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Chapter 5

~Yesterday Night~

"I must agree with Mr. Malfoy," Harry said with a sly grin, "7 sounds perfect. I'll meet you at the door then, and you better be up and ready by the time the door bell rings Albus."

Albus looked over at Scorpius who merely shrugged and he resigned to himself with a heavy sigh, muttering out, "fine."

"Good," Harry replied as he noted happily that his son gave him.

"See you tomorrow Al, Mr. Potter," Scorpius said politely as he followed his father out into the hallway, their destination the door.

"Yeah, seeya," Albus replied with a wild wave, grinning madly at his friend who only chuckled at his antics.

~The Next Day~

Albus awoke when he heard loud knocking on his door, knowing that it was probably his father. Rolling over in his bed he checked the small clock on his bed side table, groaning as the clock read 6:10am.

"Albus! Up and adam boy!" Harry called from the other side of the door, a grin on his face which was unseen by his son, "have a shower and come down for breakfast after."

"Go-way!" Albus yelled back, burying his face in his pillow as he closed his eyes once more.

Albus heard the door creak open and listened hard as he heard soft padding of sock covered feet approach the bed before he suddenly felt something hard and heavy flop atop of him under the covers, tickling his sides through the blanket.

Albus gasped for air as he tried to roll over and away from his evil father's tickling grip but to no avail. Harry had him pinned down as he mercilessly tickled his son under he cried out his surrender.

"Good, that's better," Harry said, he himself a little breathless as he sat up and ruffled his son's ink black hair which poked out from under the covers, "you better get up son."

"Alright, I will," Albus said with a defeated sigh, his cheeks red from laughing as he kicked off the covers and sat up, stretching his arms above his head as he yawned widely.

Harry smiled as he exited the room, going down to the dinning room where he knew the house elves would have finished making breakfast. As he entered the room and took a seat at the dining table, an elf popped in beside him, bowing as he handed him the morning newspaper and poured him a cup of coffee.

Albus near but dragged himself to the bathroom, relishing in the wake up call of the hot water on his skin as he stood beneath the stream of steaming water for a few minutes, the action soothing as he thought about what could happen today.

He had a strange dream last night, one of bed time stories as a child and a certain other Slytherin in bed with him…

Albus shook his head, the water droplets flicking out from his wet hair as he dismissed his thoughts. He and Scorpius…never…

Quickly washing his hair and body, he stepped out of the shower, drying himself with the large fluffy blue towels which were in the bathroom, walking back to his room as he realised that he had forgotten to bring clothes to change into.

What he didn't realise was that Lily would have woken up as well and peeking round her door into the hallway she was greeted with her naked brother, hair dripping wet with only a towel around his waist.

With a loud scream and a yell of "pervert!" she disappeared behind her door but not before Albus saw her red ears and neck.

The Weasly genes seemed to be more prominent within the youngest child as Albus chuckled to himself and continued to his room, whistling as he did, wide awake now after his shower.

As soon as he got to his room and closed the door behind himself, Albus dropped his towel and pulled on a pair of silk black boxers, grabbing a pair of jeans from his wardrobe and pulling them over the top.

Quickly picking a white shirt he exited his room, pulling the T-shirt over his head as he made his way down to the dining room, noting that he still had 15 minutes until Scorpius would arrive.

Giving his father a wide grin as he entered, Albus sat down beside the speckled man, tucking into a raspberry muffin which was fresh from the oven, between mouth fulls chugging down the orange juice which an elf had poured for him.

"Slow down Albus, you're going to choke if you eat at that pace," Harry said with a chuckle, sipping his coffee as he over looked his youngest son.

"M'mine," Albus mumbled out, a bit of crumbs flying from his mouth as Harry laughed aloud at the young boys' antics.

Albus struggled to swallow his mouthful as, lo and behold he chocked slightly on the dry clump of muffin in his mouth as his father leant over and thumped him hard on the back, letting the young boy clear his air way.

"Thanks dad," Albus said as he gingerly sipped his juice, clearing his throat before asking, "uh…dad? Scor and I…yesterday we found a bunch of letters in the attic and when we were reading them, they sounded really familiar…you don't happen to know about them?"

Harry cocked a brow as his son asked him. Where was the fun in just telling him who the authors were? Harry was a bit worried that his son and Scorpius still didn't know who the two correspondents were, and so he merely shook his head, frowning as he played innocent.

"Letters? Why would we keep letters in the attic?" Harry said, his façade in place as he played dumb about the box of letters which he and Draco had exchanged back in 6th year.

"Oh…never mind then…" Albus replied as he continued to eat anyway.

The two sat in silence until a house elf popped into the dinning room, bowing as she announced, "a Mr. Malfoy Senior and a Scorpius Malfoy are here Sirs."

"Thank you Daisy," Harry said, standing up as he folded the paper in half and place it on the table for Ginny to read when she got up…eventually.

The house elf smiled brightly before apparating away back to the house elves rooms. Harry motioned for Albus to follow him as he made his way to the front door, his son close behind.

