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Albus Severus Potter stood beneath the hatch leading into the attic of their house, his best friend and fellow Slytherin, Scorpius Malfoy standing along side him. His father, Harry Potter, the man dubbed boy-who-lived, the 'savior' of all wizards and witches stood before them, his eyes twinkling in delight. Albus inwardly groaned. This was not a good sign.

"Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy," Harry said as he observed the two teens in front of him, one an exact copy of himself, the other an exact copy of his ex-arch nemesis.

"Yes dad."

"Yes Mr. Potter."

"I want you two as punishment to clean out the attic, top to bottom WITHOUT magic," Harry said with a smirk as the two boys groaned out loud.

"Without magic? Dad please you know how large the attic is, it could take us weeks," Albus exclaimed as Scorpius just groaned again. He should have never agreed to help Albus with his little 'plan'. Scorpius mentally smacked himself. Even though they had only met three years ago on the train to Hogwarts, it felt as if the two had known each other for years, both having similar personalities. When Albus usually had a plan, it usually and most likely wasn't a good one.

"I think it is a perfectly adequate punishment for the both of you," Harry replied, the smirk still visible on his lips, "and anyway, I was going to clean it out soon so might as well make use of it as your punishment."

"But dad!" Albus said in a whiney tone.

"No buts," Harry replied to his sons' pleas as he took out his wand and waved it around, silently saying a spell, making the hatch open and a ladder slide down from the opening.

"Ok kids," Harry said with an evil smirk which adorned this lips, "hand over the wands."

Albus unwillingly gave his father his wand and Scorpius took his from the back pocket of his jeans, also handing it to Harry who just smiled sweetly before putting them inside his jacket pocket.

"Make sure you clean it properly, I'll be checking it once you're done" Harry said with a smile, "I'll be contacting your father to tell him to pick you up later Scorpius."

Albus just glared at his father while Scorpius stood along side him, hanging his head when Harry said that he'd be contacting his father the new Malfoy Senior, god his father would kill him for making more trouble.

"Oh yes, before I forget," Harry said as he took out his wand again and summoned two pairs of pink rubber dish washing gloves and two sponges, holding them out for the two teens.

Albus just grumbled his annoyance snatching the gloves from his father while Scorpius just sighed and nodded, taking the offered sponge and gloves.

"Have fun boys," Harry said as he apperated back to some unknown room in the Potter mansion laughing, leaving the two boys to face the terror of the attic.

Both of the boys stood there staring at the stairs leading to the attic above them, wondering and dreading what lay beyond the open hatch. Albus then began to slip on the dish washing gloved that his father had just seconds ago given to them both, Scorpius following suit.

"Why pink, why is it always with the pink," Albus grumbled to Scorpius who just shrugged.

"Maybe your father thinks it suits your complexion," Scorpius said with a laugh as Albus punched him playfully in the arm.

"Shut it Scor, I don't want to hear that from you Mr.-I'm-so-white-people-mistake-me-for-a-ghost," Albus retorted.

"Hey!" Scorpius said, faking a hurt expression, "that was only one time and I showed that first year that he should never insult a Slytherin."

"Yeah, that poor little Hufflepuff now can't even see Peeves without running in the opposite direction screaming," Albus said with a laugh, "the look on that kids face was priceless."

"No wonder you were put in Slytherin Albus, your personality is so twisted," Scorpius said, laughing as he clutched his stomach.

"You can't talk either!" Albus accused with a smile, "you found it just as funny as I did!"

"…Well, maybe just a little bit…" Scorpius said and both were quite before they both burst out into laughter as they remembered the past, sharing a moment of not so long ago nostalgia.

Albus leaned on Scorpius for support as his insides began to hurt from laughing so hard. When both of them had calmed down enough to stop laughing, the two of them finished putting on the gloves and picked up their sponges which lay on the floor where they had dropped them from laughing so much.

"So…shall we venture into the unknown?" Albus asked his best friend who just grinned before replying.

"I'm up for it any day, are you?"

