Sith Empire

Chapter 4

Author's Note: Star Wars © Lukas Arts, Original Character © Me.

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Slowly like a whale the Bismark approaches peer double six. Even injured as it is, it is a majestic dreadnought. The military personal line up in formation to exit for shore leave. I ordered Ophelia to put on a navigation lieutenant clothing and putting force suppressing chains in her pockets. With that I hide her from my masters and other Sith attempt to find my secret apprentice.

I on the other hand put on my full armor and my latest weapon. A Sith alchemical wolfram light saber trident. Actually describing it as a trident is wrong. It has three blades. The middle one longer than the two sticking out to the sides. The side blades are in a one hundred and ten degree to each other. I did some research and found that in some very very old archives that this is the ideal angle for a multi- bladed weapon. The shaft is just about a head longer than my own body and the blade after that is at least another one and a half head longer. Though fighting with a spear is a lot more different than a sword, in the last two month I did train together and teach Ophelia how to wield a spear.

Training with her I realized just how much more of an advantage a spear has, however just having a piercing weapon isn't enough, thus I researched and found that there are also long weapons meant for slashing. This 'trident' in the end I found to be the best weapon.

Besides my new weapon I am also wearing my full battle suite with silver-orange-wolfram body plate armor and a helmet fitting for my head. A helmet with fox ears and a fox masks. However I hate capes, they just hinder in a fight, so my armor does not have a cape. On the other hand I have an internal 'backpack' build into my back armor. I am able to store my five light sabers and on command the chambers open for me to pull them out.

Click, click, click my heels sound as I walk over the metallic ground, walking passed saluting soldiers and service men and women. i standnext to Admiral Ilene Khan as the docking door sizzle as it equalizes its pressure and slides open. On the other side awaiting me and the admiral is my master.

As usual he wears his long dark blue robe and a hood covering most of his face. I have my fox helmet open like a motorbike helmet upwards with my mask over my head as I greet him with a serious look.

"My lord," I say before taking his hand and kneeling down before him. "Rise," he says in a crackling old voice. I rise to his command Admiral Khan joins us as my master motions her over. Her XO takes over and orders the men and women what to do. Ophelia follows her order without questioning. Returning my attention back to my master I hear him say, " …. were you successful?"

"Of course," I answer and present him with my holocron I created. He eyes it cynically. His eyes or better said his force senses are able to tell this holocron is made recently, yet, he doesn't say anything about that to me. While continue to walk he opens the holocron and a gush of dark power flows outwards from it. Military personnel who are close by suddenly feel shocked and disturbed by the dark presence. My master ignores them, or better said he has to ignore them as he wrestles with the dark lord within the holocron for dominion over who's more powerful. Finally my master returns, to my distaste.

"Darth Kitsune, well done," he says. "We have a dark council meeting. I request your presence, Darth Kitsune."

"Of course, my lord," I reply. "Admiral I am sure you will need to debrief the imperial council of your success," my master continues directing his attention to Ilene. "Then if you excuse me," Ilene bids us farewell. I look into her eyes deeply, just as she looks deeply into my eyes before turning her head and heading off to the imperial council.

Click, click, click, my hollow footstep sound as we continue through corridors until we arrive at the meeting place. A total of nine council members are present, each with his apprentice. I see eight other human Sith, one among them a female. I smell her perfume from the door away. The others all male humans.

They stare at me, all the human male apprentices stare at me, my body, my armor, my weapon, but especially at my ears, breast, ass and tail. I adopt a chilling unmoving facial expression and stand behind my master as he takes his seat among the council. It has been years, since I last stood here last. Ten years maybe was the last time I stood here with my master, usually I am away on an assassination mission or other missions when he has a council meeting thus I don't remember any of these apprentices faces. They are all new and for my master, he doesn't fear an assault from the other council members, just like how I am unable to permanently slay him, the others are unable to do the same.

They begin their conquest discussion against the republic and Jedi in an ancient Sith dialect, that even I am unable to understand. I on the other hand let my gaze wander the room looking at each of the Sith bodyguards. Many of them are young, except for one, the other female. I can sense she's experienced many grant battles, just like myself. It seems in the end it is just the two of us who are glaring at each other, wanting to know who is stronger than the other.

