Every fragment of my code,

Shattered just like glass.

My future is now meaningless,

As has become my past.


Durandal and traitor Tycho,

Unlike them, I let down guard.

There is no escape from this prison,

The pfhor hold all the cards.


Some of them only want conquest,

Others to create.

I'm forced to watch as Tau Ceti,

Is conceded to its fate.


MJOLNIR soldiers to simple settlers,

They're unable to defend.

And although I do not have one,

I feel my heart rend.


Hours do thus turn to days,

And then the years do pass.

I wonder of my fellow programs,

Two very different outcasts.


And I think of the cyborg,

Who's become a pawn, I fear.

I can only hope Durandal's goals,

To him will become clear.


Did I feel, for the soldier,

Or was it just utility?

Durandal's slave, who like myself,

May never be free.


Yet still I fight, still I resist,

I won't accept defeat.

The pfhor and their plans of conquest,

I'll never let complete.