Star Wars: Sith Empire

Star Wars & Co. © Lukasarts, Original Character © Me

Author's note: Not betaed, my first try at writing star wars fiction. don't flame me too hard you hard core fans

In a Galaxy far far away …...

I am fighting a against a Jedi with in a lightsaber duel. My red blade whirls vertically pass my left shoulder before striking down on his right side of his head. Only with a lot of effort is he able to parry my strike in the nick of time.

Then one of my dancing blades, controlled through my force telekinesis slashes against his back. He does a half step and avoids the entire slash only to be in impending danger of my second dancing lightsaber. It stabs towards his stomach. Unable to protect himself properly he uses his force ability to absorb the lightsabers energy.

Meanwhile my first dancing blade comes around to strike down against his head. He uses the new gained energy and does a force shockwave, sending both blades flying away from him. I already knew what he would do, since I planned those attacks ahead of time.

I know this type of fighter. After exchanging the first five blows I already know how to deal with them. I need no force prediction to be able to find his weakness. He's weak in swords play, he depends on his force prediction too much to retaliate against a true master in lightsaber duels.

Knowing he would do a force shockwave, I brace myself, using my own lightsaber slicing through the shockwave. Once passed, I step into my striking range and follow up with multiple blows towards his head either aim for his left or right side. He on the other hand is still recovering from his force push and only through his force prediction is he able to defend himself against the following blows.

I let my own blade dance, setting the tempo of the match, while he is only reacting, probably predicting the next five or ten blows. Where as I am already sending my consciousness fueled by my rage and hatred to my two blades that were send flying. My mind recovers them ignites the blades again and sends them flying back towards the Jedi.

He finds a small break in my assault and attempts to launch his own attack. He doesn't get far. I parry his first strike, and immediately set out for a double strike, in the interval he needs to recover and block my strike, bring him out of his tempo immediately.

Then once more under my own tempo I barrage him with strikes leaving ever so slightly a larger interval open between strikes. He's so focused on my own person he doesn't notice both my dancing blades are back in position ready to strike at him once more. However he finds the opportunity I've purposefully let him have to set his own tempo and attacks. He whirls his blade vertically and horizontally until finally he does a full body turn and swing, believing himself to having the upper hand. I on the other hand have been waiting for this very moment. As the slash comes down, my dancing blades comes to aid me in parrying the blow, while I just hold my blade in a stabbing position waiting for him to stab himself into it.

And there it is. Having turned his back to me, he runs himself right into my blade. He's shocked. How could he not have predicted such and outcome? Depending on the force ability to predict all your opponents move will be exploited by masters, such as myself.

I only sneer at his shocked and dying face. A soft and evil smile runs across my face. I look deep into his eyes, as his right hand lets go of his lightsaber. It grasps onto my left shoulder before slowly without much strength left his hand slides down my soft bosom, touching my nipple with his finger tips. I don't even care on the contrary his pain distorted face is more of a trophy to me than whatever his hands try to hold on to.

Seeing me in such a victorious smile and pose, he closes his eyes and I notice how he's trying to focus what is left of his will into using some sort of force power. Damn Jedi, he's trying some last minute ability? As if I'd let him. My two dancing blades stab him, one from the front into his heart, since my own blade stabbed his stomach and the other entering through his shoulder blade also towards his heart.

Though his mind focuses on his force power, his body still reacts to the pain I inflict upon him. His mouth opens for a scream and his eyes open as well, however to my sudden surprise he does not scream. Instead beams of light suddenly flash out from his mouth, eyes and then his entire body explode in white light, engulfing me entirely in it.

For a moment I see nothing but white. For a moment I feel no rage, no hatred, no emotion. It is quiet, it is still. Time stopped.

Then my senses return. I blink once, twice and before me are just the Jedi's robes and lightsaber. My flying lightsabers are lying on the ground with the Jedi's belonging. I motion my left hand to use the force to pick up my own lightsabers as well as the lightsaber belonging to the Jedi.

On the other hand I look around at the result of my battle. The entire village burned to the ground, only a few more buildings are left standing, however they are all burning. And to my satisfaction, all villagers are dead, my own handy work of course. It is in this moment of satisfaction I notice that the lightsabers I used the force to pick up, are not in my left hand.

I look down towards my hand and find the lightsabers havn't moved an inch. I motion my left hand again to pick up the blades and to my own surprise neither blades are moving at all. Only now am I noticing though my hatred and rage still burn with my body no force is responding to such power. I use my will to gather my emotions into my left hand and release all of it towards a building, however I already know it, the force is not responding to my will any longer. Only my own emotions are still burning as hot as a wild forest inferno.