"Of course," Albus scoffed as he put his foot on the fist step of the ladder and started to climb, Scorpius close behind. Albus climbed up into the dark room, his eyes squinting into the darkness. Scorpius clambered up after Albus and the two stood in the pitch black attic, wondering what on earth they should do.

"So, what now?" Albus asked out loud.

"Well, firstly I think we are in need of a bit of light," Scorpius stated, "there should be windows around here or some form of light."

Albus nodded into the darkness and the two began to amble about, groping into the darkness, occasionally bumping into unseen objects and things.

"I think I found something!" Albus yelled out loud to Scorpius who was still in the process of feeling his way around some piece of furniture, from the feel of it most likely a couch.

"Well then, what is it?" Scorpius yelled back.

Albus just grinned before holding the soft material in his hands tightly, pulling it back and letting the sunlight stream in, illuminating the room in bright light. The two squinted at the sudden difference in light and they both began observing the attic.

"As I though, a couch," Scorpius said as he stood from where he was currently trying to maneuver himself around the royal red dusty couch, the moth holes and rips in the fabric told him the couch had seen better days.

"So Scor, where should we start?" Albus said from his positing beside the window. He was standing next to an old busted clock and beside that an old pram and bicycle and behind that piles of boxes and various different objects that to his eye looked like junk. The more he looked the more junk there just seemed to be, and Albus couldn't believe how much stuff could be crammed in, even if it was such a large space.

"I have no idea, there is just way too much bloody stuff in here," Scorpius said, irritated as all his hopes of a quick job instantly left his head.

"Well, we do have all day," Albus said with a grin and Scorpius just rolled his eyes, seriously regretting to have agreed to help Albus earlier that morning to play a few 'pranks' on his siblings resulting in one pissed of James and one crying Lily. He really was his fathers' son alright.

The two than began to shift boxes and furniture all to one side so they could clean the area. Both boys then climbed back down stairs and had located two buckets and had filled them up with soapy water and had grabbed mops and squeegees to use. They then had some how maneuvered themselves up the ladder without spilling all that much water and the only injury was Albus's sore foot which Scorpius had stepped on in his attempt to not drop any water.

After they had cleaned only that area of the attic, the cleaned area was only about a sixth of the whole attic area and the boys were seriously regretting getting caught by Harry.

"Urgh, this is your fault Al," Scorpius said with a sigh collapsing into the couch, wiping the sweat from his brow, "I would be at home right now reading a book sipping on a cool drink, relaxing and having a calm and chilled day if it wasn't for you and your ideas."

"Oh, but you have to admit, my ideas and I are pretty fun," Albus replied with a cheeky grin as he walked over to join Scorpius on the couch, exhausted just from that little cleaning.

"They may be fun at the time, but god are the strings attached a bloody pain in my back side," Scorpius said with a chuckle, "and I mean literally, but butt hurts like hell from slipping over when we were mopping the floors."

Albus just laughed before replying, "Your butts sore? Hello, did you see my fall? I mean most epic fall in history."

"You mean most failed fall," Scorpius said with a smile as he shot a cheeky glance at his best friend who was sitting beside him.

"Failed?" Albus scoffed, "I think not. That fall was pretty epic."

"Yeah yeah, to you it may have seemed like it was a pretty epic fall," Scorpius stated, "but from where I saw it, it looked pretty lame."

"Whatever Scor," Albus said with a small pout, "it still hurt."

Scorpius just laughed before he ruffled Albus's hair and leant back into the moth eaten couch, closing his eyes. The two just sat in the quite attic for a little while, both boys taking comfort in the others presence.

"Hey…what's that?" Albus asked out loud, getting up from the couch and walking over to the pile of boxes and other objects which they had just moved earlier so that they could clean.

"What Al?" Scorpius asked quizzically as he too got up and walked over to where Albus was squatting next to a small wooden box. The box certainly looked out of place amongst the cardboard boxes filled with junk. Outside the box were strange carvings of dragons which were painted in silver and green, colors that reminded the boys of a certain house.

