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1. Soloing

Kaoru lonely walked through the empty halls of the mansion. A sigh escaped from his lips, he couldn't believe Tamaki persuaded him to massage his feet. He lifted his hands to his nose to smell them and almost immediately he let out a loud 'blehh!'. Tamaki's sweaty, cheesy toes were worse then… well anyone's toes. He would be glad when he could wash his hands.

He finally arrived at the room he shared with Hikaru, his twin. He opened the door and walked in. His eyes scanned the room for Hikaru, but surprisingly he wasn't there.

Kaoru wondered where he could be, while he walked to the bathroom to wash his hands. Passing the bed he threw his backpack next to it.

He saw the door was ajar and could hear streaming water. He smiled, knowing Hikaru would be in the shower. He pushed the door open and walked in.

The glass walls of the shower were steamed up and made Hikaru's figure vague to see.

Kaoru walked to the sink and put soap on his hands.

"Hnnnn…" Hikaru's voice echoed between the walls of the bathroom.

Kaoru heard and turned his face to the shower. He heard it another time and this time followed by a soft "Haaahhh…"

Kaoru could feel his ears turning red. Was he jerking off? He felt a little ashamed he heard him.

A third moan confirmed the question.

Kaoru turned his face back to the sink. He was wondering who would be the one. Haruhi?

He looked up right away and saw his reflection in the mirror. He could feel jealousy ruining his mood. He was completely convinced Hikaru was jerking off to the thoughts of Haruhi. He took a deep breath, quickly opened the tap and washed his hands with an irritated expression on his face. He just wished he was the only one for Hikaru.

"Ka-Kaoru…" Hikaru called out all of a sudden.

Kaoru closed the tap and turned his head towards the shower, thinking Hikaru knew he was there and waited 'till he would continue talking to him. The door of the shower was still closed and that was what made Kaoru a little confused. How could he know he was in the bathroom if he couldn't see him?

He grabbed a towel to dry his hands but kept his gaze at the shower. He could see Hikaru leaned forward, with his head closely to the wall. But because his figure was still too vague, he couldn't see what actually happened behind the glass walls.

His name was called out again, actually this time it was more like a moan then his name.

Kaoru could feel his cheeks turned a red, as soon as he noticed what was happening. He gasped for air and felt a pleasurable tingling starting in his fingers and toes, streaming through his veins and settled in his abdomen. Hikaru was jerking off while thinking about him.

There he stood nailed to the floor, listening to the moans of Hikaru. He couldn't move a muscle. It was weird, but at the same time he felt honoured and maybe even aroused. Noticing he was aroused, coloured his already flushed cheeks an even brighter red.

It didn't take really long before Hikaru finished with a last call out of Kaoru's name.

Kaoru could hear him panting softly. He knew he had to leave the bathroom quickly before Hikaru would come out and see him.

He let the towel, he still had in his hand, fall on the ground and quickly walked towards the bedroom, leaving the door wide open.

Kaoru let himself fall down the bed with his face in his pillow. His mind went blank. He couldn't believe what he had just experienced. He thought he would be the last one Hikaru would jerk off for. The face of Tetsuya suddenly appeared in his mind. Kaoru sweat dropped. Maybe not the last one, but surely not THE one.

Kaoru turned his face to the side an looked at the window for a while. Before he knew it he start imagining the expression of Hikaru's face when he came.

His ears and cheeks turned red again. A pleasurable shiver run down his spine. He was already hard ever since he left he left the bathroom, but he felt his member growing harder the longer he thought of his twin. It even started to hurt a little by now. Would it be wrong if he would release himself from it? Hikaru had done it.

He listened to the shower. The sound of water hitting the ground was still audible. Hikaru was still showering, Kaoru confirmed to himself.

He could just stop when he didn't hear the shower anymore, it wouldn't be a problem right? If he wasn't finished he could always take a shower to finish it.

A few minutes he considered the idea, 'till he took the final decision and crawled to the back of the bed. He sat down with his back against the wall and his face towards the bathroom. That way he could see, when Hikaru was done showering.

A little bit nervous that Hikaru would come out of the bathroom before he would turn out the shower, he slowly lowered his hands. From his neck to his chest and stomach to finally slip his hands under his shirt.

One hand stroke back up along his stomach and chest. He breathed deeply when he touched a nipple on his way up. The warm feeling it caused, made him shiver lightly.

He took the nipple between his thumb and index finger to play with it. The teasing caused even more delighted shivers.

Meanwhile his other hand stroke over the fabric of his pants. His fingers slowly moved along his inner thigh and made him spread his legs a little bit more to the sides.

He slowly moved towards the bulge in his pants and teasingly scratched with his fingernails over the fabric, sending vibrations to his hardened member. A soft trembling moan escaped from his lips.

Still fondling his nipple, he unbuttoned his pants and opened the zipper.

His hand slipped past the waistband of his boxer and touched the sensitive skin of his erection.

He bit his bottom lip, holding himself from moaning to loud. He didn't want Hikaru to hear him. At least not yet.

He pushed his boxer down a little bit more and wrapped his fingers around his erection.

He opened his eyes to make sure Hikaru was still in the shower. A steam cloud drifted out of the bathroom and the sound of the shower could still be heard.

After making sure Hikaru was still in the shower, Kaoru started moving his hand along his length. A sensational shock went through his body as his fingers stroked up to the head of his shaft and back down along the soft and less sensitive skin. He opened his mouth slightly, letting out deep soundless breaths.

