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Twilight Town

"Huh?" Roxas turns around, completely sure that he had seen someone following behind him. He had only gotten a small glimpse from the corner of his eye, but he could have sworn that he saw a girl in a black cloak stalking him.

"Roxas. Roxas?" A voice says quietly as he suddenly feels someone tug at his sleeve. He smiles as he turns around, his smile widening the moment that he sees his friend, Naminé. After what had happened to Sora, the pair had become close friends and after some thought, the two teens had decided to come live in Twilight Town with another friend of theirs, Axel, posing as their guardian. It was in this tight-knit trio, completely unaware of what was happening in other parts of the worlds, that they lived.

"What's wrong? You look a little odd." She says in a slightly worried tone as she tucks a strand of pale gold hair behind her ear, staring at him in concern.

He shakes his head and points up to the Clock Tower, which was visible in almost the entire town.

"Xion…" He says in a heartbroken voice, looking mournfully at where they had spent so many happy times together. And now, she was lost to them.

Naminé squeezes his hand soothingly and points back up to the street leading to their apartment.

"Axel's been acting strange again." She reports, adjusting her loose fitting uniform hopelessly, showing more than a little concern now for their older friend.

"Really?" Roxas asks, his brow furrowing in confusion.

It had been going on for almost a month now, Axel's steadily weirder and weirder behavior. At first, he had only said strange things, like he knew something that they didn't. Next, he started to vanish in the middle of the night, disappearing for days on end, before reappearing in his bed, covered in bloody scratches as if he had fought something. Now he had started to insist on random "family" outings as if he was determined to make Roxas and Naminé happy for some strange reason. He never seemed to enjoy these outings though.

"I'm worried about him. He stopped eating again." Naminé confides to him in a soft tone, shaking her head miserably.

Roxas shakes his head and sighs.

"Well, we'll just have to bring him something we'll know he'll eat." He says in a slightly mischievous way, chuckling as he heads back towards the Clock Tower.

"Huh? What?" She asks as she troops along with him.

"A little something extra." Roxas states proudly as he walks towards the ice cream stand.

Axel stares at the girl in front of him, not even flinching when she pats his hand soothingly, as if he was nothing more than a mere child who needed a bit of comfort to stop crying.

"So… there's no way for me to get more time?" He asks solemnly, clenching his fist in anger, feeling completely useless.

She shakes her head and smiles at him.

"No. There isn't. This is for the best though, Axel." She states simply, patting his hand again.

Axel makes a snarling noise in the back of his throat, glaring at the girl with hatred, wanting nothing more than to simply destroy her. She was useless to him, unless she could come up with a way for him to keep his memories.

"I don't care! I'm not gonna lose my friends! I swore to Xion that I would take care of Roxas! Maybe not in words but that's what she wanted me to do! I saw it!" He growls, his emerald eyes flooding over with tears as he smacks at the table with his fist, making it tremble with a sickening crack.

The girl chuckles at this display, an amused smile appearing on her lips. For a girl so young, she had virtually no compassion.

"Are you quite done?" She asks coldly, still chuckling at how angry Axel was.

He slumps back down in his seat, nodding.

"Yes, Anti. I'm finished." He murmurs in a more respectful tone, bowing to her solemnly.

"Good. Now, I want you to know something. Xion… is not dead. Not quite. She will be soon though, if we cannot get Sora to wake up. What happens to him will happen to her." She says calmly as Axel gives out a startled gasp and stares at her with hope.

"Then… I can…?" He asks excitedly, smiling broadly at the thought of seeing his friend again.

"Perhaps. However, there will be a price to pay for seeing your friend again, Axel." She says in a bored tone, already glancing over at the door in anticipation.

"What is it?" Axel asks as the door slams open and a familiar duo of voices shout out his name.

"You'll see." Anti states quietly as she begins to disappear in a column of black smoke, vanishing completely just as Roxas and Naminé come.