Albus blow the dust of the lid of the wooden box, his fingers tracing over the words carved into the lid.

"Pour mon cher ami, pour me sauver une fois de plus," Albus read of the lid, stumbling over the pronunciation of the words.

"To my dear friend, for saving me once again," Scorpius translated for his friend who just looked at him with a shocked look, "it's French."

"You can read French?" Albus said, curious.

"Yeah," Scorpius replied as he stared at the words engraved into the wooden lid, "father taught me when I was younger, told me it was a good thing to be a fluent bilingual."

"Wow, I wish dad would teach me a different language," Albus said with a smile on his face, "then all the chicks would love me."

"Yeah right Al," Scorpius replied with a grin, "like they don't already."

"Aw, little Scorpius is jealous of his more popular and good looking friend, but don't worry, I still love you," Albus teased in a baby like voice making Scorpius blush with embarrassment.

"Shut up Al," Scorpius said with a glare, although it didn't look as threatening as the normal Malfoy glare because of the faint pink which dusted his cheeks.

"Aww, my baby," Al said as he hugged Scorpius who turned an even darker shade of red.

"Get off me," Scorpius said as he pushed Albus off him, making him fall, one boy blushing deeply, the other grinning like a maniac.

"Well, are you going to leave me here sprawled on the floor Scor?" Albus said with a smile as Scorpius just glared before reaching out a hand and helping his friend off the floor.

"What do you thinks in the box?" Scorpius asked as he turned back to the little wooden box, picking it up and walking over to the couch before sitting down and placing the box next to him.

Albus followed before sitting opposite Scorpius before saying, "well, why don't we have a look then."

Scorpius turned the box so that the latch of the lid was facing him, he reached for the latch before stopping himself.

"You do it Al," Scorpius said handing the box to the black haired boy beside him.

"Wha- why me?" Albus said trying to push the box away.

"Because it's in your attic that's why," Scorpius replied before forcing the box into Albus's hands, nodding at him to open it.

The boys looked at the box, their eyes boring holes into the lid. Albus slowly unclipped the latch on the box and opened the box bit by bit, nervous as to what they would find. When he had opened the box, both boys let out the breath that they didn't realize they had been holding.

Scorpius started to laugh before running his fingers through his blonde hair, pushing his bangs out of his eyes.

"And here I was thinking it would be something dangerous, but it's just a bunch of letters," Scorpius said with relief while Albus just nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, I thought it might be some sort of dark magic spell book or some mysterious object," Albus said a bit disappointed about the contents of the box, "che, no fun."

"Agreed," was all Scorpius said while he touched the black velvet lining of the box, the soft fabric cool against his skin.

"I wonder what these are about though," Albus said as he picked up one of the countless letters which were inside the box, holding up for Scorpius to see, "none of them are addressed to anyone."

"Hm, let me see," Scorpius said as took the letter that Albus was holding out carefully as the yellow parchment looked as if it would crumble if he held it too hard, "you're right Al, it doesn't have any writing or information on who it was addressed to as."

"I sense a mystery coming," Albus said with a chuckle while Scorpius just shot him a irritated look before he turned the letter over in his hands carefully before opening it.

"Scor!" Albus said to his friend who was half way to opening the letter, "what do you think you're doing!"

"Well, you're the one saying it could contain some sort of spell or something," Scorpius said to Albus who he could see was beginning to become curious, "well, it might be but they have just concealed it to look like a normal letter."

"Maybe…," Albus said as he thought it over in his head, "ok, fine but you open it."

"Chicken," Scorpius whispered before going back to his previous task of opening the letter.

He pulled open the top before pulling out the carefully folded piece of paper inside, prying it open with steady fingers. Albus clambered over the box so that he was sitting next to Scorpius before the two began to read the letter, inquisitive.

Dear La Nuit Noire

Did you receive the present I sent? I hoped you liked it. Green and silver are your favorite colors if I am not mistaken. Everything is finally at an end, but somehow it feels like it's not for me. I still have many demons to face, mostly from those who are quick to judge, but then again isn't that how we met?