Opening the door he saw Draco at the door with his hand outstretched for the door bell, just about to ring it as he said with a cheery tone, "why good morning my dear friend, and how are you this fine day?"

Albus peered round his father, seeing his best friend as he pulled him inside, hugging him tightly as he pulled away, asking, "Scor! Have you had breakfast yet?"

Scorpius hugging his friend back, answering when asked, "yeah, back at the Manor."

"Great…well, we'll uh…go start now," Albus said as he fidgeted slightly before their fathers, turning and hurrying off, pulling Scorpius behind him as he made his way up the staircase to the right floor.

Harry chuckled at his son who near but dragged the poor Malfoy along the floor away from them. Harry turned to Draco, slinging an arm around the taller man's shoulder, saying with a laugh.

"God, our sons sure are stupid no?"

"I would like to believe that my son is more intelligent than Potter spawn," Draco said with a stiff tone before smiling, chuckling at the expression of the man standing beside him.

"Just joking Noire," Draco said softly, patting the other man on the back as he let the shorter man lead him to the dining room for a chat.

"I'll have to go to work soon though, the Ministry is certainly coming down hard on myself and my family just because of my background…it is insufferable the ignorance of those bigoted wizards who had no recollection of anything at all…" Draco explained as he sat across from Harry, sipping the cup of tea which he had been offered.

"There are many things that people still don't know about the war…and some things will never be known at all…" Harry replied quietly, a sad smile on his face as Draco merely returned the smile, reaching over and patting the other man on the back.

"I can only agree my dear old friend," Draco whispered out, hoping that one wouldn't walk in and interrupt the moment.

Harry smiled gratefully, flicking his head to the side to dislodge the bangs which hung into his eyes, his hair as messy as usual.

"Thanks Lune…" Harry said softly.

"I have always been here for you, don't forget that," Draco stated as he looked into emerald eyes, his own steely grey earnest, "we should go get drinks some time…like the good old times no?"

"Sure…that'd be brilliant," Harry replied, chuckling quietly as he recalled those 'good old times'.


Albus climbed up the ladder first, heading over to the couch which was still where it was last night, sitting down as he waited for Scorpius to follow suit.

He reached over to the pile of letters which still had yet to be read as he picked up the next one, hearing that Scorpius had taken a seat beside him as his face blushed red with memories of his dream flashing across his mind.

Scorpius had climbed up the staircase to the attic once more, following his friend as he had a perfect view of his friend's butt clothed in tight denim, his eyes wandering to the black band of the boy's boxers which he could see up Albus' shirt as he climbed up.

Seeing as Albus had already taken a seat on the couch, Scorpius also made his way over slowly and quietly, the curtains which were held open still letting in the early morning rays which seemed to light up the whole room.

Taking a seat beside Albus on the couch, he tucked his legs up beneath him as he sat crossed legged across from Albus, waiting for him to begin to read the letter which he held within his hands.

Albus saw that Scorpius was waiting for him to read and he nodded to his best friend before opening the letter, unfolding the parchment and reading aloud.

Lune D'Argent

I can only rightfully agree with you at the current moment, seeing as I already am keeping the twins for company instead of the other two supposed friends. They think that I am paranoid or that I'm making up my dreams to get attention…it just…well, really hurts when they accuse me of putting on a façade to gain sympathy. I don't know what to do anymore…and also the mothering! I go out for 10 minutes to the bathroom and they question why I had disappeared! For gods sake! Seriously…I can suddenly understand how you feel about those two buffoons following you around…

How is study going for you? Have you finished off the History homework yet? I, unfortunately am procrastinating and am currently avoiding all forms of homework as I seem to have incredibly bad head aches. (Those ones…) I don't know what 'he' is up to or anything, I can only catch glances of it but he's been so angry…so angry that even I can tell that my own temper is affected by it…

Which brings me onto your last letter about my lessons. I know that I should hide my emotions but I…just can't. Like I said, he is a part of me and I a part of him, as sick as that sounds it's the truth. Even if I could hide my emotions or bury them deep within he'd still be able to sense them…I don't know how but he knows how to make me mad or make me scared, he's been in my dreams Lune…I don't know what to do whenever I wake up in a cold sweat because he's just there…he's always there.

And like you were saying, my magic has been acting up lately, I've been more prone to accidental magic, something which we both know shouldn't be happening especially at our age and I don't know how to control that either because my magic is tied with my emotions and…argh!

It's just like a giant big circle! Everything is tied with everything so no matter what, I can't change anything…as suffocating as it is.

I'm just glad to know that I have you to talk to as no one else seems to want to listen to me anymore…they all just see me as some object to use for their own pleasure, labelling me and slandering me…I just wish it will all end.

Hopefully you are well and that your father or anyone else isn't coming down too hard on you and that no one is suspecting you yet…

I pray for your safety as always.

La Nuit Noire

"That was longer than usual," Albus said as he placed it onto the already read pile, picking up the next letter and handing it to Scorpius, leaning back and facing his friend as he pressed his shoulder into the cushioned back of the chair, resting his head against it.

"Thanks," Scorpius replied as Albus handed him the letter as he opened it and began to read…

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