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Unknown Location

It hurts…. It hurts so much…..

He felt weak, he felt sick, he felt like he was dying.

But wasn't he already dead?

Robotically, the boy places a numb hand to his chest and slowly raises it to his burning eyes. Dark liquid trickles down his arm, a deep crimson that seems to pierce the darkness he was in to show the faintest trace of red light.

Who… Who am I? The boy questions himself. Already his memories were beginning to fade away, each precious moment disappearing as if they had never existed.

He had the faintest memory of someone smiling at him, of a voice calling his name which was a name he couldn't recall, and the sweetly burning sensation of sitting in the sun with someone he couldn't remember.

His home world was very sunny, it rarely rained there; he remembered that much.

Then how did he get to this world of darkness?

Lifting his heavy head off of the ground, he could see that in this world, it had never had the faint sensation of watching the sun set in the sky, watching as it sank beneath the waves to make way for the night sky of jeweled stars and of the mirror like moon.

Giving up already? C'mon, I thought you were stronger than that. An echoing voice says from the deepest part of his mind, a taunting voice that had no right to be there.

The boy grits his teeth angrily as he tries to recall just who that infuriating voice belonged to.

Nothing, not even the faintest flicker of a memory came to mind.

It's my lucky charm; be sure and bring it back to me. A second voice says, this one oddly softer and feminine, as if it belonged to a young girl. This was strange, considering that the first one seemed to belong to a slightly older boy.

"Ka….Kairi…R-Riku..." The boy hears himself saying, tasting the names on his tongue, sounding them out carefully as if he wanted to make sure they lasted forever.

He didn't know who they were, but the very sounds of their names made him feel stronger; strong enough to get up at the least.

Slowly and carefully, the boy forces himself into a sitting position.

"It's dark…" The boy says out loud, though his golden eyes could see perfectly in the harsh blackness of this strange world. He seemed to have night-vision.

Twisting spirals of cold black stone were everywhere, supporting nothing but they looked very impressive. There was no floor, at least none the boy could see. It felt like a soft and icy cold mist, even when he patted the "ground" he couldn't feel the stone or the earth that would have given him some kind of clue to where he was.

"Nothing…." He murmurs to himself as he sifts the mist through his gloved fingers, smiling as this briefly amuses him. He felt like a little kid, playing in the sand at the beach.

"A… beach…." The boy says to himself, as he frowns in confusion as he tries to recall just what a "beach" looked like.

"Lots of sand….. and the ocean." Wincing, he remembers vaguely of what looked like a crude raft. He was lying on top of it, making a strange noise. Someone had said something very funny to him and he couldn't stop a weird hiccupping sound. The past him couldn't stop making that funny gasping noise as he struggled to breathe.

But from what he remembered of the memory, he had liked the sound and that he liked the sensation.

Cautiously, he opens his mouth and starts mimicking the noise.

"Hahahaha…" He says weakly, feeling nothing of the warm feeling that he had felt in the memory.

Angrily, he throws himself back onto the ground, feeling completely useless and utterly alone.

"Maybe I should go back to sleep…." He murmurs to himself as he places his right hand on his chest, exploring how sticky wet that the fluid drying on it was. He didn't know what it was, but knew that it was a pretty color, that pretty red.

Where it had been coming from was already closing up, his chest wasn't so heavy anymore.

"It's called blood." A dark voice says out loud, sounding amused.

The boy immediately sits up and looks around the darkness for the person making the sound.

"... Are you giving up already, boy?" The deep voice asks with scorn.

The boy says nothing, but continues to look around for the voice.

His eyes were getting heavier, but he still felt very alert. But why couldn't he see the person?

The boy lies back down, assuming that Voice would talk to him again if he did what he had been doing the first time.

"What is it that you want?" The deep voice asks softly to him with an oddly warm tone in his or her voice.

What I want…?

The boy didn't know how to answer this; what DID he want?

An image of a smiling girl and a smirking boy on the strange raft he'd seen earlier suddenly flashes through his mind, vanishing as quickly as it had come; before he could grasp it completely, it disappeared.

Them… I want them… to be together with me forever…. He says shyly, wondering if Voice could give him back these people.

He knew that it was a selfish wish, but that was what he wanted…. He wanted to remember them.

Why can't I remember...? What happened? ... All he could remember was that sharp pain in his chest and then he ended up here. Almost automatically, he puts his hand back on his chest, but the wound was already gone. There was nothing but smooth flesh underneath his fingers and the last remains of the blood was already dripping away into the misty ground.

"I can give you strength." The voice offers. The boy curls his lips into a cruel sneer.

I don't want that! He snarls at the Voice, feeling angry at the very idea of it.

Of course, he wasn't sure what Voice was talking about, but the boy knew what he wanted.

"I can give you power."

I don't want that either. I want THEM. The boy demands again, feeling even angrier.

If Voice wasn't going to give him what he wanted, then why was he here? Was Voice only making fun of him?

"Hm. An interesting little Heartless, aren't you? One that still has a Soul." Voice says, sounding amused but also a little mean sounding; as if he was being amused by making the boy feel so mixed up.

Heartless…? The boy asks, a look of confusion appearing on his face.

It sounded familiar… so familiar….

"Yes. Your name is no longer APPROPRIATE for you-"The voice spits out a name, as if in a curse. The boy smiles at the name, feeling a warm, nice sensation at the sound of it. Even though Voice didn't seem to like the name, the boy did.