I am so grateful that we became as close as we have now, and the day you saved me was one I will never forget. I always wondered what would have happened if we had been friends from the very beginning, before this had all begun, would our life be any different? Well, the past is past, and nothing can change that.

This will most likely be the last letter we can exchange as we are both going our separate ways and journeying down two different roads. When we meet again, I hope that the world is unclouded by their judgments and past grudges and that they will be able to welcome me back for who I am, not for the actions of those around me.

La Nuit Noire, it has been an honor to fight along side you, even though many thought of me as a traitor but it mattered not to me at the time. Your love for your friends is great and true, and it has been a true blessing to have been considered one of your comrades in arms.

Yours sincerely and forever faithfully

Lune D'argent

Albus and Scorpius finished reading the letter before both looked at each other with identical confused expressions.

"What was that all about?" Albus asked Scorpius who just shrugged.

"Well, the writer did say that it would be the last letter he would send him," Scorpius said. "Besides, it looks as if the two had been sending letters for a while," He said as he indicated to the sheer amount of letters inside the box.

"Scor, what does the French mean?" Albus asked as he re-read the letter once again, his eyes skimming over the neat script.

"La Nuit Noire means the black night and Lune D'argent means the silver moon," Scorpius explained.

"Think they were secret lovers?" Albus asked, the nick names sounding strange for a normal letter.

"I wouldn't think so," Scorpius said as he shuffled through the other letters, trying to find the one on the bottom of the box, "I would say that they were just codenames considering that they wouldn't even address the letter let alone write anything that could give away their identities."

"Hmm," was all Albus replied before he stretched his arms, leaning back into the couch, tired but quizzical about the letters they had found.

"Aha!" Scorpius exclaimed loudly as he pulled out a yellowed piece of folded paper, holding it triumphantly in the air, "the last one on the bottom, let's just hope that it's the first letter."

"Read it out loud for me Scor," Albus said quietly as he closed his eyes to listen to his friends' voice.

"Ok," Scorpius replied as he began to read,

Dear Moon

DON'T RIP THIS UP! Just read it, you don't need to reply. I just think it'll help you overcome this problem alright. So here it goes, just please read the letter through.

Are you ok? Sorry about the name, but I don't think either of us would appreciate it if this letter got found right? Well anyway, after seeing you today, I just can't leave you alone right now, off all the times it happens to be now. You need help, and I know that you're to stubborn to admit it, but you do. I know. I've already been there and done that, and I know it's hard to admit you need help, hell I don't either sometimes but it always helps.

You know, the two of us aren't so different. I mean apart from the obvious similarities and differences we are not that different. I know how lonely you feel when you're around your friends; I can see it in your eyes. You may act tough and think you're alright but I know that deep down you're hurting, just like I am.

I want to help you, but I can't unless you WANT me to help you. I won't force myself on you, but I really do want you to let me help you. Moon, I understand what you must be going through is tough, and I doubt I even have the slightest clue as to what is going on but I can tell you this. You are oblivious as to how easily I can tell that your mask is just a façade. Others seem to buy it, but not me. I can tell in your eyes that you wish that it would all end, so that the pain would stop, but it won't. Not by taking your own life it won't.

Let me help you, just tell me and I will.

Please reply back, I'll be waiting.


"Hmmm, this is getting interesting," Scorpius muttered to himself.

"What?" Albus replied as he heard his friend muttering to himself, one of his annoying habits, "the fact that originally they weren't friends yet in the last letter they are like brothers?"

"Well, that's one of the things," Scorpius replied, "but this moon was thinking of taking his own life, hell maybe he even tried to but this night found him, hence the letter."

"Woah, so he," Albus started to say.

"Or she," Scorpius cut in, "it doesn't specify whether they are a man or a woman."

"Whatever Scor," Albus said with an irritated tone, "as I was going to say, so he or she was suicidal and the other person found them and wanted to help them recover from depression right?"

