Aaaand. Part Two. Enjoy.

"See? I told you, you had no manners."

"HEY! I have manners!"

"Really now? You knocked over that poor lady."

"She'll survive."

"No manners."

"I DO SO HAVE M- wait. You're STILL not answering my question!"

"What question?"

"You said that before too."

"Said what?"

"Bloody hell. What are you doing in London?"

"Walking around."

"In Muggle London?"


"You realize you're a wizard right?"

"I am? Well look at that. I'm a wizard."

"Malfoy. Hold on. You are Malfoy, right?"

"As opposed to what?"

"I don't know…a Boggart?"

"Because I'm the one thing that you fear most?"


"So your theory is flawed."

"No- Stop giving me that smirk."

"What smirk?"

"See? You did it again!"

"Did wh-hey! Grang- wha- stop!"

"Tsk. No shouting."

"Did you just try to bite me?"


Yes, I realize it's extremely short. Think of this as snippets. Because they kind of are :)

Hermione is feeling a little...vampirish.

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