"Daz don't"

"Too soon yeah?" Daz asked.

Saleem nodded. Aisha was the right girl for him. He saw his mum's face before the dance and knew that he had to be that person, he knew his parents wanted grandkids and couldn't disapoint them. Daz didn't live with his parents but he thought Daz was going through the same thing he was.

"Are you gonna start seeing girls?" Saleem asked him.

"After her, I've gone off 'em"

"You gonna see lads?" Daz looked at him. "Are you?" Daz asked back.

"I like Aisha" Daz got up and put his T-shirt on and sat up. Saleem sat up confused.

"You alright?"

"Dunno...are you and Aisha gonna be set up?"

"You mean arranged, I dunno, depends"

"on what?" Daz asked.

"You know, if she likes me, if her family think I'm good enough, I mean they want to be sure I'll look after her"

"Who's gonna look after you" Daz asked with a smile.

"I don't wanna stop being mates with you" Saleem told him.

"So I'm just supposed sit back and watch ya with Aisha am I?"

"I've seen you with girls" Saleen countered.

"Yeah, and how was that? Daz asked. Saleem turned away from him and didn't answer. He didn't want to admit that it made him jealous and insecure but if he really wanted to make a go of it with Aisha he'd have to push that to oneside. After all if he actually had a proper girlfriend, it could be better than this with Daz. With Aisha he could actually have a real relationship.

"I don't mind" Saleem lied.

"Really?" Daz asked.

"You're a good looking lad, your not gonna be single for very long"

"Cheers...is Aisha ya type?"

"On paper yeah"

"How do ya mean?"

"Well, she's muslim, comes from a good family, our parents are friends, it's a good idea" Saleem presented his facts.

"Ya gonna ask her out?"

"Dunno I mean I freak out, around people I like...I don't have to tell you that"

"I see" Said Daz,remembering when they met for the first time. "Do ya fancy her?"

"Sometimes" Saleem answered.

"Do ya fancy me?"

"You know the answer to that one" Daz stayed still, even though he did agree with him, he just wanted him to say it to his face.

"Does she get ya hot under the collar?"

"Daz!" Saleem said embarrassed. "If I do...cross that line with her, it can't be... how I was with you"

"What?" Said Daz.

"I mean, with you, I was...well crap"

"Well...practice makes perfect"

"You wish"

"I'm joking" Daz got up and got the them both a drink. Saleem thanked him while holding the can. He'd thought about that night with Daz and didn't regret it, but it had to be a one time thing. It had to be. If it was necessary he would stay away from Daz. He didn't want to go out to dinner and wish he was sitting with Daz or hug her and wish he was breathing in Daz's scent. Daz would just have to be a friend and Aisha had to be something else.