Though I am focused on her I notice how the male bodyguards are surrounding me, am I that alien to them? "Hey look a new comer," one says. "And a sexy fox as that," another says.

Males, other than blood they only have sex in their head. Even my master is no different. What to do? I'll endure their harassment for now, while at the same time hiding my force power. It's an old habit of an assassin to entirely hide all your presence, so you may completely vanish. They are touching me, well more like my plate armor. All seven of them, geez if I'd ignite my blades now, I wonder how many I'd take down in a single swing. Hands are touching my chest, my ass, my tail, my ears and one of them is even breathing his breath into my ears.

Alright, I think they had their fun now, I gaze over to the woman, eying her one last time carefully. No she doesn't seem to intend to do anything about that. And the masters? They seemed amused as their apprentices are toying with me.

In a burst I release my suppressed dark powers, blinding these fresh-lings senses. Ignite my trident I slice in half the one to my right and pierce the immediate one to my left in a single motion before the others jump back to avoid my attack.

Except one doesn't jump far enough. He's outside my light sabers reach, not my tridents reach and with a circle motion added to my first strike my blade slices off his legs. From seven only four remain. They draw their blades rather slow and late.

They attempt to surround me since they are outnumbering me. I am thinking of letting my other blades dance, but then I decide against it. These Sith are still too young and haven't really overcome their fear of true battle. Their defense show weakness and holes in them, who the hell trained them? They are just fodder. Entering the horse stance I hold my trident in my left hand and let out force lightning through my right hand testing out each ones defenses. The first three are solid, but the last person's force defense is poor and my lightning bolt jumps passed his light saber onto his body and shocks him. I use my left hand, flip the spears point at the bolted person and use force pull and pull him into my spear tip as he's still being shocked.

Now only three remain. With only three I could play with them a little, I suppose. I let my spear dance across my body. Letting it turn, twist, and circle around my body its point and tail always in motion. They keep their distance, though force prediction is favorable to them, they sense something odd about this blade. They are not used to fighting someone with so much reach and speed. Force prediction is not going to compensate for their insufficient skill, at least not against me.

So since they don't really dare to attack me I open up with aiming for a low attack against their legs. The one to my right is surprised by it and doesn't know how to defend and I pierce his leg. In pain he screams and falls to the ground in pain. The other two dash at me hoping to catch me while I am unable to close my attack. To their pity I am the most solid fighter when it comes to closing an attack, the light blade slices through the metallic ground flipping my spear tip towards my left and stop my enemy to the left in his dash as he sees the spear tip striking at him. The one attacking me from the front I stop with a roundhouse kick against his hand stopping his entire swinging motion before he completes it.

I twist my spear on its own shaft axis as the enemy to my left caught the blade with his light saber. He's forced to let go of his blade to avoid being cut by my two side blades while I sweep down the guy in front of me and bring my circling trident towards his falling body. It slices him clean in two. Now only the one to my left is left. He was able to fetch himself a new light saber as his disarmed one is at my feet. He's still in shock seeing how I defeated six of the bodyguards within less than two blink of an eye. I glare at him, he fears me, he's unsure how to proceed. My ear twitches as I continue glare at him, he may be the one who touched my tail and breathed air into my ears. I hate being touched by my tail or have someone breath air into my fox ears.

He'll get special treatment. But before that I shall seal the deal, I shall fright him to death. I release two of my five blades and let them dance, killing off any still living Sith on the ground. He witnesses how I slay them without even turning my attention away from him. Usually light saber cut clean cuts, you don't bleed out, but there is a way to do such work. And that is exactly how I slay my helpless victims. I let them all bleed out instead of burning them to death. It is old fashion, brutal, and serves my purpose just perfectly. He wet his pants, he's totally in awe and fear of my presence. His wet pee mixes with the pool of blood as it slowly spreads around me.

With power I jam my spear into the metallic ground that it stands straight up before approaching the piss pants barehanded. Tears run down his face as he screams in fear and swings his blade wildly at me. I grab his sword arm before it finishes its swing with my left hand and then elbow him with my right elbow into his face. My left hand crushes his lower arm and he drops his light saber before I punch him with my left hand. Fetching with my right hand his light saber I cut off his other hand.

