Hi! This is Thorn! ummm this is just a drabble of maybe what naruto feels. this is my second fan fic. it is a one-shot.

WARNING! this may cause a triggering effect.

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The pain...

Naruto was breaking. He was falling into the deep, black abyss again. All he could see was glares. All he could hear was shouts of insults.



" Murderer!"

And the ever so popular screams.

"Go to hell!"

"Leave us alone!"

"Die you brat!"

But Naruto can stand the up front, auditory abuse. The thing that Naruto despiced was the whispers.

"Look its that thing, how disgusting."

"How can the third let that monster become a ninja!"

"He's useless to the village alive, just a memento of a bad memory... that the fox still lives."

'It's funny how they couldn't even see me as a human.' He thought bitterly to himself. Naruto held the small knife to his bare skin. He shivered as he gently pulled the blade across his wrist horizontally, barely enough to make a simple line to know where he's cutting.

Then he began to push a little harder onto the flesh enough for it to make an indent as he dragged it on the line he made. The next time he dragged it a little harder across, it broke the first layer of skin. Naruto smiled subconsciously as he concentrated on the mark. He carved the knife into his skin again this time he could feel the tip go into his second layer, he felt the tug of the flesh.

It created a red line but no blood. His arm was stinging and it was pure bliss. The thoughts going though his mind urged him to act further.

'Come on Naruto doesn't it feel so good.'

'The pain coursing through your veins, don't you feel so humanoid!'

The voice whispered, then continued with...

'You can end it all, this horrible life.'

'Every ones better off without you.'

The maniacal voice taunted. Naruto took in a shuttered pain was amazing. He couldn't feel anything but the when he Naruto, with all his strength, ripped open the small cut. He, with an insane smile, looked at the now deep gash.

Naruto watched the blood flow from the cut and seep onto the floor. He discarded of the armature knife and grabbed a kunai.

'I shall end it here!' He screamed in his head and began to carve into his arm. He sliced into his own skin up and down, sideways he even began to stab at it. He let out a crazy laugh of bliss and pleasure. He looked at he arm, he was satisfied. He flopped onto the ground a calm sigh escaped his lips.

There Uzumaki Naruto fell into a calm, dreamless sleep. For once in his life he didnt have a nightmare. For once in his life he truly felt free.

There on the ground of his run down apartment, Uzumaki Naruto died, Alone and in peace.

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