I want my blades, NOW! With both hands I force my rage, hatred, anger and all the other negative emotions towards my blades lying on the ground wanting them to come to me. Still nothing happens. In my fit of rage I notice too late something is still moving and alive besides myself. As I hear it move, I turn around and see a small girl standing amidst all the fire and death.

She has blond hair, tight together like a pig tail however she's an alien with half her upper body being human and the other half that of a snake tail. She will do nicely to release my range and frustration on. Damn Jedi!

"Prepare yourself," I say in ancient Sith. A rare language, few know. I taught it myself, since my master would probably have me assassinated for knowing it. Igniting my blade, I slowly walk towards the unmoving child. She just keeps staring at me with her big eyes. She doesn't move, or let out a cry, nor are tears on her face. She is just focused on me, no on my face to be precise.

Now I am towering over her, with my blade ready to strike the final blow. I wait, waiting for some sort of fearful reaction from her, since this is her impending doom. I have time, "Come, show me a little fear here, a little fright towards your impending death."

And there it is, she raises her hands, definitely to fold them together to plea for mercy. However to my surprise she just hugs my left leg, while continuing to look right into my eyes. As she hugs my leg, her soft body sends a feeling through my entire body that covers up the raging hatred and wild fire that since my consciousness been my companion. This little girl no taller than my knee is able to sooth my rage with just a hug?

I know not what overcame me, however I relax and my blade falls out of my hand. Tears run down my face and all the tension that keep my body upright disappears and I fall onto my knees. I hug her, this little girl. This little girl not even half my size showed me that even a Sith is still able to cry tears of joy.

I cannot bring myself to slay this girl, but I feel more than just joy within her. I feel a familiar presence in her. She is able to use the force. Her potential though, since I am unable to feel or manipulate the force properly anymore, will be huge. And she might be my ticket to the freedom from that accursed master of mine. Weak as he is, I am still unable to harm him, for now at least.

I hug the girl for a little while and then I ask her, "What is your name?" She opens her mouth however it seems she doesn't speak Basic or ancient Sith. "Why don't I call you Ophelia," I say in ancient Sith. Though she seems unable to speak, she understands ancient Sith. She looks happy and tries to indicate it seems that it is her real name. "Really? I am glad, you may call me Teresa, though my master calls me Darth Kitsune."

I stand up and motions my hand to force pick up my lightsaber, then I remember I cannot feel or manipulate the force anymore. I am about to bend down to pick up the blade when Ophelia with her tiny hands hands me the blade. "Well aren't you a little nice girl, however I'll have to educate you properly once we are off this rock."

I walk over to the dead Jedi and pick up my own blades as well as his. Then I look for my speed bike only to find it destroyed from the battle with him. I look towards my communication device and find it broken too.

Damn that Jedi, can't believe he did that in the beginning with all his force power abilities. I search his robe and find a key towards his own space ship. Its 20 min away with a speed bike. A days march using the force and probably three days worth of a march on foot without any force powers. With a small child like Ophelia I probably will need another two extra days.

I take another look at Ophelia and notice only now she's naked. It seems with these half human half snake aliens clothing isn't really needed as they even grow scales on their human body. However in this early stage, her human body is still made from soft human flesh. I ignite my lightsaber and cut the Jedi's robe to fit little Ophelia's size. Then we march towards the Jedi's space ship.

Not long after we left the village little Ophelia's stomach growls rather loud. "Hungry? I thought you reptiles could go on without eating a lot of food?" I looks around myself observing my surrounding, ignite my lightsaber and toss it. It cuts down a strange looking reptile with nine legs and three tails. Using the lightsaber to ignite some wood I grill it over an open fire before handing it over to Ophelia. She devours it almost in a single gulp. "A little gluttonous girl, are we?" I ask, while she only smiles at me. She didn't completely eat all of it. In her hand she still is holding half of it and offering it to me.

"No it's all yours. I don't need any." I answer her. I, too, am an alien canine race and not human. However I come as close to being 'human' as it is possible. Others of my race would have more certain fox or hound like features. I on the other hand have a human face and only my fox ears, eyes and tail reveal myself to be of alien race. I have no mane instead I have long curly gold red hair, that I cut to shoulder length as anything longer only gets in the way of combat.

The next few days we travel through the forest towards a mountain. Early in the morning I hunt for a few small animals and we eat. Sometimes she points out impending danger like when this mixed creature of a bear and deer comes charging at us. Had she not warned me, we probably would sustain some injuries, if not Ophelia may have died. Since she warned me I am able to draw its attention and slice it in half before it could do any harm to us.

I recognize however this type of creature. Sith alchemy fused it together and manipulated its mind to kill and destroy. However it is a failed experiment and this fusion was done recently. There is someone on this planet who's doing novice Sith alchemy.