"Most likely," Scorpius replied.

"Well, let's find out shall we?" Albus asked Scorpius before pulling out all of the letters from the box and flipping them so that the bottom of the pile was now on the top.

"Sure, why not," Scorpius also said with a smile as he picked up the letter on the top of the pile before handing it to Albus.

"My turn to read now is it?" Albus asked himself out loud while Scorpius just smiled and nodded before he leant back into the armrest of the couch, relaxing.

"Ok, here it goes," Albus said before unfolding the yellowed parchment and reading out loud.


Don't misunderstand why I am replying to your letter, this is just so you don't think I had gone and died. So don't let this get to your overgrown head.

First, you don't really care your just trying to find information to black mail me with, and I will not stand for this so just get of my back about it already.

Second, why would I even remotely think of admitting anything? If I did I would be telling everyone I was weak, and I cannot allow myself to say this.

Third, what do you mean you know how I feel? What do you know? I would say nothing, so stop pretending you know how I'm feeling right now.

Fourth, seriously you are annoying, and don't even think of confronting me in person or I will hex your balls off.

If you think that the next letter you write will be replied to, then you are sorely mistaken.


"…Wow," Albus said after he finished reading the letter, "this guy had some issues."

"Hmph," Scorpius replied, "sounds like a real dick to me."

"I mean who says, and I quote, 'I'll hex your balls off' to someone that is trying to help them," Albus stated as he put down the letter on top of the first letter in a separate pile.

"Well, now we know that this moon fellow really hated night," Scorpius said with a chuckle, "I wonder what was stuck up this moon guy's ass when he wrote this letter."

"Sounds like a chick with really bad month problems," Albus said with a laugh which only made Scorpius stare at him strangely.

"What?" Albus said when he noticed the look Scorpius was giving him.

"'Sounds like a chick with really bad month problems'," Scorpius re-quoted.

"Well, I mean every time Lily gets it, emotions are tipsy, tension is high and every little thing I would say would either make her let some punches fly or break down crying."

"Really?" Scorpius said as he raised his eyebrows at the statement.

Albus just nodded before shuddering violently.

"I still remember the first time she got it," Albus recalled as he shuddered again, "god what a day, two broken ribs, a black eye and a very sore crutch."

Scorpius just laughed before saying, "remind me to high five Lily later."

"It hurt!" Albus protested while Scorpius just laughed, "she can kick like a bloody horse you know!"

"Reminder to self," Scorpius said as he tried to stop laughing, "give Lily a high five and a hug for her marvelous effort."

"Meanie," Albus said with a pout which only made Scorpius laugh even harder.

"Aw, Al don't be such a baby," Scorpius said to his friend who sat across from him with his arms crossed and a pout adorning his lips, "the past is the past."

"Yeah, but it doesn't help if you take pleasure in hearing of my past memories," Albus stated fatter of factly.

"Just because I find it funny doesn't mean I take pleasure in hearing you getting beaten up by your baby sister," Scorpius said with a cheeky smile which only made Albus glare at him.

"Ok, ok," Scorpius said as he saw the glare directed at him, "I'm sorry Al for teasing you about getting beaten up by your little sister and I hope that you except my apology as it comes from the deepest depths of my heart, as I hate to see that you are upset over something I said."

"Hmph," was all Albus said as he turned his head away from Scorpius, a faint smile on his lips, "fine, I can't stay mad at you Scor."

"Yay!" Scorpius said with faked enthusiasm, "he accepted the apology!"

"Funny Scor," Albus stated as he heard the clearly faked tone to Scorpius's voice, "very funny."

"I know I am Al," Scorpius said with a grin.

"Why don't you just read the next letter," Albus said as he rolled his eyes and motioned for Scorpius to pick up the next letter in the pile.

"Fine fine," Scorpius said with a sigh as he picked up the next letter and opened it as Albus just resumed his position to listen to the next letter.

Oooo, so wonder who it is?

It's obvious to us, but Al and Scor don't need to know that...**grins**