His imagination took over as his hands slowly changed into the hands of Hikaru, who was sitting behind his back, holding him close.

He closed his eyes and threw his head back in ecstasy. He could feel the ending nearing with every stroke.

And then he stopped all of a sudden. Just jerking off wasn't enough for him, he wanted to feel more.

He opened his eyes again and crawled to the side of the bed. There he took his bag and searched for the massage oil he had used for Tamaki's feet. Normally he would use lube, but he hid it in the bathroom. Behind the towels in the cupboard to be exact.

After he found the massage oil, he sat back on the bed. He hooked his thumbs in his pants and boxer and slide both of them down and out, only to throw them next to the bed. He didn't took the pain of taking off his shirt.

He sat down on his knees and opened the bottle of massage oil. A sweet rose scents filled the air around him.

He poured some of the oil on his hands. The first he did after that, was covering his erection with it. While rubbing it, he could feel the skin smoothly slipping under his fingers now. It made his strokes a lot less rough and that way it felt a lot better.

When his breathing turned in moaning again, he pour more oil on his other hand.

He then pressed the side of his head against the mattress, positioning himself in a position where he could easily reach the spots he wanted to reach. He stuck his bottom into the air and spread his legs a little to the sides.

He was a little embarrassed by the amount of skin he exposed, but at the same time, the idea Hikaru could walk in any moment and see him in this awkward position, turned him on as well.

His oiled fingers slipped between his buttocks and searched his entrance. The thumb of his one hand, stroke along the head of his shaft, while the other oiled fingers carefully stroke along his opening. His cheeks flushed, by the excitement caused by the thought Hikaru would do this to him.

It was the moment that he slowly entered with his middle finger. He flinched, even with the oil it hurt him a little. His other hand was still working his erection and made him forget about the stretching feeling as good as possible.

After he made sure the entrance was smooth enough, he carefully added his index finger. He clenched his teeth, baring the pain of the painfully stretched muscles.

That moment he pushed his fingers against his sweet spot. Pleasure returned and so did the thought of Hikaru pleasuring him.

In his imagination, Hikaru hung over his back. He was thrusting into him, slow and carefully, but it felt great and the idea made him completely forget about the pain.

"Hikaru~" He moaned low and hoarse against the mattress. He bit down on the sheets and wetted them with his saliva.

He called out Hikaru's name another time, this time a little harder and with separated syllables.

Lost in pleasure, Kaoru forgot were he was. Heavy, uncontrollable shocks of pleasure went through his body. This told him he was close to completion. His mouth was now wide open and he let throated moans easily escape.

His hips started bucking into his hand, until he came. A rush of pleasure filled his veins. He called out Hikaru's name, but the last syllable was overwhelmed by a last breathless moan. His fingers were pressed in deeply or softly squeezed the head of his erection.

His seed was shot onto the sheets in just a few shocks. He let himself fall on his side on the bed and enjoyed the after glow.

Slowly reality came back to him and the cold air felt icy against his heated and sweaty skin.

All of a sudden he sat up straight looking at the bathroom. The shower had stopped. He watched the doorway a few moments in silence, but nothing happened.

Kaoru slowly breathed out the air he had hold in for the time he had looked at the doorway. Maybe Hikaru didn't hear or see anything.

Hikaru stood in the doorway with Kaoru's towel in his hand. He was still wet from top 'till bottom; The water slowly run down his body and dripped on the carpet.

After he had heard Kaoru calling out his name, he had jumped out of the shower to make sure nothing badly happened to his twin.

The last thing he had expected was seeing Kaoru sitting in that inviting position; his bottom pointing into his direction, experiencing heated ecstasy.

Hikaru had a blush on his cheeks when he slowly walked back into the bathroom, making sure Kaoru wouldn't know he had seen him.

Kaoru looked down to the sheets beneath him and thought it would be better to change them. He got up from the bed, put on his boxer and pulled the sheets off the bed.

Like nothing ever happened his walked into the bathroom, where Hikaru was drying himself off.

"Did you have a nice shower?" Kaoru asked Hikaru, trying to ask it as normal as he could after what happened. Hikaru nodded.

Kaoru smiled and walked to the laundry basket. He looked at the sheets and turned his eyes to Hikaru. "They were dirty." He said with a blush, thinking he needed to explain why he did the work of the maids. Then he threw them into the laundry basket.

Hikaru nodded again also with a light flush on his cheeks. He knew why they were dirty, but he didn't want to tell Kaoru.

A slightly awkward silence filled the bathroom.

Kaoru took a deep breath. "I think I'll take a shower." He said. He wanted to wash away the massage oil that made his buttocks slide along each other with every step he took; It was irritating him.

"Yes." Hikaru said confirming. "I'll see you in bed." He didn't move and looked at Kaoru like he was waiting for something. When nothing happened, he turned around and left towards the bedroom.

Kaoru swallowed, for a moment he was sure Hikaru had looked at him with a little excitement in his eyes. And when he had turned himself around, he could swear he saw disappointment. Or was it just is imagination?

For a moment it was like his heart broke in two. Could it be Hikaru really saw him? He pulled off his briefs and stepped into the shower, trying to forget the scary thought.

After thirty minutes Kaoru walked into the bedroom. It seemed Hikaru had asked the maids to make the bed and was already curled up underneath the sheets.

Kaoru walked to the bed and crawled close to his twin, thinking he was already asleep.

Hikaru didn't open his eyes. He just wrapped his arms around Kaoru and pulled him close against him. Kaoru watched his twin a little surprised, but then curled up against him, like they always did.

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