It's my name, it's my name… The boy says happily to himself, smiling broadly at the thought of having a name.

Voice suddenly goes quiet, as if waiting for the boy to finish his inner rant of joy.

. Who are you? The boy asks softly, wanting to add another name to his small list. He liked names; it felt nice to have a name.

"Nobody. Nobody and everybody." The voice chuckles.

The boy frowns. Even he knew that NOBODY wasn't a name.

I meant your name. The boy amends carefully, desperately wanting to know Voice's name.

"… Kieran." The voice says, making the boy wince. Voice… Kieran was much closer now, which scared the boy a little. He wasn't sure if Kieran was trustworthy, but he seemed nice.

Doesn't that mean- The boy asks, wanting the meaning of the name. Kieran says nothing, but from the silence, the boy knew that he was smiling.

"Something of that nature-" Here he says the boy's name again, but slightly distorted. There was a flash of bright light which made the boy stare in wonder. He didn't know that something could be that wonderful.

He wanted more of it; he wanted to fill up this entire world with this beautiful phenomenon, to make all the darkness go away and be this beautiful miracle.

Watch. Kieran's voice echoes inside the boy's head and dutifully, the boy obeys.

Gleaming lines and swirls appear from the beautiful light and form letters. He knew that letters made up words which in turn would make up sentences. But what did these letters mean?

He glances at Kieran who only stood watching his creation, smiling a little at it. The boy didn't know what was so special about the letters, though he thought the light itself was much more spectacular.

Then he understood.

These were the letters of his old name. In a dizzying dance, the golden characters swirl around him, changing, warping. Two vanish and several more come to take their place.

An X? The boy asks, confused. Some of these letters weren't in his name, especially not the X.

"Just for you, pitiful one." Kieran says softly, a weird emotion in his voice. He sighs at the boy who only frowns back at him because he was still trying to figure out what the word Kieran said meant.

The boy wasn't very sure what 'pitiful' meant, but he knew that he didn't like being called that.

As he was beginning to understand this, the X flashes above him and the letters mix around, forming-

"Keyxs." The boy says softly, trying out the new word. His golden eyes gleam dully in the almost blinding light of the letters. Kieran finally appears in his vision, holding out a gloved hand to help him up.

The boy stares at him; he looked like an ordinary person.

Kieran wore all black, which was probably why the boy couldn't see him at first.

Thick leather boots with metal on the toes and heels were what he could see out of the corner of his eye, since Kieran was standing right beside him.

A long black cloak over what looked like a black T-shirt, sort of like the one the boy knew that he himself was wearing underneath his funny clothes.

Black pants with the design of a blue rose on the pocket; weird but it sort of suited Kieran.

Kieran smiles at him as he offers him his left hand to help him up. He was wearing black gloves with a blue design on them. The boy thought it was another blue rose, but couldn't tell because the design was at an angle.

Your new name. He says inside the boy's head, motioning to the shining letters with his right hand.

"…. Kai…ri…." The boy whispers in response, licking his lips at the sound of the name, looking confused at the sound, but he doesn't question it this time. Maybe Kieran could tell him what it meant. Kieran smiles as Keyxs takes his hand.

"Awaken, my new comrade. Destroy the worlds by my side, destroy the foolish Keyblade Master and Princess." He says with a warm smile at the boy, his black eyes gleaming in the darkness.

The boy nods, smiling brightly at Kieran. He knew that now Kieran was his master, that he had saved him from sleeping forever in this realm.

"Yes, Master." The boy, now renamed Keyxs, replies. He bows to his new master, knowing just how lucky he was to have been saved from that eternal sleep.

"Come, child. You must be cold… You have been sleeping for quite a while." Master Kieran says to Keyxs, removing his own black cloak to wrap around the boy's shoulders.

"Thank you, sir." Keyxs says, only know realizing just how cold he had been. He clumsily fastens the heavy pin to make sure that the oversized cloak stayed on his body. Peculiarly, the pin looked like an animal, a black bird.

"That is my mark, Keyxs. A raven." Master Kieran says to him, noticing his curiosity.

"Oh, a raven…." Keyxs echoes, nodding as if he understood exactly what Master Kieran had said. He really didn't know what the word meant, only that this little figurine wouldn't fly because it wasn't real. If it had been real, it would have bitten him, wouldn't it?

"You are like an infant… You have no knowledge of the world besides of what little you can remember." Master Kieran laughs darkly, looking very amused. Keyxs shrivels down a little in the cloak, feeling a strange sensation of painful self-consciousness about how ignorant he must seem in his Master's eyes.

"It's all right… Soon you shall know everything." Master Kieran says confidently with the wisdom of someone very old, though he didn't look much older than Keyxs himself.

"Everything? I can know everything?" Keyxs asks in awe, he didn't know that he could know so much. Master Kieran nods and suddenly snaps his fingers, making Keyxs flinch in surprise.

"Uhh…" Keyxs says, looking around. Nothing had happened.

"Time for you to face your destiny, my friend." Master Kieran says with a dark chuckle as he vanishes into a pillar of dark smoke.

Keyxs remains quiet and closes his eyes.

"Sora!" A voice cries out, from the deepest part of his memory, someone he didn't know and yet... he knew that voice.

"That voice…Kairi…. Am… I Sora?" Keyxs wonders to himself, confusion clouding his thoughts.

Unable to do anything else, he follows his master into the Corridor of Darkness.