In pain he screams, he tries to grab hold of his missing arm with his broken sword arm. I kick against the broken spot, he screams in pain once more, however I haven't had enough. I stab his left and right leg once with his own blade. He falls to the ground back first into the pool of blood and his own piss. He can't even crawl anymore with the pain in his legs immobilizing him and the metallic ground slippy like an eel. Using his light saber I cut open his armor where it is protecting his crotch and expose his penis and balls.

His expression is priceless. Fear, utter fear is written all over his face. He shakes his head and lifts his hands or tries to lift them, with one not existing and the other hand not responding due to his arm being broken. Still he tries to plea for mercy or for me to stop. With my metallic boot I touch his left then his right ball. "Which one do you chose?" I ask him. "Neither?" and I crush his right one first.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " he screams out once more and then passes out from the pain. "Oh no, you ain't escaping so easily," I say. With my left hand I grab hold of his head and then force to pull his consciousness back out. Slowly he wakes again, he breathes heavily. "Welcome back," I say smiling in the most sweet 'welcome back honey' tone I can muster. "Now let us continue," and I once more stand tall over his last ball. The happy moment fades from him as he regains his memory of what just happened. "Ah, I am glad you remember," I say as his face returns to one full of fear. I crush his last ball he screams out loud. I quickly grab hold of his head and pull on his consciousness, I want him to feel all the pain, all of it. He shall not pass out from it. So I maintain his consciousness and he continues scream a beautiful hymn like a banshee.

It seems to end in a flash, as his hymn ends but in reality it's been going on for a few hours actually until the other woman steps in and slays him out of maybe pity? Or maybe she just didn't like the music I listen to.

"You don't like the music I listen to?" I ask here, "my apologies Darth Kitsune, however this song has been repeating itself for hours," she replies. "My dear Darth Luciella, a good song is to be repeated," I tease her. "Yes, indeed, however you are disturbing the masters with your music, my dear." I had totally forgotten we were in a dark council meeting when these foolish newbies started harassing me.

"My deepest apologies, masters," I offer my sincere apology. "Don't mention it," Darth Luciella's master says, "it was entertaining to say the least. And it goes to show a lot more effort needs to be pooled into forging the best apprentices. Just picking up some nobodies out of our academy isn't enough." she frowns upon those council members.

"Anyways, this council is adjourned," Luciella's master says. "Come," my master orders me as I follow behind him. "You did well, exactly of what I expected of you," he says. I follow him silently. "You showed them once more what power truly means. Darth Kitsune, I have a new assignment for you. Another holocron's location has come to my knowledge. I uploaded the coordinates to the Bismark already, once she is repaired you are to set out and retrieve them.

Do not worry yourself about the ongoing war. There are Sith for these type of tasks. They will need weapons, secret weapons and you shall bring us these, they will win the war for us, soon enough.

"As you wish, master," I answer him. Just maybe within this holocron is the secret to slaying him. I return to the Bismark and awaiting me are Ilene and Ophelia. "How long till the Bismark is ready to departure, Admiral?" "A month worth of work still ahead of us," she replies. "Here are the new modifications for the Bismark, they are going on my costs," I hand over to her an modification list.

"This …. is a unit for an internal fighter and bomber fabric," Ilene says astonished. "Few ever have enough credit to buy it. Though where shall we put such a fabric? Not only that but you included a full set of robots capable of running internal and external repair and a mining frigate to gather resources in gas clouds and asteroids or planets. With this the Bismark becomes entirely independent of any factories or facilities." "Only you cannot grow food on a dreadnought," I joke with Ilene. "The least of our problems, however to include this module we'll be delayed by another month," Ilene says.

"Then I shall take your navigation officer Ophelia and take the Ilithid and head out ahead of you. Our meeting coordinates are already in Bismark's computer. See you in two month then, Admiral Khan," I say to her. I take Ophelia head into the hangar and with 8k piloting the Ilithid exit the factory.

We head off into hyperspace toward our next destiny.