires have vetoed Eric's peace treaty or whatever the hell Damon agreed to at Fangtasia."

Elizabeth: "You're attack qualifies as harming a human. So, I'd say there are some repercussions to be dealt with here."

Jessica: "Whatever happens next, I am not going to be stuck in the middle of it. I'm going to get showered and I'll be at the boarding house in 20. If you're smart, you will pack your worldly possessions and get in the car with me."

She hangs up and goes to get in the shower. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is beyond pissed off and Damon can feel it radiating off of her like a hot stove.

Damon: "What the hell happened over at Jessica's and why didn't we feel it?"

Elizabeth: "Jessica was attacked by some rogue Area 5 vampire with a pet wolf that was playing eyes for him. Apparently, the wolf made sure she was at her house so the vampire could attack."

Damon: "You're joking, right? Wolves and vampires don't work together like that. We've been enemies for centuries. Why would a shape shifting wolf work for a vampire and attack humans?"

Elizabeth: "Same reason why the vampire went against Eric's orders and attacked Jessica any way. Lucky she has had training in killing Supernatural beings before and was able to kill the shape shifter and the vampire that owned it."

Damon: "She killed a vampire with what?"

Elizabeth: "Vervain soaked silver bullets. She said he exploded like a party balloon and showered her and her living room with Vampire carnage."

Damon: "That's a nasty visual."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. It was an even nastier experience. Now that your peace pact and declaration of vampire war has been ignored and retaliated against, she wants me to gather my worldly possessions and get in her car and put as many miles between us and this insanity as possible."

Damon: "One problem with that, you are part vampire. They will track you both down no matter where you go. It's like a homing device inside you."

Elizabeth: "I tried to tell her that but she said it's no different then trying to cover your tracks and smell from a demon or a possessed human."

Damon: "Its worlds different then trying to protect yourself against demons and possessed humans. You can't kill a vampire the same way as you can a demon. It's more dangerous with vampires. We know how to kill 10 times faster then a hunter and we can cross those little salt circles and lines they draw."

Elizabeth: "Don't you think I know that, Damon? Why the hell are these vampires attacking a human being? She has nothing to do with any of this half- breed shit."

Damon: "She was with Stefan and Stefan is another day walker."

Elizabeth: "That is true, but they tried to attack her not Stefan. She said he was like a vampire repellent."

Damon: "Well, lucky for her because he could help save her life."

Elizabeth: "She didn't mention him saving her life or even having a slight part in saving her life. She was just royally disgusted by being covered in vampire goop and slime."

Damon: "I don't blame her for that one bit."

Elizabeth: "Jessica brought up a good point though."

Damon: "And what point would that be?"

Elizabeth: "If no humans were harmed, why is Eric so hell bent on learning your secret for day walking?"

Damon: "Because it's every night walker's fantasy like you said. It's the Holy Grail of Vampires in this area. If they can some how distribute my secret to other vampires, they could all walk in the sun again and the world would be a dangerous place for all things human."

Elizabeth: "Even though they are sworn off the human blood."

Damon: "Well, it wouldn't only be anti human blood vampires walking around. All vampire kind would be able to do it and the less traditional vampires would be having an all you can eat buffet. Hence, this is why I won't give Eric or any other night walker my secret or the secret of the ring. I don't want an all you can eat human buffet going on around me. It's not good for Stefan or me."