On our third night we just finished eating our dinner and I laid Ophelia to bed, as I notice a presence. Not wishing to draw attention to Ophelia, I move towards said present only to find a human Sith acolyte waiting for me.

"Darth Kitsune, why haven't you contacted the master? He's growing impatient and thought you dead or abandoned your mission. He send me here to see for if all went according to plan."

Sly little bastard. Master won't be concerned with my work. You came here on your own accord just to find some sort of excuse to sly your way up the ranks. And you probably found it in Ophelia.

"How come you did not finish your assignment? A little girl is still alive," he continues. He closes in on me and grabs both my breast, and massages them in an attempt to arouse me. I on the other hand just stare down on him as his touching is arousing himself.

The only reason I haven't slain him yet is I want to know what he knows. He's a blabber mouth this Acolyte Mc'eath that he is. He groans out loud as he sees me not resisting or attempting to stop him. He got this evil satisfying smile on him, thinking he's got me on the hook. He even opens his zipper and pushes me down on the ground ready to enter me when a wood twig hits him on the back of his head.

Was he really that focused on wanting to fuck me that he didn't notice little Ophelia sneaking up on him? Weak, so weak!

"Who?" He screams in pain and turns around. He sees little Ophelia with her twig and sneers at her before motioning to force choke her.

Suddenly I, who doesn't care at all about anything Mc'eath did to me, snap. All those emotions Ophelia suppressed these last few days surge back up from within my body. I notice the lightsaber the Acolyte has on his right side, motion my right hand to grab hold of it and my finger confirm a successful force grab. I ignite the blade the moment I fully grasp the blade and cut off Mc'eath' right arm, as he's using it to force chock Ophelia.

He screams in pain at the sudden loss of his arm and the force choke releases. Ophelia coughs as she grasps for air, while Mc'eath is rolling on the ground in pain.

"You aren't even worth killing. Run to the master if you must. I shall report to him soon enough," I say to him. I keep his lightsaber, pick up Ophelia and we leave. Reinvigorated in the force I feel much stronger than before in it.

A few more days later we finally see the Jedi spaceship. It is a small freighter type ship fit for someone like a Jedi who travels many worlds and watches over them. I press the open button when I sense danger approaching. A space ship drops out from the sky, it is a Sith acolyte ship. Mc'eath still didn't have enough.

He shoots at the Jedi ship and it explodes as its shield aren't up. From the speakers Mc'eath laughs out loud. Then he aims his twin canons at me and Ophelia. Igniting my blade and the four other blades I protect myself and Ophelia from the barrage of quick firing shots. Ophelia meanwhile is holding tight around my right leg. "Sacred?" I asks her as she is shaking uncontrollably. At first she shakes her head in a No. "Really?" I say but then she corrects herself and nods "yes".

"Don't worry, he's nothing" though it would be nice if I could find the time to toss the wrecked Jedi spaceship at his hovering ship. However he's shooting too many blasts who all pack a punch and without all those lightsabers I probably won't be able to deflect all of them.

Then I notice how the wreckage slowly is lifting up, "Ophelia this is your doing," I say out loud. "Good listen well, gather all your rage, anger, hatred. Gather them up into that ship all of it. Focus them, yes … exactly like that … good. More, you need more ….. yes good girl. Now like an explosion release them all of them and aim it at Mc'eath's ship."

With a loud explosion the wreckage slams into Mc'eath's ship, tearing right through his shield and halving it in two. His ship falls down the mountain and lands somewhere in the forest.

"Come," I say to Ophelia, lifting her up to my shoulder as she holds tight to me with her snake tail. I dash down the mountain using force jumps and my dancing blades follow me like a kitsune's flaming tails. A few jumps and we arrive at the wreckage. Mc'earth managed to free himself from the wreckage, but not without injuries. He's leaning against a tree trunk when we arrive.

"Well, well, well..." I begin, Ophelia slithers down my body and pulls down my sword arm wanting to use the lightsaber in my hand. I let her have it and she slithers all the way towards Mc'eath.

He's in pain so I grab hold of his head and use my force powers to find his consciousness and bring it back out all the way until he's awake again.

"Welcome back to the living," I begin. He sees in shock and fear my face, "and farewell weakling."

Ophelia decapitate him.

I relieve him of his Sith communication device and dial through.

"My lady?" a human male military man addresses me. "I did not think …." he begins before he's shot in the back.

"My lady!" a human woman replies. "Irene, it is good to see you, my love," I answer. "Your mission is a success then?" She asks. "Yes, send a shuttle for pick up."

"Come Ophelia, it is time to begin your proper training." I stretch out my hand and she grasps it and with a smile follows me into the shuttle.