"Hey Axel! Look what we brought you!" Roxas shouts in an overly cheerful voice as he swings a plastic bag at his friend, beaming proudly as Axel stares at him in mild shock.

"… Ice cream?" He asks as Naminé takes the bag from Roxas and hands it to him. Sure enough, there was a sea salt ice cream in it and from the look of it, one of the kind that had the WINNER games in it.

Axle chuckles, already feeling better as he pulls out his treat, biting into the corner in amusement.

"Glad to see you're not acting like such a zombie now." Roxas says in a teasing way, ruffling his older friend's mane of fiery red hair before going back to the doorway to pull off his loafers and get his sandals.

"Axel… who was here with you?" Naminé asks as she points down to a cup that was on the table, opposite to the bright red mug that only Axel used.

"Don't tell Roxas. I don't want him to worry." was all that Axel would say before he got up, rubbing his head as if he had a headache.

"Hey, Roxas." Axel calls out as Roxas finishes untying his shoelaces, kicking off his dark brown school shoes eagerly.

"Hmm? What is it?" Roxas asks curiously, wondering why his friend had such a strange look on his face.

Then Axel pulls out a trio of tickets for the tram, a cheerful and more natural smile appearing on his face.

"How bout we go to the beach tomorrow? My treat." He says, laughing quietly at Roxas's stunned expression.

"Really? But you said that it wouldn't be right to go without…" He stops, both of them knowing just what he was about to say.

"Yeah, I know. But we can't mourn her forever. She wouldn't want that. Besides… we can say something for her there or something. I don't know much about stuff like this… So you wanna go or not?" Axel says in a slightly embarrassed way, shrugging solemnly.

"Sure! Right after me and Naminé get home from school, alright?" Roxas agrees, already planning the trip mentally.

"Right. After you come home from school." Axel echoes, grabbing Roxas's hand and pulling him up to his feet before heading back into the kitchen without saying another word.

"Axel…" Roxas mutters to himself, wondering why the ice cream hadn't worked. He walks to his bedroom, falling onto his bed.

He stares at a moment at his wall, looking intensely at his wall clock's hands spin slowly around its face. He had the feeling that he was forgetting something. Something very important.

But what could it be?

Unknown Location

The woman, otherwise known as Lady, stares up at the crack of night sky that ebbs through the shattered window. The bright moon blazes in an almost overpowering silvery light, right across her gloved and shackled hand.

She shifts slightly on her makeshift bed of tattered cushions and worn blankets but her sapphire eyes were focused intensely on the crack of dark blue on the ceiling and the strip of diamonds that glittered across it.

"Lady?" A soft voice questions gently as the door to her tower room opens ever so slightly, letting in a small amount of weak yellow light from one of the gas lamps outside.

The woman says nothing but the boy standing there waits nervously as if he was afraid to enter without her permission.

"Um, I brought you some dinner. Master said that you haven't been eating.. So Master thought… something from your home town might…" The boy trails off as he stumbles forward with a tray full of covered silver dishes.

The woman glances over at him as the boy places the tray onto a small table at her side.

"Did you kill her, Keyxs?" She questions in a whisper of a voice, wincing as if it hurt even to speak so quietly.

Keyxs looks away quickly and nods.

He says nothing, instead bowing deeply at her and simply leaving.

The woman looks away the instant that tears begin flowing down her cheeks and says nothing as Keyxs bows again and walks out of the room, looking guilty and ashamed.

"Oh Nami… so that's what happened to you." The woman whispers up to the harshly red tinged moon, leaning back against the dust covered cushions and clamping her hands over her face in an attempt to stifle the spreading heat flowing down her cheeks.

The golden ring on her left hand gleams brightly in this world of darkness, the tiny star shaped impression engraved on the metal band catching the moon's light ever so slightly even as Lady continues to weep.

Now, who is Lady?

I'm not telling.

Is she important?


Will she be coming out later in the story?

Also yes.

Why is she with the bad guys and why is Keyxs taking care of her?

... Not telling.