Seto's POV

"Mokuba, can you bring up the security cameras again? I'd like to know if everything is going smoothly at the park." I said to my little brother.

"Ok, Seto." He pulled up 10 of the most used cameras of the 136 cameras at KiabaLand Amusement Park. Damn I love that kid.

"Thanks, Mokuba" I said as he smiled at me. I was watching the milling crowds having fun when suddenly a commotion erupted in one of the cameras.

"What the heck? Mokuba, do you see that?" I asked.

"I'm pulling it up, big brother." A group of dirty and tough looking teenagers grouped around in a ring. I saw a small figure crouched in the middle, huddled over something.

"Mokuba, go to aerial view." The screen switched to a birds-eye view of what was going on. The huddled figure on the ground looked up. At first, I could not tell if the figure was a girl or boy because I was drawn in by the most intense pairs of eyes I have ever seen. I couldn't tell what color they were because the security cameras were black and white but from here, I could still see the crackling and snapping of thinly veiled intelligence behind those eyes. As I got over my shock, I noticed the face that held those eyes, pale and stunning with long black hair. A girl. As if she knew we were watching her, she held up the object she was trying to protect from the howling teenagers around her.

"Sakura! Seto, they're trying to kill Sakura!" Mokuba screamed. The teenagers were trying to get the kitten out of the girl's hands, kicking the girl's ribs and legs.

"Security to Sector A-13. A girl and a kitten are being harassed. Move NOW!" I called into my mike. On the screen, I watched as several of my security guards pulled the teenagers away, leaving the girl to stand up. "Let's go get Sakura," I said to Mokuba, standing up from my seat. Mokuba grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the door to the place where the girl was standing.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved her!" Mokuba screamed when he reached the girl scooping up the kitten from her arms. I stood back, crossed my arms, and leaned against a wall. The girl said something quietly and patted Mokuba on the head, smiling. Her eyes were black with gold flecks and she had black hair that reached up to the waist of her slight figure. She probably came up to around my neck. I was observing her when she suddenly looked at me and said something to Mokuba. He looked confused and then happy.

"Bye, Yani," he called and turned back to run to me. He grabbed my hand and laughed with relief.

"Yani said Sakura doesn't have anything broken but she's just a little bit scared. She also said we should give her a warm saucer of milk and then put her to bed," Mokuba rushed out on one breath. But then he frowned slightly, "Oh… and she said for me to tell you something. She said it was useless to try to search her on the internet because you would never find her." I froze and looked up to where the girl was standing. Or rather, where she HAD been standing. She was gone. How had she known I was going to search her up? Well… I was an older brother. Maybe she assumed me to be overprotective. Oh well, I would never know. But I planned to search her up anyway. She didn't know what my computers were like.

"Mokuba, did she look hurt?" I asked my brother. He turned bright red and stammered, "Well, I-I guess I didn't really check because I… I was too focused on Sakura." He looked sheepishly up at me and said, "Maybe she was hurt…"

"It's ok, Mokuba. If she ran off like that, she probably isn't hurt that bad." As we walked back to the control room, I couldn't get those eyes out of my mind. Yani, huh…